Friday, February 26, 2010

For once, I have LOTS to say!


That was fun...

Lolz, I have LOTS more... but I think that is enough randomness for one day!

Did you see that one when I have open my bank, with Spike's Amulet of Smitting or whatever? That's the glitch I talked about forever ago! It was no trade, no auction, no sell, no... a lot of stuff...



Guess what guess what guess what?!?!?


Yeah... in the Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze, I already finished Part 13 irl... but according to my Word Document, I'm not even halfway through Part 12... xD

Ooh, I LOVE the ending of Part 13. But I don't like how the Past Seekers turned out. They sound weird...


Um... I learned Text Art, like Sarah SpiritHeart was talking about! Well, KIND OF. I taught it to myself, so it's not very good. xD I spelled Zelda, though, because I remembered someone else doing it for a walkthrough. I can't put it on here, for some reason - it looks a WHOLE lot different in a Word Document than on a blog post!


Hmm. Well, how about the poll? I DIDN'T PUT PART 12 AS AN OPTION SO EVERYONE WOULD CHOOSE IT! xD I just find it really, really funny that everyone seems to like Part 12 EVEN THOUGH IT ISN'T PUBLISHED YET! Oh well. If you like it... I guess you just like it. And for the six or so people who haven't read my story? DO IT. NOW. *waits* ...Nvm. Don't feel like waiting. At least you voted on the poll. xD

And... I have no other news. But I'm going to post more screenshots on my next entry.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Am I missing something here?

First of all: no comments? Where did everyone go? I haven't had comments for... three days? Or was it two... or one... O.o

Second: What are all the other bloggers talking about? Destiny said something about all the bloggers meeting in one spot. How come I wasn't invited? :(

Third: I don't have people bothering me about Part 12 anymore! Yayz! Wait... but they're my motivation. People who annoy me are the only reason I write... xD

Fourth: I am NEVER going to get Laura to Grandmaster...

Fifth: Uh... I guess there is no number five, lol. Just trying to think of something to add...

So. Yeah. I think Alia's back to blogging, from the looks of it. Haven't checked yet... ugh... I'm so bored... xD

I need Crowns!

I want wings, and a house! SOOOO BADLY! I hope they fix the drop rates soon... unless they already have... O: I am SO outdated.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I is bored....


I literally haven't done much lately, lol. I'm not feeling well. O.o My computer time has been neglected, replaced by Wii, DSi, or piano. So... I have nothing to write... Um...

Oh!!! I gots an idea!

I'll post random screenshots!

When I get home!


I still have nothing to talk about right now. O.o

And whoever puts "awesomeful" on this post is really weird... xD Then again, that's just inviting "whatever's". Btw, who keeps putting "whatever" on every single post? Geez! If you hate my posts so much, STOP VISITING MY BLOG! I mean, some I could understand... but when I posted my preview? Don't put whatever on it. It hurts my feelings. xD


Bored again. -.-

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poor Vanessa...

I just checked on the results of the poll. Yayz! I won! xD Rowan's second (tied for it, actually, if "um, um" counts). Sydney, Mark, Liam, and Mister Muffin/Sir Romeo are in third. All the other Seekers got one vote, I think. Everyone... except Vanessa.

I feel bad for her! I just talked with her tonight on the phone! And I convinced her that it wasn't too bad - Victoria didn't have any votes, either. But now she does... and poor Vanessa is in last. Along with Seth, Scarlet, and Jasmine.

Annnyway... I was thinking that my next poll would be what your favorite part of TTOSW is. I'd be curious to know which part everyone likes the most. Then, after that, it will be back to totally unrelated-to-story polls! Like... favorite color? Idk...

...Btw, who did everyone vote on for the last poll? I mean... who votes for Hunter? Geez! He has, like, no parts! I don't even like him much irl! xD Jk... or am I?

Friday, February 19, 2010

My first image on Photoshop!

Guess what? I finally got to download Photoshop on the computer I use, just like my sister has on her computer! I've seen her do it enough times that I knew the basics, so I tried to make a header for my other blog! I, um, did TERRIBLY though. So, Rowan kicked in and decided to help me! Look at the amazing header we made together!

Is it good, great, or awesome? ...Or bad. I hope it's not bad!

I'm sorry. I'm sure none of you have any idea who the people in the picture are. That's because they're from my favorite video game series (Legend of Zelda - I've mentioned that, haven't I? xD). The girl that's enlarged on the right is there because she's who the blog is named after - Medli. Yes, she DOES have a beak. You're not imagining it. She's a bird person (long story).

So... yeah! I just spent a good hour browsing through renders on Planet I had LOTS of fun picking out pictures to put on there. So if it looks crowded... it's because I put on every single picture I spotted, and didn't even get on all the ones I wanted.

For those of you who are curious to see how this looks on a blog (or who just want to do me a really, really nice favor by commenting on one of my posts), please visit my other blog, Medli's Messages, at!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Seriously? WINGS?!?!

I... can't... believe it...

They added WINGS to the game!

At least, according to other bloggers they did. Unless it's on the test realm... grr, I would be SO mad if it were...

I can NOT believe they add wings right after I run out of Crowns! I only have around 100 something. That's a LONG way away from the 7000 they're on sale for...


I need them not only for wings, but for a HOUSE! I'm DYING to buy the Storm house! It's so beautiful. Or the Myth house. Or just the Ice. Or even Death, for Laura. I really wish you could buy Crowns with gold, lol.


I wonder if you can buy the wings with gold? O: I hope so! And if it IS so, then I hope it's for less than 20000 gold, cuz' that's all I have now!

Well... I'll have to go on tommorrow to check, because I'm typing Part 12 now. I can't wait for tommorrow to tell Sydney that the wings came out on her birthday!

Oh, right.


Hmm, I thought you used to be able to make text bigger... but I guess not...

You know, Sydney is my BEST friend in real life. And she's the Fire Seeker. So... wish her happy birthday! :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wizard101 Meets Super Smash Brothers Brawl! ...Kind of.

I know, I know... it's unbelievable, but I ACTUALLY decided to go on Wizard101 this weekend!

It was mostly for Part 13 - remember, I said that it was located in the Tree of Life? I re-did the instance to try and refresh my memory on what happens. I did it all through the Death Oni, and then got angry because my friend Hunter FireBringer couldn't come, lolz. So we started it over. O.o We did it again, but, just as we started fighting Death Oni (again), Rowan and I got into a fight. It was something really stupid. Oh, right. I think Hunter said he liked her more or something. xD He said that her story was better than mine, and OF COURSE I couldn't let that slide.

Our argument went like this:

"Let's settle this in the dueling arena!" I declared.

"I'll back up Rowan," Hunter said.

I had no one but low-levels on my list. That wouldn't work out very well.

"Then I'll fight you on... on Legend of Zelda!"

"How do you do that?" Rowan asked. "It's a one-player game."

Then I was struck by inspiration. "THEN ON BRAWL! I'll own you as Pikachu!"

"Yeah, right."

"I'll help her, then," Hunter said. "I have Wi-Fi, too."

We sorted out all the Friend Codes and stuff, and finally, we brawled.

Um... I'll edit this later... I gtg REALLY badly...

EDIT: Back!

So, where was I..?


For those of you who don't know what "Brawl" is, allow me to explain. Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a fighting game released for the Wii where a bunch of characters from different games come together. Guess what? I LOVE it, and it's not Zelda! You KNOW it must be good, then! And it doesn't count that Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf are in it. O.o

We started the first round, agreeing that it woukd be a practice. Why? Because I wanted to play as Link from Twilight Princess, but I stink as him. xD Secondly, I wanted to see how good Hunter was.

So I was Link, Rowan was... oh, no, I can't remember! ...Kirby, maybe? Anyway, Hunter was Meta Knight.

Edit... tommorrow!

EDIT (#2): Sorry I had to stop so suddenly! My annoying DSi was being annoying, and it wouldn't let me type anymore. Probably out of memory.


Thus began the worst Wi-Fi match in the history of matches.

I REALLY did NOT like it! It had the WORST CONNECTION EVER! We couldn't move out characters at all! In fact, we never finished the match because we lost connection entirely halfway through! (I was winning though :P)

We agreed to try and do another match later, but we never did. Maybe some other time. I'll get my revenge on Rowan, soon enough! FACE THE WRATH OF THE HERO OF TIME, ROWAN! Or of Pikachu. Or Hero of the Winds. Whatever I feel like doing. ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

ANOTHER Part 12 Preview!

Since it has been a while since my last preview (here), I think that I'm going to be super nice and give you another one.

Now, for those of you who HAVEN'T been following my blog and/or my millions of hints, I'll tell you this again. Part 12 will be special, because half of it is in my point of view, as always, but the other half is in Rowan, my sister's, point of view. I already gave you one for Sierra, so I've decided I'll give you one for Rowan now!

Here you go!

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze (Part 12) - Preview #2


Inside the room it was pitch black. Dark as night. Utterly terrifying.

Well, except for the light that flooded through the door Mister Muffin and I had come through. That certainly helped. It was also enough that, as my eyes began to adjust, I could see enough of the room to maneuver around in it.

Or so I thought. I stumbled into something cold and metal that I hadn’t seen, which tumbled over with a loud clank. I heard the familiar cry of a dragon. “I’m okay, Muffy! You can stop yelping like that.”

The noise didn’t cease. “Come on, Mister Muffin. It’s not a big–” I turned to glare at my pet, and he was still floating there with a pleased expression on his face. His mouth wasn’t moving.

At that same moment, there was movement at my feet. I shrieked and backed away.

The flurry of movement and rustling continued in front of me. Mister Muffin, to my surprise, rushed over to the spot where I had just been.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at him. But my dragon seemed not to be listening.

I examined the movement more closely. It was coming from the metal thing I had knocked over. I couldn’t be sure in the darkness, but it looked like it could be a –

With a flash, there was light in the room. Mister Muffin was breathing fire again, and all was revealed.

The metal thing was a cage. Concealed inside of it was a trembling yellow-and-white female dragon.

“Oh, Muffy!” I whispered, coming up next to him and kneeling in front of the cage. “The poor thing!”

By the light of Mister Muffin’s dimming fire, I could also see that there was another cage on the other side of the room, with a pile of charred Skeletal Pirate bones in front of it.

“I see!” I exclaimed. “Muffy, you freed yourself and burned the guard, but you couldn’t save your girlfriend, could you? So you came to find me.” I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. The thought of my dear little Muffy in love with a beautiful girl dragon amused me. But then my dragon gave me a dirty look, and I stopped.

“Hmm… how did you get out of your cage, Muffy?” I looked at the sturdy lock keeping the dragon inside.

Mister Muffin’s fire went out. He then flew over to the Skeletal Pirate’s remains. Lying on the floor next to them was a key. I imagined that the Skeletal Pirate had been attempting to unlock Mister Muffin’s cage, but Muffy burned him before he could take him to… wherever he had been going.

Carefully, I removed a couple of the bones (ick!) and under them I discovered another key. I turned around and inserted it in the lock, but it didn’t fit. “What are we going to do?” I whined. “There’s no way to save the dragon.”

I peered into the cage to examine the dragon again. She looked mortally terrified, huddling in the corner of the cage that was as far from me as possible. “It’s okay,” I soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’ll help you.” I cautiously reached my hand through the bars, thinking I could stroke her back. Instead, she snapped at me, and I drew my hand back. “Hmph. Not very nice, are you?”

Mister Muffin whined behind me and flew over to my side. He looked at me with mournful eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ll help your girlfriend! Um, well, I would, if I knew how to.”

The dragon in the cage whimpered again, and it reminded me so much of Mister Muffin. “So what’s your name, sweetie?” I crooned.

She just looked at me with those same sad eyes.

“Maybe I should give you a name! Let’s see… what would fit you? Princess something, perhaps? Princess Chelsea? That’s cute. Do you like it?”

She continued staring. I glanced at my own dragon and was struck by inspiration. “Miss Muffin!” I shouted. Mister Muffin flitted around me with excitement. I could tell he liked the name, too.

“Okay, then, Miss Muffin!” I paused. “You know, I think you need a nickname, too. Muffy is already taken by Mister Muffin, so…” I snapped my fingers. “Got it! How about Missy?”

For some reason, I had the feeling Miss Muffin wasn’t listening, no matter how much she stared at me with her innocent, curious eyes.

“Now I suppose I’d better go back to trying to help you now that you have a name, right?” I sighed. “Let’s see here, then. How can I help...?”


So, is it awesome, or awesome? No, don't even bother telling me. I already know it's awesome. :D

Hope you liked it! I'll hurry up with the rest of Part 12 as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey... a miracle DID happen!

Remember how I said I wouldn't be on for Valentine's Day?


Happy V-Day from Sierra, Rowan, and the Seekers!

You know what would have been the perfect present? Part 12. O.o

Now, it's 11:47 PM here. I'm super tired. Instead of writing stuff on my DSi, I should probably get some sleep. Then again, when was the last time I actually did something I SHOULD do? xD

No, jk. Seriously, I'm sleepy. Goodnight!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know it's not Valentine's Day yet, but I had to get that out of the way. If I even get on the computer at ALL this weekend, I'll be typing Part 12. Or doing research for Part 13. I guess I need to redo the Tree of Life to try and figure out how you open that portal. It's how R - I mean, the LIFE SEEKER - will be awakened. And apparently there's a hidden boss in there that gives you a badge that I don't have, rofl.

So... in case a miracle happens, this will likely be the closest entry to Valentine's Day, so I have to wish it to you now! Better to be early than late, right? At least I think so...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News about parts 12 and 13!

Everyone should know that Part 12 is done now. I got to finish typing it, then post a preview here and on the fan club... and a lot of other stuff. So, yeah. Just wanted to say that for people who didn't know yet. ;)

The REAL news is about Part 13. I'm kind of scared to write this, because it marks the moment that the series starts declining - meaning, the story's going to stop really, really soon. Because in this part, the last Seeker is awakened. We'll have seven. We'll have to fight Malistaire.

So, in this part, you'll find out who the Life Seeker really is - Scarlet, or Rowan? I promise you, it's not both. And I'm sure most of you know who it really is... or maybe not.

Also in this one, we'll finally introduce the Past Seekers! Yay! I'm super excited, because these are my most recent friends. Problem is, I still need a Life and Storm one. Any volunteers? No, jk. Please don't volunteer. I don't want adding anyone unless I meet them in game and get a personality down.

So... that's all I can write for now! Sorry! No time left..!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A post for readers:

Apparently everyone really liked it when I mentioned "books!" That post got the most "awesomeful's" AND comments in a long time! So, for all you readers out there, I decided I'd mention some really great series that I've been reading lately.

Okay, now, the first one is, like, my favorite series EVER now. I honestly have never read a series of books this quickly before. I can finish one of them in less than a day, and each of them are at least over two hundred pages! It's a series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and, like I said, it's AWESOME. I'm sure some of you read it, I think. Sydney is actually the one who recommended this series to me, and, fortunately, she has almost all the books, so as soon as she's done with them, I can borrow them! The thing is, it's perfect for me. It's my favorite genre, besides fantasy. I guess it would be called "mythological fiction"..? Anyway, I always have loved books that are based on mythology, particularly GREEK mythology. Like this other book, Dusssie. Or Radiant Darkness was good. Or, um, there was that one other one I read a long time ago, but I can't remember it... it had something to do with Pandora. So, um, if you like mythology, then seriously, read this. It's amazing.

Oh, and another great book series! It's called Pendragon. Vanessa told me about this one a LONG time ago. I mean, as in when there were still books coming out. I was with her, waiting FOREVER for books nine and ten to come out in this series! And now I'm sad that they are out, because that means no more books! But they're really funny. I'd say it's a, um, fantasy/science fiction. It has time traveling and dimension traveling and stuff. And, trust me, if you read it, you'll see that A LOT of it is kind of what my story is based off of. ESPECIALLY Liam. He's almost EXACTLY like Nevva Winter! Which I probably shouldn't be telling you, if you want to read the series... but Vanessa revealed that to me before I read the book, so it wasn't even surprising for me. :( Oh well. I still enjoyed it! Reading it is always better than someone telling you about it!

And there's the other series called Maximum Ride. It's definitely a science fiction, but there's the fantasy part mixed into it with the fact that the main characters have wings. Just my kind of book. ;) It can get violent at some parts, though. I am not a fan for violence and stuff, but sometimes it just adds to the excitement.

Um, I don't have any more time right now. I have other books, as in, individual books (and other series, now that I think of it) but I have no time. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sigh... I've got nothing to talk about...

Um... must I really repeat the title?

I haven't been on Wizard101 lately... my story's been on pause, because I am suppose to type part 12 now, and I haven't yet started part 13 (which, btw, is the part where the last Seeker is awakened, AND Past Seekers come in!)... plus, I had SO much homework yesterday, I did NOTHING except do homework (and draw something on Flipbook Hatena - but that's not the point!)... I just received two REALLY good books, and there's about three series that I am waiting for books to come in that I requested from the library, and I'd really like to read them more than play computer, which ruins your brain or something... and I, um, kind of picked up another story to write irl, so, uh, Sierra WinterBreeze isn't my only project anymore... erm, I'm feeling lazy lately, lol... Zelda games are awesome, even though reading is better... I recently discovered that I'm REALLY good at drawing Princess Zelda on my DSi, lol, so I'm trying to animate her and stuffs...

Let's see. What else?

Point is, I have WAY too much stuff to do. And yet nothing to talk about.

Everything is too boring to write a post about! Except for some stuff, but most is for my other blog, and, besides, who really wants to hear about amazing books I'm reading? Well, I guess I can post about it. But if I am going to say anything about that, I'll post it tommorrow. This is my post for today, and I don't want to write too many in one day, just because I know I'll be wondering what to write tomorrow, and if I make up something today, it'll be easy, so... I'm rambling. Never mind!

Now, bring on the "Whatever's" for this post. Everything boring like this seems to get that... and besides, it's not like you're going to say "Awesomeful!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

I know you're going to love this... PART TWELVE IS DONE! O:


I finished it. Finally. Finally. Finally!

I am ecstatic to present you with part twelve of the Sierra WinterBreeze series!

...Or I WOULD be, if I had finished typing it.

See, how this works is I first write it irl in my notebook, usually during my freetime. I'm kinda a loner, without that many friends, so I have LOTS of time to write.

This part is SUPER long! I'm sorry, it's hard to stop writing, trust me. I filled up two notebooks with it. Of course, one notebook already had some of part 10 and all of Part 11 in it, so... it makes sense that there would be two notebooks...

Also, the ending will seem a bit rushed because, honestly, it is. I was going to make up some awesome, big long ending with Mark running into the Helephant Rowan made (you'll get it once you read it, lol) but then I scratched it, deciding that my part is long enough. I might post it up here later on after the real part is finished, just so you guys can see the alternate (and longer!) ending.

Anyway, as soon as I finish my homework (which I was supposed to be doing for the last hour or so) I will type up Part 12 and send it in! Oh, and of course I'll post it here. Can't forget about you guys! :D


I showed my extreme hyper side and my incredible love of Zelda games in Wizard101 the other night.

Now, I'm not TOTALLY sure if I should put this on my other blog or on here... but I decided that it was on Wizard101, so I might as well post on here.

What happened is I was playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. I'd been searching all night for this one area called the "Hidden Village". Rowan knew where it was, but she wouldn't tell me earlier when I had asked. So, in frustration, I stormed into the computer room, where I found her at the screen on Wizard101 in her house, our friends Scarlet MoonHeart and Natalie (lolz, I can't remember if she had a last name or not... o.o Guess I'm not a good friend!) and some random other boy surrounding her.

"Where's the Hidden Village?" I demanded.

"Um, sorry, busy..." she muttered. I saw her moving a jail cell around her house to try and capture the strange boy, who was running around wildly while Natalie and Scarlet watched.

"No, you're not! Where is it?!"

"Why don't you come on?" she offered.

"You know what? Fine," I grumbled, turning on the computer.

So I loaded it up, blah blah, saw my awesome Zelda desktop picture, and then finally got Wizard101 to load. Now Rowan had captured that boy in the cage, and she was by the door of her house inside, talking with Scarlet and Natalie.

Then I got an idea. "Hey, Rowan, I'm going on Laura. Don't you DARE tell them who I am!"

So I loaded up my awesome Death character, who for some reason was in Cyclops Lane. I teleported to my sister. When I found myself in her room, I yelled, in all capital letters, "WHERE IS THE HIDDEN VILLAGE?"

"Oh, hi, Laura," my sister said, going along with the plan.

"Where's the Hidden Village!" I repeated (rofl I was desperate to find it O.o).

"Um, what's a hidden village?" Scarlet asked.

"Where is it?" Natalie inquired.

"Well, it's HIDDEN," I said. "And it's on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." Of course, Natalie was the only other one in the room who had Open Chat, so all the others heard was, "Legend of ... Princess." I turned back to Rowan. "And Rowan's the only one who knows where it is!"

"It's by bridge of Eel Din!" she declared. I deciphered it as "Bridge of Eldin".

"No it's not! I looked there!" I argued.

Then Scarlet surprised me by saying, "Lol. Hi Sierra!"

I didn't say anything for a second, and then I said, "WHAT? How did you KNOW?"

Rowan started laughing in real life, and I glared at her. "You told her, didn't you!" I made Laura look at Natalie on the screen. "Did she tell you, too?"

"Um, no. What's going on?" she asked.

Pretty much ignoring her (because I knew Rowan was text chatting her at that moment, telling her what was happening), I said to Rowan, "If you tell me where the Hidden Village is, I'll go on Sierra."

"I already told you. It's by Bridge of Eel Din."

I rushed away from the computer and back into the game room, where our Wii was located. I rushed to Bridge of Eldin, found a Golden Bug (it's a sidequest item), and then, I couldn't believe HOW I'd missed it last time - I found the entrance to the Hidden Village!

I ran back to the computer and said, "Okay... so it WAS by Bridge of Eldin. Sorry."

"GO ON SIERRA NOW!" Rowan ordered.

"Geez. Fine." I logged off Laura and on to my superly awesomeful Grandmaster, Sierra WinterBreeze.

I, uh, pretty much forgot about the Hidden Village after that. I had some fun in Rowan's house with Natalie and Scarlet (Scarlet claimed that she was related to the Jonas Brothers...). I made a LOT of jokes about not understanding Hylian, which only Rowan understood. And I mentioned the bug I found earlier, too. After that, we headed to my house, and using some glitches with the Square Metal Platforms I had, I made Rowan's "house" (it's a doghouse, actually) fly. Anyway, that was an amazing night, lol.

I got around to reminding Rowan, finally!

I know I've been constantly saying, "I should change that header," even though I haven't. Well, finally, I got around to reminding Rowan, by posting on her shop, calling her "Row Row", "Professor Rowan" (Pokemon joke, lol), and "Annoying little sister."

She put me on her waiting list in her shop, so all I had to do was wait... and wait... and wait...

Then, surprising me, she made it! And she put it up for me! Yay! Less work!

So everyone, thank Rowan for our amazing new header. ;)