Part 3

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The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze - Part 3

“Rowan, where did you put my wand? You hid it again, didn’t you?”

My younger-but-higher-leveled sister was giggling like crazy. I knew she did it! She must have. I didn’t think that my parents would ever do something like that.

I remember the day I had first met Rowan. She had been awkward and uncomfortable around me, quiet and reserved. That had changed since then, and now I was regretting it. The old Rowan would never have hidden my wand!

“Give it back! Professor Falmea sent me on a quest to go to Dragon Mouth Cave. I need my wand to do that!”

“Professor Falmea? Why were you talking to the fire teacher?” Rowan asked.

“What, I’m not allowed to talk to her anymore? You’re just as bad as Dad! I like Falmea and fire, even though Dad doesn’t. Now, about my wand…” I lunged towards her and tackled her to the ground. She began laughing again. “Where did you hide it?”

“It’s under my bed! Please, please, go get it before I die of laughter!” she said between giggles.

I leaped of her and ran to her bedroom before she could do anything about it. I held the wand high in the air triumphantly.

“Okay then, now I’m off to Dragon Mouth Cave. I think I’m supposed to collect fire crystals in there. Want to come?”

She shook her head. “No thanks; I have to work on my sunbird. It keeps attacking people I don’t want it to, and the fire professor said I’d get extra credit if I improved it.”

“Okay. See you later!”


I left Rowan to her homework. I headed to Dragon Mouth Cave which was located in Golem Court. I passed Ravenwood and the Mini Game Fairgrounds. Finally I came upon the cave. As I approached, I thought I heard voices inside of it.

I walked in and saw a fire wizard battling a myth wizard. What were they doing in here?

“Hah, I have you now!” said the fire wizard. She was a pretty girl, with long brown hair and green eyes. She wore a hood over her head and her robe and boots matched with their red color and yellow trim.

“Oh no you don’t! My troll minion is going to finish you off,” the myth student retorted. He had the traditional blue and yellow myth school clothes on. He had blonde hair and blue eyes.

“No way. I’ll shield myself before you can.”

“How do you know what spell he’s going to use?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m not letting you beat me! You’re a lower level anyway.”

“Yes, but right now you’re losing!”

The myth student cast a troll, and his minion cast a fire cat. The fire wizard put plenty of shields around her, but it may not have been enough. Just when all hope seemed lost for this student, she somehow cast a kraken.

“Nooo!” yelled out the angry myth student in frustration. “I was so close! Since when do you know Kraken?”

“It was a treasure card.”

“Oh, duh. I knew that.”

“Sure you did.”

“Hello?” I cut in. “I thought this was a cave, not a dueling arena.”

Both students turned to look at me in surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry. Not many people ever come in here, and if they do they’re apprentice fire wizards on a spell quest for Falmea. What do you need?” The fire student asked.

“I just need fire crystals for Professor Falmea.”

“Oh, for Falmea? I can help you with that!” She turned around and grabbed two gems that looked a lot like rubies. “Careful, they’re hot,” she advised as she handed them to me.

They were certainly warm, but they weren’t too bad if I encased my hands in a shield of ice. “Thank you!” I called back over my shoulder as I left.

“Wait,” the myth wizard said. I stopped and turned around. He was staring at my hands. “How come your ice doesn’t melt?”

Oops. “Um, I don’t know.” Of course I knew. It was because I had been “awakened” in the Tower of Lost Memories. That wouldn’t have made any sense to them though.

“Weird. How are you doing that? Are you sure you don’t know?” She scrutinized me.

“Uh, no. Nope, don’t know anything about it.”

“Hmmm…” she stopped examining me and looked at me in the eye. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Sierra Winterbreeze.”

“I’m Sydney, but I don’t tell strangers my last name. This is my brother, Hunter,” she told me.

“Hunter Thundershield,” the myth student corrected her.

“Hunter! Mom told you not to tell strangers your last name.”

“But she’s a kid like us?  How can that hurt?”

“How do you know she isn’t disguised as a kid?”

“How could she do that so well?”

“I don’t know!”

These two sure fought a lot. “Well, I guess I’d better be going then…” I said as I backed away.

“No, wait.” Sydney turned to me. “I want to duel you.” She turned and the dueling circle appeared in front of her.

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind that, but why in here?”

“Uh…” She hesitated for a moment. “Well, my parents are really overprotective, but I guess this would be fine. When I first started school we found it out. I was summoning a fire cat, and it was going to turn out perfectly. It was beautiful when I summoned it, better than any of the other kids’ had been and even the teacher’s. But it all backfired. My gorgeous creation turned around and began attacking me! It was so ferocious that it knocked me unconscious and I have scars all over me from that day. They told me that it began attacking other students as well after that. They had to bring in the headmaster to calm it down. The entire fire school had been destroyed and burned down, and I was banned from ever going back. That’s why now the fire school has fire-proof walls. Professor Falmea felt sympathetic though, so she let me take private lessons inside here, Dragon Mouth Cave. In here, my spells never go out of control. But if I’m anywhere else, they always have a chance of doing so. I think it was because of that day that my parents are so protective.” She glared at Hunter. “At least I abide by their rules, unlike some people!”

“Well, that is a very interesting story.” I wasn’t kidding. It really was strange. How can your spells backfire?

“Yes. So, do you want to duel?”

“Sure, why not. What level are you?”


“Me too.”

“Okay, then let’s get started! We’ll be equally matched.”

I joined in her duel. After a long and tiring battle, I finished her off with an evil snowman. She had been surprisingly difficult. After all, I had stronger powers apparently. I was a Seeker of Light. We had special powers, but each of our lives had been touched by dark magic.

Come to think of it, wasn’t the next Seeker of Light named Sydney?

“Hey Sydney…” I started to say, but before I could continue there was a loud rumbling in the ground.

“What’s going on?” asked Hunter, getting up from his seat on the sidelines.

“I don’t know,” Sydney replied.

The three of us dashed over to the entrance of the cave, but the gate closed in front of us. We were trapped inside.

“What!” Sydney called out in dismay. “How can it close on its own?”

Then, upon going back inside the cave, we saw a marvelous sight. The ground was still shaking, and now we knew why. The enormous dragon statue that has always greeted the cave's visitors was moving.

The stone dragon raised its head, and took a step off its platform. It roared and breathed fire high into the air. With every step the ground groaned and shook, causing us to fall to our feet.

The dragon scanned the cave as if looking for something. Or maybe someone. He noticed me and thrust a heavy stone arm straight at me. I dodged it, and countered by summoning an evil snowman.  But my snowman had no effect, and it seemed completely pointless. The dragon just lunged at me once more, and this time he made contact. I zoomed across the room and thumped unpleasantly into the wall. It then targeted Sydney, and breathed fire at her. It didn't affect her at all though; fire wizards were as invincible to heat as ice wizards were to cold.

I stood back up. I had to help her! Hunter began summoning as powerful as Cyclops as he could, but the dragon didn’t seem to notice. He now grabbed Sydney in his enormous hand. She struggled to get out, but it was no use. The stone dragon actually opened his mouth. No, I thought, no, you can’t eat her!  Think Sierra, think! You have special powers, right? Well then use them! I looked around the cave, looking for anything that I could use. I saw the useless Cyclops attacking the dragon’s feet, and my smashed evil snowman that the dragon had trampled on.

Apparently, myth, fire, and ice weren’t working. What else could we do?


Of course! I had trained second in death; why not put it to good use? I quickly cast banshee, and finally we began to see some effects. The banshee’s scream caused the dragon to roar out and put his hands over his ears. It also caused him to loosen his grip on Sydney, which was both good and bad.

It was good because now she was free.

It was bad because now she was plummeting to the ground, helpless, and there was no way I could help her.

The dragon began stomping, and the entire ground shook so violently that Hunter and I were flung into the wall. My banshee kept on screaming, and the dragon kept on roaring in anger and frustration. He began to bang his head on the walls, trying to drown out the banshee’s horrible wails.

Sydney was still falling. “No! Sydney, no! You can’t die now, Sydney Jadehammer!” cried her brother.

So now I knew her last name, but what use was it now? If she was going to die, then it wouldn’t matter if she was a Seeker or not. Besides, in this moment of great terror I could not recall the next Seeker of Light’s name.

“Sydney, cast a sunbird!” I shouted. I had no idea where that had come from. I hadn’t even thought it through. But a sunbird would be very useful, for it could catch her in midair.

Sydney tried, but the spell fizzled. “Nooo!” she moaned. “That was lucky enough that I found that spell card in midair! I don’t think I can find another one!”

“Please, Sydney, try!”called out Hunter. There were tears in his eyes. I can’t live without my older sister! they seemed to say.

I wondered if I had any spells that could fly. I looked through my deck, but my cards scattered all over the floor because of the tremor. As I began to pick them back up, my eyes wandered to the falling Sydney. Had a fall ever taken so long? She was frantically searching for a sunbird card, and she kept dropping cards all over the place. As I was gathering my own cards, one of Sydney’s fell on my pile. I turned it over and believe it or not, it was a sunbird!

But even with the card, I had no idea how to cast a sunbird. I considered asking Sydney, but with one glance at the look on her face that made her appear as if she would yell at anyone right now, I decided against it. But if Sydney didn’t tell me, then who else could?

I knew one person. A certain life wizard who was only a few levels ahead of me and trained in second in fire. Someone who just this morning had told me that she would be working on sunbird…

I had learned only a few days ago about whisper chat. You could talk to anyone from far away! “Rowan?” I called out to her in whisper chat.

“What is it Sierra?” she asked, also in whisper chat. “I’m in a boss battle, so I can’t help you.”

“But this is a matter of life or death!” I said desperately.

“If you get defeated, you go back into Wizard City Commons and get healed there.”

“Not if you fall from the height of a thousand story building!”

“A what?” Rowan asked in alarm. “Hang on; I’ll be right there. Is it you that’s falling?”

“No, but it’s my friend Sydney.”


“Don’t ask! Just come. Now, before she reaches the ground!”

After a short pause, Rowan answered me again: “I can’t come to you. Where are you?”

I groaned out loud in frustration. I wondered what we would do now if she couldn’t come to cast it.

Suddenly, Sydney cried out, “Found one!” but then, the dragon reached out his arm and once more grabbed her. The banshee’s wail was so loud now, and the ground felt (and looked) like a stormy ocean. The dragon threw her against the wall.

“No, Sydney!” Hunter rushed over. Now she was sliding down the wall, about to fall to her doom once more. Typical. But this time, it was different. Now we didn’t have any fire wizard to cast the sunbird for us, because Sydney was unconscious.

“Rowan,” I said in despair over whisper chat, “How do you cast sunbird?”

“It’s just like any other fire spell. Think about heat, and then picture the spell you want. Then draw the fire symbol and-“

I didn’t even listen to the last part. I was already picturing the sunbird in my mind and thinking about the warm fireplaces on Earth. The fire symbol was already in front of me, waiting for someone to activate it. I did, and the sunbird appeared in front of us.

But how did you control what it did? I had to figure out fast. I only had about 10 seconds before Sydney was going to die…

“Uh, Sunbird… Go and catch her!” Nothing happened.

8 seconds…

“Rowan, how do you control the sunbird?”

“Don’t you just tell it what to do?”

“I tried that and it didn’t work!”

6 seconds…

Hunter was in vain trying to catch Sydney, but she was falling so fast that it would probably kill him as well as her.

“Um, then it’s because you aren’t a very talented fire wizard.”

“Well duh, that’s because I’m ice!”

“Ok, ok. Um, I’m not sure…”


4 seconds…

“Um, well, there is one thing you could try…”

 “What! Tell me now!”

“You can call it Flame.”

“Why Flame?”

“When I mess up my sunbird and it gets all weird, I call it Flame and it calms it down.”

“Couldn’t you think of a better name?”

“If you don’t like my idea, then don’t blame me if your friend dies!”

I wished I could see her, just so that I could glare at her.

“Fine, I’ll try.”

2 seconds… Sydney’s limp body was actually about 40 feet from the ground, but she was falling so fast that it wouldn’t matter.

I turned to the sunbird. “Please sunbird - uh, I mean Flame - Go and catch her!”

The sunbird wildly looked around at the mention of “Flame.” He looked at me, and I nodded.

1 second…

Flame zoomed across the cave…

…and caught Sydney!

“YES!” I cried out, before realizing that I was still in whisper chat. In the cave, you would have hardly heard my cry out over the loud stomping of the dragon and the wailing of the banshee. But wherever Rowan was, my yell had been loud.

“What happened? You didn’t have to yell! Geez!”

“Sorry, that was supposed to be out loud. It worked! Flame saved Sydney!”

“See, do you still think Flame is a bad name?”

“Yes, but I’ll remember it forever now.”

Even though Rowan didn’t say anymore, and I couldn’t see her, I could tell she was smiling.

Flame the sunbird landed in front of me with Sydney on his back. When I tried to pull her off his back, I found out how heavy unconscious people were. I had to get Hunter’s help, and even then it was difficult. We finally gently placed her on the ground, and Flame disappeared.

“Is Sydney going to be alright?” Hunter asked.

“Of course!” I replied, even though I wasn’t quite so sure myself. Even though I’d never seen a dead body before, but I had always guessed it looked something like this.

The dragon was still stomping and he almost stepped on Sydney. Hunter stayed by her to protect her, but I found as many banshee cards as I had and cast them all. Then, after another minute of earthquakes, dragon roaring, fire breathing, and banshee wailing, the dragon gave out such a pitiful cry that it almost made me feel bad. Almost.

Finally, the dragon stopped roaring. It was so sudden, that even the banshees had stopped screaming in the new silence. The dragon was solid stone, as it had been before. Now it was in a strange position, with its mighty hands held up to its ears.

The banshees disappeared. Hunter, the limp Sydney, and I were the only ones left. The only company we had was silence.

I bent over Sydney. “What are we going to do?” asked Hunter.

“We should take her to the life teacher. She can heal her.” Together, we picked her up and carried her to the entrance.

But when we arrived there, we just saw that it was blocked. “How do we get out of here?” I wondered. I peered outside. “Helloooo?” I called out. When I looked through the bars, I saw no one. Not even the wind seemed to be blowing. The trees were still, and everything looked lifeless.

Somehow, that sounded familiar. Where had I seen this? Oh, yes! When I was in the Tower of Lost Memories, no time had passed. Was the same thing happening here? If so, then how?

I remembered that I was looking for the fire Seeker of Light. Wouldn’t it make sense if the fire Seeker was awakened in Dragon Mouth Cave? Then that meant…

“Hunter,” I said, turning to him, “What is your sister’s last name again?”

He hesitated, but finally answered “Jadehammer.”

Sydney Jadehammer. That must have been it! The more and more I repeated it to myself then the more and more I thought it was right. Yes, Sydney Jadehammer was the fire Seeker!

But then who was going to show her strange memories, and how was she going to be awakened?

I got my answer soon enough. Hunter and I heard a roar again, and we exchanged worried glances. Was the dragon back?

We rushed into the cave, and sure enough, it was! The dragon was moving again! I quickly raised my wand, but the dragon laughed. Great, now it was talking! What excuse did it have for attacking us?

“Seeker Winterbreeze,” it began. Wonderful, not only did it know I was a Seeker but it knew my name. Just perfect.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Leave my sister alone!” shouted Hunter suddenly and timidly.

The dragon chuckled once more. “I will not hurt her, child. I am merely her to show her what her full potential is.” The hands that had once thrown Sydney across the cave now picked her up as gently as if she were her own child. A green light encompassed her, and when it faded Sydney stood up and looked around, dazed. The dragon set her back down. Hunter ran over to hug her.

Was this dragon supposed to be the one to “awaken” Sydney? It could be. But unlike my ice giant, this dragon had the voice of a woman, and of course it was much, much larger. Besides, the ice giant hadn’t been made of stone. And why had I gotten special treatment and had to hear all those weird whispers?

“Sydney Jadehammer,” the dragon said. Sydney turned and looked up at her. “Thank you for freeing me from the curse that was put upon me. He placed it on me thinking he could defeat two of the Seekers before they got the chance to defeat him.”

“He? Who?” she inquired. I glared at her. Shouldn’t she know?

“The evil one… the one you must defeat.”

“Oh, you mean Mali-“

“Do not say his name so casually! He is very dangerous, and if you do not know that by now then perhaps we have picked the wrong Seeker.”

“Sorry…” Sydney seemed to shrink back in alarm.

The dragon smiled. It is really strange to see a dragon smile. “Close your eyes, Jadehammer. Do you remember this day?”

Sydney did as she was told, and whatever she saw was apparently unpleasant. “Of course,” she whispered, “How could I forget?”

“Well, what about this day?”

After a few minutes she asked, “Is that me?”

“Yes. I doubt you do remember this. After all you were only a baby.”

“Wow.” She breathed. She opened her eyes. What had she seen?

“You are the fire Seeker of Light, Sydney.”

She seemed to be taking this really well, or at least better than me. First of all, her mouth wasn’t gaping open. Second, she was nodding to the dragon, almost as if she had known.

“Sydney, your life was almost destroyed by dark magic. Your spells can turn against you. You have always thought that the only place they work is this cave, but you are wrong. It is the fire crystals in this cave that not only power up your spells but prevent them from attacking you.”

“So wait. Does that mean that if I take some of the crystals with me…”

“…then you’ll be able to use magic outside of this cave again? Yes.”

“Yes! I’ve always wanted to hear something like that!” She turned to Hunter. “Now we can duel in a real duel arena! And we can meet new people and go on quests and…”

“Yes, I’m sure you are very excited,” said the dragon. “But you must help ice Seeker Winterbreeze find the other Seekers.”

“You’re a Seeker of Light too?” she asked me. “Wow! Who’s next, Hunter?”

“He may be,” the dragon agreed. “It is very common for two siblings to both be Seekers.”

“This is amazing!” she whispered. “I can’t believe that I can finally live a normal life, and apparently with extra awesome powers too!”

“Okay, who is the next Seeker?” I asked impatiently. I had already seen all this amazement, and experienced it for myself. I didn’t need it again.

“Yes, of course Winterbreeze has heard all this before. Sierra Winterbreeze, you have done very well. Now you must find the storm Seeker next. This student is also a girl, but she is a much lower level then either of you.”

“A lower level? Where will we find her then?” questioned Sydney.

“Oh, don’t worry about having to go back to places for lower levels. You will meet this girl as long as you travel with Sierra Winterbreeze.”

“Wait, so I’m supposed to drag her around now?” I didn’t want to have her following me all the time.

“It will be easier to find her if there are two of you.”

“I don’t have to follow her all the time do I?” asked Sydney.

“Of course not!”

“Ok, just checking.”

“Sydney Jadehammer, are you ready? You must now go out and begin to look for the next Seeker.”

“We don’t know her name yet,” I said.

“Victoria Ravensmith. To find her you may want the help of an old friend, Sierra Winterbreeze.”

“An old friend? Who?”

“The first student you actually personally met that wasn’t in your family.”

I wondered who that was. I couldn’t remember!

“I guess we’d better be going then,” said Sydney.

“Wait,” the dragon called to us as we began to leave. “I have something for both of you.”

“What?” we asked in unison.

The dragon reached down its hand and I noticed that something was inside of it. “These necklaces will glow if there is dark magic near. It will protect you from, uh, him.”

I grabbed them. They both had silver chains, but one of them had a gorgeous blue crystal and the other had a bright red one.

“The blue one is for the ice seeker, the red for the fire.” The dragon explained. “The ice one has a sapphire in the middle. The fire has a fire crystal, so that Sydney won’t have to hold them.”

They both were radiant. Sydney looked so happy with her fire crystal necklace!

“Go now, and start your search. Good luck to you both.”

We left (after I grabbed some fire crystals from Sydney) and split up. Sydney and Hunter went to the dueling arena and I went home. No one was there, so I let myself in. I set the necklace on the counter in the kitchen. I was bored, and considered joining Sydney at the arena until I heard a crash in the other room. Nobody else was here! What was going on? I just happened to glance at the necklace as I rushed to the back of the house, and I saw that it was shining bright as the sun.

I ran into the room where the crash had come from. It sounded like it had been in Rowan’s room. Was she home and I hadn’t noticed?

I was about to walk in when I heard voices. “We must search the house,” one said. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I panicked, and hid in the closet next to me. It wasn’t a very good hiding spot if they were going to search for something, but it had to do for the time. I wanted to teleport away, but what if they stole something important? Like my wand that was sitting in plain view on my bed?

I instead decided to use whisper chat to contact someone. But who should I tell first? Rowan? My parents? Sydney? Whoever ran 911 in Wizard City? My parents had never gone over what I was supposed to do in an emergency.

I again heard voices, but I couldn’t understand them from behind the closed door. I pushed the door open just a tiny bit and hoped they wouldn’t notice.

It still sounded like mumbling, but I could now pick up bits of the conversation. They said something about a wand, an ice wyvern, and then I thought I heard them say both Rowan’s and my name.

Then I heard something that sent a chill down my spine. Had I heard wrong? But how did you confuse that with something else? Malistaire wasn’t a very common word.

The wizards began digging through some stuff in my bedroom then. I suddenly heard one of them yell out “I found it!” I wondered what they had found.

After some quiet conversation, I heard the noise that meant they were teleporting. Before the left, I saw the pair. They looked like normal adult death wizards, but they felt worse. They seemed terrible and scary, but I was still relieved. Neither of them were Malistaire as I had feared. Just as they were teleporting, I thought I heard one of them say “It’s too bad they weren’t here today.” Still, I didn’t dare even breathe until I was sure they weren’t coming back.

I crept out. It was completely dark, and I could hardly see. Where were Rowan and my parents? They should have been back by now.

After turning on a few lights, I noticed that my wand was gone. Great, now I would have to save up forever for a new wand again! I had hoped that would never happen again after I had broken it when I was angry.

Rowan’s spare staff was gone too. She preferred a wand, but kept the Staff of the Ice Wyvern in case she needed an ice staff. I also discovered that our rooms were in a mess. They had trashed them! And just this morning our mother had made us clean them up. Now we’d just have to do it all over again. Also, my fire crystals for Falmea were gone.

I looked around my room, trying to discover if anything else important was missing. My spell cards were scattered across the ground, but none of them were stolen. A wand, a staff, and some fire crystals were certainly important to me, but why would anyone else want to steal them? Why didn’t they take anything else?

I found out how wrong I had been. They had stolen something else, but this was far worse than any of the other things. My brand new sapphire necklace was gone.

I should have expected they’d take it if they knew Malistaire. But somehow, I was still shocked.

I didn’t come out of that dazed state until I heard Sydney calling to me from somewhere far away. “Sierra, help me!”

I woke from my bewildered state. “Sydney?” I called back to her. No one answered. Again I began to panic. Had the death wizards come for her as well? With that grim thought in mind, I teleported to her.

The first thing I heard was a familiar voice. “Hand over the necklace and we won’t hurt anyone.”

Then the scene appeared, and what I saw wasn’t surprising. The same death wizards were with Sydney and Hunter. We were in the dueling arena, right where wizards would sign up for a player versus player match. Students were huddled against the walls, not wanting to be hurt in the fight. Even the men who helped kids set up a match were trembling in the corner.

Then one of the death wizards noticed me. “Hey, isn’t that the other one?” he asked, gesturing to me.

I wondered what he meant. “Leave her alone!” I said to them in a voice that I hoped sounded formidable. If these guys actually decided to fight, I’d be doomed without a wand. Plus, I had left my spell deck at home since I had been in such a hurry.

Unfortunately the death wizards just laughed. “You want to fight us then? I’d like to see you try!”

“I’m warning you,” I said in another strong tone, but this time my voice wavered.

They chuckled again and one said, “We should take them to Malistaire.”

“No!” cried out Sydney.

I noticed that Sydney was wearing her necklace around her neck and it was gleaming brightly.  It was shining so much that I worried that if you stared at it for too long you would be blinded. That meant dark magic was near, which wasn’t surprising with Malistaire’s minions beside us.

I wanted to be brave, but I just couldn’t, not when I was so terrified. I couldn’t fight two full grown wizards with tons of experience. After all, I was only a kid. And an initiate kid at that. Sydney wasn’t much better, or her brother. Even with Rowan’s help I doubted we would get anywhere except dead.

I wished I could discuss a plan with Sydney. All I could do was hope that she would figure something out, because I was out of ideas.

“So little girl, are you going to give us the fire crystal necklace you will we have to take it from you?”

Sydney’s lower lip was trembling violently. I saw her reach a hand up and put it on her necklace. I had no idea what I would have done in a situation like this. I had lost my necklace, but I hadn’t even gotten a chance to keep it safe. Now Sydney was stuck between that decision and certain death.

Finally Sydney looked up into their eyes and quietly replied, “No.”

“What?” one death wizard exclaimed angrily.

“No!” Sydney said more defiantly. Oh, how I wished I could be as brave as her. I think I would have given in.

He smirked. “I guess we better dispose of you then… or maybe we should just take you to the boss and see what he does to you. Oh yes, I like that idea.”

“No, we are only supposed to bring the necklace,” the other guy retorted.

“But don’t you think he’d be happy if-“

“No! He wouldn’t like us disobeying him.”

“He’s going to capture them anyway!”

“He said he would only do it when they were all revealed to him. He doesn’t know all of them yet.”

With the wizards bickering, many of the students around us began to sneak out the door. Pretty soon the entire arena would be empty.

I decided we’d better follow their example. I nudged Sydney on the shoulder and pointed to the crowded door with wizards fighting to get out. She understood and we began to creep away.

“We have to bring the necklace back, no matter what,” one of the men said as they continued to quarrel.

“Yes, you’re right. We’d better just grab that,” the other agreed. They turned to us. I’d hoped we’d be out by then, but they were too smart. Though they had been fighting, they hadn’t carried on for that long. Besides, we were the last ones out. Everyone else had escaped.

“Leaving so early? But we really hoped you would stay a little longer,” snickered one sarcastically, blocking our way.

We were trapped once more. “Time to destroy them,” said one with glee. They raised their wands. Sydney also raised hers, but it was no use. They were way more powerful than us. They were about to cast a spell, and drew the death symbol in the air, the same one that I had summoned my dark sprite and banshee and all my other death spells. And with a slight flick of his wrist, the symbol was activated and a wraith appeared. I shivered and backed away, but it raised its hands and knocked Sydney, Hunter, and I to the ground.

I think Sydney and her brother went unconscious. I almost did too, but I struggled to pay attention to what was around me. I saw the death wizards grabbing Sydney’s necklace, and then everything went black. Every breath I took in shot pains throughout my entire body. I was mostly worried about Sydney. She hardly had looked like she was breathing.

I was only vaguely aware that Malistaire’s minions were talking. I was just about to slip into unconsciousness until I began to see light. Near the door of the Player versus Player arena, there was a small ball of light. It grew bigger and bigger, until suddenly, it shot of in a million different directions to reveal Merle Ambrose, the headmaster.

The death wizards backed away. They were afraid of him! We were saved!

“I believe you have something that belongs to my two young students here,” said Headmaster Ambrose.

“We’ll never give them up! We’ll tell Malistaire and-”

“Be gone!” he shouted and they disappeared in a puff of smoke. Both the sapphire and fire crystal necklaces clanged to the ground. He then turned to us and spoke again.

“You all have amazing powers; you just need to learn how to use them. Seekers, arise!” He vanished, and suddenly I didn’t hurt anymore. I shakily got to my feet, and then helped Sydney and Hunter get up. Ambrose was gone. I picked up my beautiful necklace, whose glow had died down. Sydney’s had too.

I examined myself to make sure that I was alright. Everything looked normal, but I still felt fear. Still, I was happy the headmaster had come, and I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Rowan what had happened. These terrifying experiences were always great stories to tell – that is, if you survived them.


Rowan thought my new necklace was positively lovely. She hadn’t believed my story at first, but after she met Sydney and Hunter and they became friends, Sydney confirmed it and Rowan had to believe.

The next Seeker was Victoria Ravensmith. (I wondered if we were ever going to get a boy!) She was apparently a storm wizard, and lower leveled at that. For some reason, I couldn’t help but think I had heard that name before, somewhere long ago… But I couldn’t have without remembering it. Then again, hadn’t the dragon said I needed help from an old friend? Could that possibly have been her? With these questions in mind, I slept a fitful sleep that night. In the morning, I began my search.

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