Friday, November 27, 2009

Part 12 Preview!

Okay everyone, I promised I'd get you a preview if three people posted a comment - and I got four! So, here's a quick little part I got for you guys. Um, and because WildRose likes Rowan so much, I might post up a little piece of her part for you, if you wanted. Because, as I keep saying, Part 12 will be partly in her point of view and partly in mine... Unfortuantely, I don't have time now, but I might, later!

Remember, this is a LONG preview!

(P.S. That Sierra WinterBreeze thing after the title is the point of view.)

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze - Part 12 Preview

Sierra WinterBreeze

The first thing I thought when I came through the door was, “Haven’t I seen this before?” And I had. In the Pyramid of the Moon, with that weird scene under the bell. This looked just like it, only the door remained this time, not a bell.

Bewildered, I frantically looked around me. I almost considered going back for a moment.
At length it ended, and I was in the most magnificent place.

Imagine the most beautiful tower you can think of, with gorgeous colors, glowing walls, and limitless heights – and multiply that by about a million. You’ve got this place.

Mostly, it was just a tower… but it was so tall, I couldn’t see the ceiling. It was so grand and large that you could have made five moderately sized rooms if you wanted. Plus, with all the space above my head, the possibilities were endless.

But besides that, it was still majestic; the walls were illuminated, it seemed, from the inside. It shimmered like ice, but glowed invitingly like a fire, but and continuously changed patterns like lightning. It was also different colors – I’d look at it one time and it would be a midnight black, then would transform right before my eyes to a sandy tan color. I could go on for hours just describing the walls, but the best parts were still to come.

All the symbols of the schools were hanging above my head. The floor beneath me was some kind of polished material that was just a plain white, but still radiant.

Items looked like they were falling from the sky, and yet I never saw them touch the floor and none landed on me. I snatched one out of the air. A tingling sensation went through my body as if I’d just touched a lightning bolt, but I felt it crumple under my fingers like a leaf. But as I held it close, I felt it transform into a softer material. I looked down and gasped when I found sand, which sifted through my fingers to the floor. Fascinated, I grabbed another one, but it was so hot I cried out. I opened up my fingers to glare at the item, but only found an ice cube. As I stared in surprise at it, it melted into water and dripped off my fingers, but never touched the ground – only disappeared.

When I looked at the objects in the air, they looked only like multicolored specks. The oddest thing was that when I tried, I could see right through them; they weren’t exactly invisible, because some remote part of my mind knew they were still there, but otherwise they could have vanished.

On one side of the room, there were seven doors. Each of them reminded me of a world – one was a plain wooden door that had to represent Wizard City, and there was a red door that looked like it was from Marleybone. I also saw one from MooShu, Krokotopia, and Grizzleheim – and two other doors I didn’t know where they could lead to.

With all these things around, the scene may sound hectic. Strangely, I didn’t feel disoriented or out of place. Actually, I felt like I belonged. It was a sense of peace and danger that had me frozen with delighted surprise. I was tranquil and thrilled at the same time.

The scene was so breathtaking I could only stand there in awe. I gaped at the room, not even noticing there were other beings with me. That is, until one spoke up.

“Seeker WinterBreeze?” said a voice to my left.

I was already so stunned that this almost seemed surreal. There was no way that voice could be who I thought it was.

I turned to look at the speaker, and it was.

It was the Frost Giant’s voice – I’d never forget it! The Frost Giant that had awakened me stood there, seeming especially small and insignificant in the grandeur of the tower.

“Wh… wh…” was all I could stammer. I couldn’t even make out the simple sentence, “Where am I?”

“This is the Spiral Tower,” the Frost Giant explained. “This is headquarters for the Seekers.”

I was still too dumbfounded to speak, but I was beginning to wake up from my dream-like state. I nodded.

I again gazed around me, more closely this time. I noticed all the creatures that had awakened the Seekers. There was Sydney’s Fire Dragon, the kind creature that had given us our necklaces; the Scarecrow from the Crevice of Time, from the night of the tower party; Hunter’s Cyclops, whom I remembered as the one who unpleasantly dragged Hunter, Seth and I into the tiny chest; the Hydra that had awakened Liam, which only brought up bad memories; Vanessa’s Desert Colossus, who appeared sheepish and even scared; and actually about six other monsters who I didn’t recognize from any awakening. For a moment I looked for the Storm one, and then remembered – Malistaire had killed Victoria’s Triton when it had been about to give her memory back.

I finally got a hold of myself enough to talk: “Why am I here?”

The Frost Giant looked at me sadly. “I think that the Desert Colossus would be better suited at telling you that than I.”

I glanced at the Desert Colossus, curious, but fearful from the expression I had seen on its face earlier. Was something wrong?

“You must already know that your sister has been kidnapped,” it began.

I felt tears come to my eyes as I nodded.

“Well, it is important that you get her back, so we need to help you.” I’d never really noticed many human traits about the ones that awakened us, but this time I could distinctly tell that the Colossus was nervous. He seemed to be hiding something from me, and I didn’t like it.

“Um okay,” I said. “How?”

“We know where she is.”

My heart leaped in my chest. “Really? Tell me! Where? Where! I’ve got to know!”

“Malistaire took her away,” my Frost Giant said.

I felt myself deflate from my momentary excitement. “How can I possibly get her back if Malstaire has her?” I cried, dejected. “I don’t even know where he is.”

“Malistaire is in Dragonspyre,” informed the Fire Dragon in the same, kind, gentle female voice that I recalled. “Besides, you are a Seeker, Sierra. You are meant to fight him one day, anyway.”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I’d forgotten. The headmaster told he was in Dragonspyre when I got into MooShu. So… Rowan’s in Dragonspyre? I can’t go there.”

“You can.”

“Uh… how?”

The Frost Giant turned to face the one of the doors I hadn’t recognized. With a rush of excitement, I saw it had dragons painted on the front of it. “Am I going to Dragonspyre through there?” I asked.

“Yes. This room is a separate Spiral Chamber as well, and you can access any world without a Spiral Key.” The Frost Giant opened the door wide. There was only darkness inside, but that was typical for a Spiral door.

“But how will I find Malistaire?” I inquired. “I mean, if Dragonspyre is anything like the other worlds I’ve been to before, won’t Dragonspyre be large? Especially since I heard it was like Wizard City – it must be immense!”

“Do not worry,” the Dragon said. “One of us will always be near if you need us.” The dragon hesitated. “And… we may also choose to send you a guide as well.”

There was a stir in the crowd. Murmurs were going around, such as, “But they are only sent out in emergencies!... This isn’t important enough… Some generations of Seekers never even meet them… Malistaire isn’t even that much of a threat! Compared to what others have had to face…”

I scanned the crowd, confused. Who was this “guide” that everyone seemed so upset about?

“I think you should get going,” the Frost Giant advised, gesturing to the door. “We have a lot to talk about.”

I walked forward. I took a final glance at the phenomenal Spiral Tower, then stepped into the door. Next stop – Dragonspyre.
So... what did you think? Was I a bit TOO descriptive? XD I kinda got carried away...


  1. lol sierra AWESOME! xD i can tell the beginning part was a bit styled from pendragon, and once i saw that..i read on of course o-o dang i cant believe you can write that much! i have to struggle writing to describe things cause im not good at that stuff heh heh..anyways nice!

  2. Oh shoot... mistake...

    "It shimmered like ice, but glowed invitingly like a fire, BUT AND continuously changed patterns like lightning..."

    LOL, better change that...

  3. that was really good. you will post the rest of the story right?? i bet tons of people are waiting to read the rest of it.