Friday, January 29, 2010

The Seraph's Apprentice

I'm thinking about writing a story of my own. If I do it's going to be called The Seraph's Apprentice. Here's my prologue, give me your thoughts and tell me if I should continue it. Thanks!
The Seraph's Apprentice

“Wha-What’s happening to her?”I was standing in front of the dying Seraph, bewildered. Lady Oriel has never looked this way before, gray ruffled feathers with amazingly pale white skin.
“Go…Find…Her…” she gasped.
“What? Who?” I questioned.
“Her…” Lady Oriel was breathing hard. I stood there, hesitating.
“GO! My… life… is…short…”
“Don’t die!”
“It... is time!” Light surrounded Lady Oriel, and then she faded away into nothingness.No one spoke as I burst into tears, but why has Ambrose brought me to witness the Seraph’s death?

New Header Up!

You're all so mean! Someone put "whatever" on my first post!
Lol Jk i don't care. Anyway, I made the new banner! Please comment here about what you think of it!

Lol WildRose, I know you're going to say "OMG!".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've GOT to change that header!

First of all, I apologize profoundly numerous times for not coming on recently. As I have explained in multiple of the past posts, I haven't been as interested in Wizard101 since I turned Grandmaster and am currently becoming more and more addicted to Legend of Zelda games. Actually, another favorite pasttime of mine is now making YouTube videos. Now that I can get the videos off my cell phone converted into useable files compatible with Windows Movie Maker, I've began updating my YouTube account more.

Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you why I titled this post the reason I did. Everytime I go to this blog now (which honestly, isn't very often anymore) I look at that terrible job of putting all the Seekers together that I did in Paint before we had Photoshop. I've had it since I started this blog, which was forever ago. I think it was during Part 8, actually. Or Part 9. Not sure which. Still, those were a while back. I'm begging my awesome sister, Rowan WillowLeaf, to use her fantastic graphic making skills to make me a header. However, with her signature and avatar shop on Wizard101 Central, she's super busy and never has time for my petty requests. I also wish she'd make me a new avatar/signature combination, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon...

Talking about which part I was writing back then reminds me that I have to work on Part 11 more. To all those great authors out there, do you ever get stuck when writing? Do you ever not know what to write? Or, more frequently, it happens to me that I know what I want to happen, I just don't know how to do it. If this has never happened to you, you can't begin to imagine how frustrating this is! It's going on right now, and that's why part 11 isn't done yet. I just want to end this stupid, frustrating chapter, and I can't! Every ending I can conjure up comes out either terribly long and dragging on, or horribly abrupt and short. There's nothing I can do to come up with a better end. I'm incredibly tempted to post the few paragraphs or so before this, and you guys can decide what happens, or at least give me ideas. Would you help me like that, or would you find it boring?

...And is anyone still reading this blog, anyway, or am I totally all alone?

That would be the end of my post, but I also have to say I'm sorry for not being my usual hyper self. I'm extremely tired, and I feel like I'm in my Sierra WinterBreeze writing-mode, meaning I'm using larger vocabulary, italics to stress words, paragraphs when needed, correct spelling and grammar, and no smilies! Although I like the smilies. Maybe I'll use just one... :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Tale of a Pyromancer

Everyone should know my friend Sydney by now. Even if you don't read my stories, I write about her in blog posts all the time. She's a Pyromancer, Fire school, trained second in Death. She's working on Marleybone, and, if I remember correctly, she's level 33, just learned Phoenix.

Anyway, she's a huge fan of my stories, and my best friend in game and in real life. Although she apparently never reads real stories for pleasure (I find that really odd... but she claims she has too many book reports, and not enough time to read for herself) she reads mine everytime there's a new chapter. Plus, she's helped my numerous times get out of the many tough spots I run into in my story. In fact, I have said this many times before, but she was actually the one to create the name "Seekers of Light". Otherwise, I was just going to call them chosen ones... not very creative... (in fact, you can find a mistake in part 2 where I said "chosen one" instead of Seekers! I forgot to delete it, lol.)

Now Sydney's gotten a sudden burst of inspiration, and she's decided to write her own story! (lol WildRose, this is what I was talking about when I said I should ask Sydney first.) She's titling it, "The Tale of a Pyromancer". Honestly, it's incredibly well-written and has a fantastic storyline. I feel so helpful to finally be giving her the ideas, not the other way around.

Her story is somewhat like mine, but different in its own special way. The story begins when Sydney JadeHammer, a Magus wizard in Marleybone, decides to go back and fight the Kracken with her friend Taryn WildHeart (she's another buddy of mine irl). However, something goes terribly wrong and she finds herself and Taryn inside Malistaire's lair. Although she doesn't know it yet, she is about to set off on an amazing adventure in which she'll have to find one person from each school so that they can fight Malistaire. Each of them has letters from their teacher... I think. We were discussing that part, and never really resolved anything. Haha, that entire summary was made by me, though, from what she's read to me and told me so far.

Anyway... I'm the Ice one (woot! Grandmaster in the story! :D), Rowan's Life one, Taryn's Balance one, Sydney's Fire (obviously), and... I guess I shouldn't tell you the others, because, especially one of them, is going to be a HUGE surprise! Oh, but remember my Necromancer, Laura? She'll be in it, too. She'll be working with Malistaire, lol...

As soon as Sydney finishes the first chapter and gets it up on the website, I'll notify you guys. Please read it when it does come out! Trust me, you'll love it. I know I did. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just remembered two really odd things.

When I was on Wizard101 this weekend, two strange glitch-like things happened.

Number one: I was reminded of because Friendly posted something about Merle calling you to his office for no reason. Since Rowan agreed to do PvP with me for once, I wanted to go and learn Infection. So I hurried into Nightside, and sure enough, the Death tree taught it. When I learned it, a message from Malorn AshThorn - you know, that guy who teaches the beginning Death spells in Ravenwood? Yeah, him, who I haven't even been ABLE to talk to in at least twenty levels - shows up on the side of my screen. It says, "Well, that's all the Death spells I can teach you! If you want to learn anymore, you'll have to go to Dworgyn in Nightside!"

There are three things that make this message incredibly strange. First off, WHAT? I AM in Nightside, in case you didn't notice, Malorn! Secondly, I wasn't even talking to him! I've had all the Death spells learned from him forever! Not only that, I've had all the Death spells learned from Dworgyn since level 42, as well! And I know he's not saying that because that was the Death spell I can learn - what about spell quests, or the hidden trainers? Third, I have heard him say that message before. So, I guess he just suddenly felt the need to say it again?

The second peculiar thing happened as I was browsing through my bank on Sierra. I was planning on depositing some items in there for Laura. Then, when I looked at my necklaces, I saw "Spike's Amulet of Smitting", as I believe it is called. I recalled getting it in Marleybone a while back, but decided against using it because, even though my current amulet is for level fifteen (I've had it since Krokotopia! xD) it truly helps in battle (two extra Ice traps! Yay!). Now, when I looked at it, I was stunned to see it's stats. It was level 25 only, but I had known that - what surprised me was beneath it. It said, "No Trade, No Auction, No Sell, No Drop, Crowns Only, Arena Tickets Only."

Woah. I had no idea I'd had such a rare thing! Wait... it said no drop. But hadn't I got it in Marleybone? I knew I hadn't bought it with Crowns or Arena Tickets, because, first of all, there's no way I'd have enough Crowns OR Arena Tickets to buy anything anymore. Secondly, I never use it! I wouldn't have bought an item I never use. And the level limit was too high for any of my other characters. Also, didn't it say no trade? So how was it in my shared bank..?

Positively bewildered, I took a screenshot. Then I resumed my browsing through the shared bank. Perhaps if I had such a rare item now, I could give it to Laura and use it when I reached the correct level. However, when I logged into Laura and looked at the amulet again, the only thing I saw was "Level 25 Only". So I decided it must have been a glitch. Geez! How weird...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A few miracles, actually.


#2: Mark posted again!

#3: I logged into Wizard101 this weekend!

#4: I got my little Orio the Danger Hound! :D :D :D

#5: For once, I actually didn't get any farther in Majora's Mask even though it was a three day weekend! O:

I took lots of pictures on Wizard101, but, as always, I'm not on my home computer. If I remember (which most likely I won't O.o) I'll get on tonight and post them up here.

So... number one. I haven't been on here in forever. Sorry about that! I know I always give this excuse, but I'm busy. Okay... fine, I'll tell the truth. I'm on other websites, lol. In fact, the only reason I ever get on blogspot on THIS computer is that Wizard101 isn't downloaded on it and for some odd reason Wizard101 Central doesn't work.

Number two...? Oh, right. Mark's Grandmaster got deleted, apparently (nice job, Mark. O.o). I'm glad he wants to meet us again. Whenever you're ready, Mark, go ahead and set a time. ;) And, uh... if you ever end up reading my stories, sorry that I made you the traitor's best friend. :P Hey, at least I made you the funny one! That's good, right? Oh, and sorry if I make fun of you. It's hard not to call level twenty's noobs... xD No, jk. I don't like that saying much anyway (I wouldn't want anyone saying it to me!).

Number three... self explanatory, pretty much. I logged into Wizard101. I worked on Laura DarkGlen for a while, but when I went on Sierra to give Laura my mount (I hate walking, lol) I discovered that Victoria FireFinder (one of two past ice Seekers) was online! But when I asked if I could port, she said there was a vampire fight going on. O.o And then I think I turned into a vampire, or something. I mean, that happened once before, anyway, when I was with Scarlet. Even though I don't understand the whole "vampire" thing, and I don't like Twilight much (it's just okay... not superly amazing as everyone makes it out to be), I had fun with my old friends and even some new.

Number four! I finally got the whole Danger Hound dilemma sorted out! When I logged in, I first logged into Sierra, who I gave the cute little Danger Hound. He had a different name, unfortuantely. What was it? King Rufus, or something? Whatever. I hurried to the WC Dye Shop and changed his name to Orio. Now he's soooooooo adorable! :D Also, with the gold, I gave that to Laura because I knew I'd be wanting a house soon, when I turned Journeyman. Now I'm somewhat regretting that, because I've just resolved that on Sierra I would save up to buy the Ice School house. Or the Storm... sigh, the storm was so beautiful, with the ocean and everything... and it is underwater... honestly, that sounds like a better house for me than a frozen paradise. Ooh! Maybe I'll save it up on Sierra, then I'll give it to Lenora! She's my Storm char, and after I complete Laura and Sabrina, I'll go on her next. It would be nice to have a house.

Finally, number five! Not that anyone cares. All I did this weekend on MM was the sidequests, not the real game... because I was on Wizard101 for once! It's a miracle that I lived through a weekend without completing Stone Tower.

Well, that's all! I still need to get home and post up some pictures to go with it! Until then, enjoy this post!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, I guess something's wrong with my blogroll thingy...

It says Alia hasn't posted in two days, but really, she has, like, five posts! O.o Well, I guess I shouldn't listen to that thing. I should really GO to the blog's front page and read it.

Okay... also, I added a new poll! Which superpower would you like? And yes, WildRose, that is ONE superpower, not all of them known to man. xD

And... Rowan's posted two times now, so, now that there's two contributors, I changed the "posted by" thing to the top of the post so you don't get us mixed up.

Well, lucky for you guys, I'll actually have something to blog about! Today I am actually planning on going on Wizard101 (miraculously!). Even though at the moment I'm totally addicted to Majora's Mask... I just got to the most fun part EVER... But, I promised Sydney JadeHammer I'd meet her on the game on Monday, and I forgot, then promised Taryn WildHeart that I'd meet her yesterday, and I just totally decided to not do it, so... I really owe them some time, haha.

Also, what's that Grandmaster tower called..? Is that the BriskBreeze tower, or is that totally something else I'm mixing it up with? Whatever. If I can get some other Grandmaster friends, then I will so surely do it. ;) Wait, did I already say something about that..?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it just me, or...?

How come all the other blogs I read (besides Friendly's blog) haven't really been update lately? Is it just me? I mean, I feel like Alia hasn't posted for, like, well, a long time... I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe she's been posting everyday and I just haven't pad much attention. O.o\

Well, I guess I haven't exactly posted everyday, either. I just don't know what to post ABOUT. I've been playing video games... and I don't think you guys want to hear about Legend of Zelda (if you did, you'd go to my other blog!). I haven't managed to get on Wizard101 at all lately. Sigh... I really guess I should get on and try out that Grandmaster only tower, right? That would be awesome. :) I've always wanted to be Grandmaster just to try that tower. So, I suppose I'd better get online and test it out!

Oh! I just thought of something to post! But I'll save it for tomorrow, because I know I'll be needing something tomorrow. But it's really awesome. Even though I guess I should ask Sydney if it is okay with her to post it, first...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Photos

First ever avatar made by me known to man! O:

My first Banned story image I've made O:

First ever threat made by a shaymin.

Who knows what I'll dig up next...

Friday, January 8, 2010

I think it's time for a change!

As you may (or may not) know, my sister, Rowan WillowLeaf, A.K.A. Leafeon, is an AWESOME computer graphic maker. In fact, she won a contest irl for a dragon she made only with Microsoft Paint. Recently, she joined my little blog here, becoming a contributor. So now I am asking her to put her awesome graphic making skills to the test. She is going to make a new banner for the blog!

I was also considering changing the blog title a bit. You know, something more generic. Something that could be any Wizard101 blog, not just something about a story. What do you think?

Oh... It's The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's birthday! :D

Guess what? I just now remembered that I sent in my story on December 31st! And it was first put up on January 1st! So... THE TALE OF SIERRA WINTERBREEZE IS NOW ONE YEAR OLD! Wow... I've been writing for an entire year and I'm still not done. I really gotta hurry up, I suppose.

Speaking of hurrying, I just promised WildRose and an anonymous commenter that I would have part 12 done by the end of February! Actually, at the rate I'm going now, it'll probably be done by the end of January, too! But just in case I run into some trouble, I'm saying February. :P

Hmm... if it is the Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's birthday, and I just got to Grandmaster less than a month ago... then that means that... Wow! I was level 32 when I sent in my story for the first time. Geez, I guess I AM slow at leveling up. Or at least as soon as I hit Master level I was. Dangit.

Okay! My NEW New Year's Resolution (my old one was to write more xD)! I will make Laura Darkglen a Grandmaster by the end of the school year! Meaning by the end of... May! Right? Ugh, I can't remember when school ends, lol. Whatever. Soon I will have a Grandmaster of Death, I'm sure of it! :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My You Tube Awesomeness. :P

Here are my videos that I posted on You Tube! :D

Malistaire battles (in my Santa robes!)\

Tour of my house!
Copy and paste the links... or something.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Uh...why is not having my Danger Hound awesomeful?

I looked at my post where I was saying that I didn't have my Danger Hound yet, and four people said that was awesomeful! You people are cruel! I was REALLY worried about my little Orio!

In other news, I posted two more Wizard101 videos on YouTube! One was of me and Rowan and my friends doing Malistaire (and I was in Santa robes O.o) and the other is a tour of my house. I'd give you a link (no way I'm uploading them on here!) but I'm not home right now. And for some reason YouTube doesn't work on this computer. Maybe it's because it is a laptop...

Okay! Now, I've decided to begin working on the amazing LAURA DARKGLEN! She's my other character. I made her forever ago because I got Death on the quiz most (lol, I just got Ice the time I said, "Okay, I'm not doing this anymore!" I get Ice if I get the gemstone question because Sapphire is my birthstone). I made Sabrina RainbowDreamer because I liked Myth school because I thought it meant you were super smart or something. Oh, and that was the second thing I got on the quiz. First was actually Fire... (believe me, I took the quiz hundreds of times. O.o)
Um, did I already tell you all this? I'm feeling forgetful...

By the way, Annonymous Insulter, as Alia calls you, I'd like to see you TRY to post on my page! I have moderated comments! None of them will EVER be on here! And I will make up some awesomeful retort, too, if you decide to try and degrade my story! And I'll use lots of big words to confuzzle you. :P LIKE LUGUBRIOUS! That's totally my favorite word ever. :D

Monday, January 4, 2010


Now, I have a few random pictures to share.
Click on the pictures please!
1. I call this out of order. ( NOT A EDIT! )

2. This one is the ADVENTURES
( Sierra might
have posted this earlier. )

^3. And Lastly, PUDDING^

What was I thinking? First post and I'm already going crazy. O.O

"Not a member"?

I went on Central and sent Jester a message with the Contact Us button all about my missing Danger Hound. However... he said, "You are not a member. Please register first." What the heck does that mean? Not a member of WHAT?! I'm a member of Central... of Wizard101... heck, I'm SUBSCRIBED to Wizard101, for over a YEAR! What does he want me to be a member of?

Oh no... did he mean Facebook? Aww... they said all members of Wizard101Central! That's not fair!

EDIT: Oh shoot...

He sent an e-mail back that said, "I do not have this email as a member, sorry." Ugh, I made the dumbest decision ever! I changed my e-mail the day I asked where my Danger Hound was. Oops...

EDIT... AGAIN!: Yay yay yay yay yay!

I DO get my Orio!

I sent them an e-mail from my current e-mail, not the old e-mail, and then I got my Danger Hound code in an e-mail! And gosh, it said 5000 gold too... geez!

I'm going on game to get my Orio... after one more post.

Oh, and Rowan should post soon. She started making one, but then she had to go, um... do something important irl.

O.o The post was called "PUDDING"...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wait a second... WHERE'S MY DANGER HOUND?

Everyone that's blogging is talking about their new Danger Hound... so how come I got no code in my e-mail? :( I WANT MY DANGER HOUND, TOO! I wanted to name him Orio. I just sent a message to W101Central via "Contact us" so that they can fix this HORRIBLE problem. I hope I get my little Orio soon!

Sorry for not telling you!

So on Tuesday morning, I was in SUCH a hurry. I'm rushing to get packed for my trip, AND trying to do last-minute things on Wizard101 Central on my DSi Browser, trying to get the word out that I'll be on vacation. So I finally get everything out on both Wizard101 Central AND Legend of, and we get on the road. Just as I'm sighing with relief, I realize that I totally forgot about my blog!

Sorry 'bout that. XD

Yeah, I was on vacation. It was lots of fun, got to see family that I hadn't seen in a long time. But... I REALLY didn't write at all during that time. I suppose I should get started, huh? I'm nearly done. Except I hit a HUGE roadblock. Something I really hadn't forseen in my story. I mean, I was planning everything out, right to the very last detail. And now... I'm stuck. Sigh...

Anyway, late Happy New Year! Thanks to some new people, now I have TWELVE Followers! Yay!

By the way... I suppose I'll post another preview up here, probably one in Rowan's point of view. Just 'cuz I'm bored and don't want to write anymore, lol.