Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FIRST post of 2011.

I had a LAST post of 2010, so now let's go for a FIRST post of 2011! :D This one... I'll just post a bunch of screenshots. Some are REALLY old. Others are REALLY new! Just on the 13th I took a ton. So, let's see what randomness I can dig up here.

FYI: I've been working on this post for, what... Um, it has been over a week, that's all I know. So please enjoy it. :)

Also, you'll have to click on the pictures to view them clearly. I know, it's annoying. Idk why they're so small to begin with.

Let's start with a strange conversation I've had. I edited it on MS paint, because I took two screenshots of it. So that's why it's a little... odd-looking. :P You might have to click on it to enlarge it.

Allow me to explain:

I have Open Chat, right? I was at my friend's Massive Fantasy Palace (which I REALLY wish I had) and we were going to duel, so I needed a partner. I invited Rowan, and she said she'd come... until I told her Wolf DeathBringer was our opponent. She really hates him. I won't say why... it's a long story. Anyway, so I was trying to tell them, "I told Rowan the circumstances of the duel and she won't come anymore." However... circumstances, although it shows up as white, somehow ended up as "...". And it also does it to "document," as Alia LotusPetal and I discovered a while ago. However... if you have TEXT chat and type these words... they actually show up! Wolf demonstrates this, as you can see. How weird is that?

And this conversation was pretty funny, considering how I made myself sound like an idiot...

And now, possibly the bestest and most HILARIOUS picture EVER:

Taken by my epic sister, Rowan WillowLeaf. She was helping Sydney JadeHammer and Hunter ThunderShield in Marleybone a little bit... and she caught this at JUST the right time. Sydney's saying "No," just as the Cyclops looks about to chop the Dryad in half! XD I just love it...

Dryad just seems to do that. It stays up after you cast it. When Hunter's Cyclops minion went in for an attack... yeah... :P


17,000 with Colossus. That's pretty epic. For me. ;)


Haha... oh, right. My computer's REALLY slow. So the characters took forever to load in the Selena Gomez quest while it was out. This was the result - the golems marrying ghost Selena! :P

These two pictures were actually JUST a few days ago! :D We had a "Krok raid." And when I say we're "in a rock" it's because we fell down this place in Stormriven in Celestia and ended up inside of a rock. So yeah. :P

Lol, this was interesting. My friend Wolf made a new character and ALSO named it Wolf. And then his friend AUSTIN did the same thing. When TWO Wolf DeathBringer's showed up in front of me, but neither was my friend in-game, it REALLY confused me. I couldn't figure out who was who. :P So... yep. That's that.

INVISIBILITY! YAAAAY! :D This is my friend Mary RavenGem and me in my - oh, yes - NEW ICE SCHOOL HOUSE!!! O: Yep. I guess I forgot to mention that, lol. I got enough gold to buy it (nope, still no Crowns) so I did. I was REALLY torn between Ice and Storm houses... I just LOVE the Storm one... but I figured I should be loyal to my school. ;) So Wolf and Mary came over to celebrate the new purchase, and we went invisible by standing in a pile of jellybeans and teleporting to each other! ...Yes. I'm aware of how weird that sounds.

OOH! This has to do with The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze! Wolf and Mary came up with amazing ideas for a sequel and wanted to tell me them in their secret library. XD And then Rowan came, and half the time, we weren't talking about the story - we were just going crazy with randomness. It was a very fun night, though. :) And I'm SERIOUSLY considering their ideas...

...This was a day of epic randomness and hyperness. From me. Surprisingly, not Rowan... me. I was crazy. O_o

It all started when she turned into a Treant... and Rowan became named "Cocoa!" I started screaming, "COCOA! I LOVE YOU, COCOA! YOU'RE SO AWESOME! HERE! I'll GIVE YOU TRAPS AND BLADES! I WILL PWN THE BOSS FOR YOU, COCOA!"

I have SO many screenshots... so I remember well... but I decided you really wouldn't care for me to put them all up. :P So I just selected one.

This was a while ago. Me with Sarah SpiritHeart! :D She's that super epic author at this blog. Maybe you could check it out? :P Anyway, she didn't have text chat then, but we were dancing in my house surrounded by my pets, lol. She has text chat NOW, fortunately. ;)

Oh, this was something odd I found at the top of Big Ben tower. There's this random little invisible platform raised above the rest of the room that you can walk on - or let your pets walk on.

This was when I helped Wolf with Big Ben. Like he said, we broke it. XD The guy was defeated, but there was still an extra turn! Then my Colossus attacked nothing but air, and suddenly the battle was over. :P

...Idk what this is. My computer was taking forever to load, as usual... and this showed up in the middle of Wizard City.

Looks like someone used a tape measure to find the height to the sky. XD

...Idk HOW this happened. Destiny SeaGem (Duo of Death) just told me to port... so I did. Later, a TON of people started showing up because my friend invited them when I invited him. XD I have a video of it somewhere... but I don't feel like waiting for the upload...

THIS was fun. :P People shouldn't trust me when I offer to go "flying" in my house. See, I used that little platform glitch thingy to get people out of there, then ported to Donna (or something - can't quite remember) and took the platform away! So they were all stuck in the air. I'm so mean. ;)

AHA! The final pictures! This was an AWESOME day. :) Destiny SeaGem and Alia LotusPetal (Wizard101 Addict) were both there, along with others, lol. Idk THEIR blogs, though, if they have them (I think they do). It's a glitch - drag Wizard101 around the screen while walking forward and to other people, it will look like you're flying. It's hard to explain.

I made a video of this day, too, but I'm working on editing it. Maybe sometime I'll finally post it up.

...So that's the end of it.

I've been working on this post for over a WEEK, you know. >.< Oh, well, it was fun to type up! And it holds good memories for me, personally, even if you guys don't really care. ...That sounded mean. I mean, I CARE about you people - the readers - but, uh... ya know... XD

I'm going to try and give this blog a makeover soon. I've decided that I LOVE my new Medli's Messages layout (my other blog, in case you didn't know) so I'm going to try it on here. But I refuse to change the layout until I have a new header prepared. I haven't changed this header in a while - I'm excited to see what I can come up with this time! I doubt I'll upload a custom background like my other blog, since it was SUCH a pain - I had to do MATH on my WEEKEND to make it fit! So, yeah. But I will eventually use the new designer thingy. It increases the space that you have to write stuff on. That's why I like it, most of all. So, don't come to this blog and suddenly start screaming "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?" and close out or something if it looks COMPLETELY remodeled. ;)

Part 15? I'm TOTALLY stuck. I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. Grrrrr! I wish I had someone irl to read this TERRIBLE nonsense I'm writing out. I'm just trying to get past what I feel is necessary before the Malistaire battle. And then... the Malistaire battle itself I am dreading. Ugh. Epic fight scenes are not my forte. I was reeeeallly tempted to write "Insert Epic Fight Scene Here" at some points. But I can't. This IS the last part, after all. It has to be AMAZING.

And... I think that's it! Thanks for reading, oh-so-wonderful Followers (and non-Followers: it would be great if you could get an account or, if you have one, click that niiiiiice little "follow" button up there in the corner. That would be awesome).

Good night!

~Sierra WinterBreeze, level 54 Thaumaturge (yay! 54!)