Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just remembered two really odd things.

When I was on Wizard101 this weekend, two strange glitch-like things happened.

Number one: I was reminded of because Friendly posted something about Merle calling you to his office for no reason. Since Rowan agreed to do PvP with me for once, I wanted to go and learn Infection. So I hurried into Nightside, and sure enough, the Death tree taught it. When I learned it, a message from Malorn AshThorn - you know, that guy who teaches the beginning Death spells in Ravenwood? Yeah, him, who I haven't even been ABLE to talk to in at least twenty levels - shows up on the side of my screen. It says, "Well, that's all the Death spells I can teach you! If you want to learn anymore, you'll have to go to Dworgyn in Nightside!"

There are three things that make this message incredibly strange. First off, WHAT? I AM in Nightside, in case you didn't notice, Malorn! Secondly, I wasn't even talking to him! I've had all the Death spells learned from him forever! Not only that, I've had all the Death spells learned from Dworgyn since level 42, as well! And I know he's not saying that because that was the Death spell I can learn - what about spell quests, or the hidden trainers? Third, I have heard him say that message before. So, I guess he just suddenly felt the need to say it again?

The second peculiar thing happened as I was browsing through my bank on Sierra. I was planning on depositing some items in there for Laura. Then, when I looked at my necklaces, I saw "Spike's Amulet of Smitting", as I believe it is called. I recalled getting it in Marleybone a while back, but decided against using it because, even though my current amulet is for level fifteen (I've had it since Krokotopia! xD) it truly helps in battle (two extra Ice traps! Yay!). Now, when I looked at it, I was stunned to see it's stats. It was level 25 only, but I had known that - what surprised me was beneath it. It said, "No Trade, No Auction, No Sell, No Drop, Crowns Only, Arena Tickets Only."

Woah. I had no idea I'd had such a rare thing! Wait... it said no drop. But hadn't I got it in Marleybone? I knew I hadn't bought it with Crowns or Arena Tickets, because, first of all, there's no way I'd have enough Crowns OR Arena Tickets to buy anything anymore. Secondly, I never use it! I wouldn't have bought an item I never use. And the level limit was too high for any of my other characters. Also, didn't it say no trade? So how was it in my shared bank..?

Positively bewildered, I took a screenshot. Then I resumed my browsing through the shared bank. Perhaps if I had such a rare item now, I could give it to Laura and use it when I reached the correct level. However, when I logged into Laura and looked at the amulet again, the only thing I saw was "Level 25 Only". So I decided it must have been a glitch. Geez! How weird...


  1. thats just a screen bug ignor it it is common trust me.

  2. Hey Seirra! It's me stephanie, found you on accident through Friendly's blog lol. Nice blog! (fuzzy306 on central)