Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Uh...why is not having my Danger Hound awesomeful?

I looked at my post where I was saying that I didn't have my Danger Hound yet, and four people said that was awesomeful! You people are cruel! I was REALLY worried about my little Orio!

In other news, I posted two more Wizard101 videos on YouTube! One was of me and Rowan and my friends doing Malistaire (and I was in Santa robes O.o) and the other is a tour of my house. I'd give you a link (no way I'm uploading them on here!) but I'm not home right now. And for some reason YouTube doesn't work on this computer. Maybe it's because it is a laptop...

Okay! Now, I've decided to begin working on the amazing LAURA DARKGLEN! She's my other character. I made her forever ago because I got Death on the quiz most (lol, I just got Ice the time I said, "Okay, I'm not doing this anymore!" I get Ice if I get the gemstone question because Sapphire is my birthstone). I made Sabrina RainbowDreamer because I liked Myth school because I thought it meant you were super smart or something. Oh, and that was the second thing I got on the quiz. First was actually Fire... (believe me, I took the quiz hundreds of times. O.o)
Um, did I already tell you all this? I'm feeling forgetful...

By the way, Annonymous Insulter, as Alia calls you, I'd like to see you TRY to post on my page! I have moderated comments! None of them will EVER be on here! And I will make up some awesomeful retort, too, if you decide to try and degrade my story! And I'll use lots of big words to confuzzle you. :P LIKE LUGUBRIOUS! That's totally my favorite word ever. :D


  1. I'm not sure what I actually clicked, but if it was awesomeful, it would be because you are going to actually get your danger hound! Don't interpret things the wrong way!

  2. Well, I meant on the post that said that I WASN'T getting my Danger Hound. There's another post that says that I'm not getting it, and one that at the end explains that I am.