Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it just me, or...?

How come all the other blogs I read (besides Friendly's blog) haven't really been update lately? Is it just me? I mean, I feel like Alia hasn't posted for, like, well, a long time... I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe she's been posting everyday and I just haven't pad much attention. O.o\

Well, I guess I haven't exactly posted everyday, either. I just don't know what to post ABOUT. I've been playing video games... and I don't think you guys want to hear about Legend of Zelda (if you did, you'd go to my other blog!). I haven't managed to get on Wizard101 at all lately. Sigh... I really guess I should get on and try out that Grandmaster only tower, right? That would be awesome. :) I've always wanted to be Grandmaster just to try that tower. So, I suppose I'd better get online and test it out!

Oh! I just thought of something to post! But I'll save it for tomorrow, because I know I'll be needing something tomorrow. But it's really awesome. Even though I guess I should ask Sydney if it is okay with her to post it, first...


  1. Wow seen you around lately hoping you can follow my blog:


    Nice work! :D


  3. and for your poll.... The abilty to have all superpowers know to man!!!

  4. You just haven't noticed my posting.

  5. mmmmm sooo bored :[ well since this topic was pretty random i guess ill have to say random stuff too! :D hmm xthinksx

    oh! recently i read this series on wizard101.com in creativ writing section called the misguided hearoes, the betrayers last effort, blah blah etc. its really good! well i suggest spelling errors but i enjoyed the whole hour reading the series! you should check it out sierra it reminds me of ur stories xD

    mmm what else? oh yeah, your followers! DANG how come you already have 19? o.O i have to addmit i AM pretty jealous right now lol i guess you spread da word? eh whatever roflmao

    mmmhmmmmmhmmmmhmmmmmm school is going by slowly, my friends made a funny channel on youtube called kimchiazians rofl good times..good times :)

    oh! i got an F IN TECHNOLOGY! O: well i need to work that out >:( ugh sooo many projects! and here i am while i should be drawing my dinosaur project thingamabob

    ok ok ok this was OBVIOUSLY WAY TOO LONG..but who cares? well i have my commons party video all done and ready to post but theres a problem..

    it says it always an error loading it up! i have no idea! it same happening on youtube! ugh..sooo bored

    ok i guess i should go now and do other stuff brawl brawl brawl on wii xD ok cya around sierra :P


    PS: have i mentioned im bored? :3 >o<!

  6. Lol that was a LONG post.

    And you got a F in tech? *cough* LOSER! *cough*

    Lol, no, jk. xD I don't get technology cuz' I traded it for Chorus...

    Btw, WildRose, I said ONE superpower. That's, like, twenty-million. O.o

  7. I said the annoying one. :)