Thursday, December 29, 2011

Contest Extension

Okay, so, due to a lack of entries and the fact that it WAS a pretty short period of time... The deadline for the contest will now be extended to February 1st. ;) I hope that helps out some of you a bit. ...Wow! I actually wrote a short post for once! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fan Work Contest!

...Well, okay then, Rowan.

Thanks for posting without telling me.

And mentioning this contest.

Because I wasn't going to mention it.

At least... not right away...

I mean, I kind of wanted to FINISH the series before that happened...

But... whatever...

Anyway! Sierra here (of course). It seems like, incredibly, some people might ACTUALLY enter the contest. Wow.

I've added a couple things to it that Rowan didn't mention, however. Not only can you draw fan art, but you can also write a fan fiction based on The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. In fact, you can do any kind of fan work. You can do a... fan video! Or... fan... comic? Fan song! ...I dunno. XD I really don't care what it is, as long as it includes The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze characters. ;) Haha, I had to add this because I understand that some of us (including me) are artistically challenged.

Thinking about this has made me recall previous fan works that I've received. Granted, there aren't many - until about a week ago I had no clue that I had ANY fan art - but there were some. Moonfire on Central wrote me an AWESOME fan story for my birthday in 2009. I'd kind of like to post it here... but first off, I don't have her permission, and second, I think this post is long enough as it is without a huge story here. :P

The other awesome fan work that I wanted to congratulate was Sarah SpiritHeart's picture of all the Seekers. OMG, I love you Sarah. That. Was. Amazing!!! Seriously... just ask Rowan. I was freaking out over how beautiful all of the Seekers were! They're EXACTLY how I imagined them to be! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


It was originally posted here on the main W101 website. Go to May 2010 at the bottom, and it's the 17th picture over on the top. XD

So... yeah. Thanks, Sarah. Like I said, you're fantastic. :) And, in case you're wondering, you can re-enter this picture if you really want to in the contest. XD

Here are the prizes again:

First place: Major Role in sequel (haha, sorry that you're going to have to wait forever for this to happen XD), meet Sierra and Rowan (and possibly other Seekers?) in-game, PvP

Second Place: Minor Role/Mention in sequel, meet Sierra and Rowan in-game, PvP

Third Place: Meet Sierra and Rowan in-game, PvP (and I might mention you too, because you're awesome enough to enter this contest :D)

ALL the entrants are going to be invited to a party at my Wizard101 house after the contest is over. It's going to be hard to me to choose just three... so I definitely felt like all entrants needed something special. If you're not chosen, it doesn't mean I don't love you - more than likely it means that I closed my eyes, picked an entry, and luck wasn't on your side. XD

Honestly though... I'm going to feel bad about picking winners. O_o

...I might change this around a little bit later. Just to let you know, nothing's set in stone yet.

This contest will end January 1st, 2012. ...I'm not sure if that's too soon, though. Is it? If it is, just let me know, and I'll extend it to February 1st. I just thought it was perfect, because January 4th is actually The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's third birthday! ...No, I'm not kidding! I've been writing for two years, haha. And, yes, I first wrote it on New Year's Eve... or something weird like that. And then I sent it to them a couple days later, after re-reading it a thousand times and wondering, "Is it too long? Will they like it? It's probably horrible... oh, no, this part sounds bad... Wait, what if they don't let me post multiple chapters? What if they think I'm really an orphan? I'm not really an orphan!" XD Ah, the things I used to worry about...
Now, here's the different ways you can submit your entry:
First of all, you can post some kind of link to it or something in the comments. (I don't know where you'd post it, but you figure that out... XD)
  • Easier than that (and much more preferable) is if you send it to me on Wizard101 Central somehow - though remember, NO outside links on that website, so you'd have to put the picture or whatever in your album, or copy and paste the story into a PM. For those who somehow still don't know, my Central username is Windlilly. You'd of coruse have to make an account for this... but having a Central account is TOTALLY worth it! I love Central! (Even if I only use it to talk about Zelda.)
  •  Another option is posting it on YouTube (or if you want, even sending me a link via YouTube). I check YouTube pretty much every day now. My YouTube username is TwilightWakerofTime.
  •  Speaking of TwilightWakerofTime, that's also my account, so... if you want to write a fanfic, you can post it on there and send it. ;)
  •  And, lastly, if none of the options are available for whatever reason, you can send me an e-mail at Unfortunately, this is just a new e-mail I made specifically for this blog and other people I want to contact, so I don't check it very often. Please only use this as a last resort.

As for Part 15... well... I've got an idea of when it will be out, but it's going to be a surprise. ;) I'm working on it, though. Promise!
Anyway, if I don't get here on Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL! Good luck in the contest!

(By the way... if there are any Zelda fans out there... please read my new Skyward Sword fanfic, Awakening! It's on my profile, where the link can be found on the right side of this screen.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey Guys! Guess what? Sierra is lazy. Therefore I did artwork. It's ROWAN TIME~! 8D

Ohohohohoh! Oh yus! I bet all of you guys forgot about me. But I'm still here! ...I just forgot my password. *Facepalms*

Anywho, Sierra is lazy (*Cough* Like always *Cough*) so let's do some fanart for her to (Maybe) get her back up and working on her story! Now who's with me? ^3^

....................................*Cricket Chirp*...................

... Nobody? Only me? Screw you guys, I guess I'm doing fanart on my own. :P

Sierra LOVES fanart, so if you're an artist, who likes the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze, Do some fanart! Seriously, She'll love you forever and ever and ever!

Also, In other news related to Fanart, Sierra is debating whether to have a Fanart contest or not! The reason why she's against doing it is that she thinks that not enough people would enter and the prizes would be scarce. But if we had a fanart contest, it'd look like something like this.

First Place: A major roll in the Tale Of Sierra Winterbreeze sequel, meet Rowan and Sierra in game, and do PvP with them!

Second Place: Mention/Minor Character in the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze sequel, PvP with Sierra and Rowan, And meet Sierra and Rowan in game.

Third place: PvP with Sierra and Rowan, and Meet Sierra and Rowan in game.

Sucky prizes, I know. But hey, what can I say? It's not about the rewards, It's the thought that counts!

....Yeah, It's about the rewards.

If you want this contest, post here and state so! Sierra doesn't know what I'm posting here so be sneaky about it! ~(owo)~

Anywho, have an awesomefulistical day!

Wait. One last thing! I made a new poll, make sure you vote! Or else I will murderize you with my butter knife and chainsaw at night. Eh? What's that? You're voting? Great! *Puts butter knife and chainsaw away*

Monday, September 5, 2011

I leveled!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? I'm level 57 now!

I've been busy on Wizard101 this weekend. In fact, I completed Wysteria. Woo. It was fun, but... kind of boring. And very easy. I understand that it's supposed to be for, what, level 20? But still, it was pretty sad. Most of the time I was just walking around and talking to people - there were only a few major battles.

I mean, seriously, this guard told me to talk to his friend that was, like, five feet away from him. Five. Why can't HE do it?!

*sigh* Everyone just likes picking on poor Sierra WinterBreeze... (A.K.A. Young Wizard)

Okay, so there's bad news to. I... have no pictures. I mean, I do. But they're on the other computer. The other computer... that my sister is currently using. She says it's for homework, but unless her homework is watching anime on YouTube, I doubt that.

So! Yeah. I just felt like I should post. XD Next week (or earlier if I get the chance) I'll steal that computer from my sister and post pictures.

...Well, except... that computer won't publish my blog posts. It's. So. Stupid!!! I push "Publish Post" and nothing HAPPENS! O_o But whatever. I'll figure something out.

Ooh! I can have ONE thing for you that's different than a wall of text. This time it's... a video!

My friend Laura Raven wanted to start a "clan." I think we make music videos and stuff. :D Anyway, we're the Firegirls Clan. We have a TON of members already - Rowan WillowLeaf and Sydney JadeHammer are part of it. I took a picture of all of us in our epic matching outfits, but, of course, it's on the other computer...

But if you want to join, we'd be very happy. As long as you fit the requirements. :D (Must be a girl, level 30+, have the outfit, and have a mount.)

...Looking back at that video, it's kind of embarassing...

...Well, we tried. XD

EDIT: Ooh, by the way, I added a new chapter to The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on Can you guys go review it again? I only got four this time around! XD I was amazed the first time by ten reviews, which was waaaay better than my 8 reviews per chapter "Shards of Time" for The Legend of Zelda, but this time I only got four, putting TToSW at 7 reviews per chapter. So... yeah.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I finally did the very thing I'd promised ever since January 2009 - ever since I began writing The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze...


I wrote "The End" in my notebook!

Part 15 is DONE!!!!

The only problem is now I have to type it... and then edit it... and that might take awhile, since the only time I have is weekends now for computer. (Except today... today's an exception. I finished it, and I was SO excited, I just HAD to let you know...)

Now... I have to go do homework. Sorry. BUT ISN'T THIS EPIC?!? (And hey, I also found out the Skyward Sword box art today, and even discovered I'm going to be paying 20 more bucks than I thought for the game! Yay!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fine, you win.

Okay, I posted The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on You convinced me. Out of the 29 people who voted on the poll, only three said that I shouldn't, and two of them didn't even bother explaining why. Also, six people said they'd read and review my story... so I'll be expecting six reviews on the first chapter! :P Seven, as a matter of fact, since I also put this profile on my account, and three people voted there said yes, one of them claiming they would read it.

You can still review even if you don't have an account, you know. Please do so...

...So CLICK HERE for the link. Yay! (And while you're there, read my Zelda story too, okay? Maybe? :P)

Part 15: Almost. Done. I swear. I wrote more on vacation (which I'm back from, by the way XD). I actually just got to the good part! I just have one somewhat random question. ...I hesitate to ask it, because... well... it COULD be a spoiler...

...Well, I'll just say it. Should someone die at the end of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze?

...Yeah, I know. Weird question. But, seriously! Think about it! That would add the perfect amount of drama and seriousness. I've actually been planning to kill someone off the whole series . At first it was Liam, but now I think how OBVIOUS and expected that would be, so I'm not sure. Then I considered a few other characters dying... but I'm not going to tell you who - I want it to be a surprise.

Anyway, just tell me your thoughts. And yay, I'm happy to be back from Canada! :D

RANDOM: Okay, I spent the last few minutes trying to get this post to publish on the other computer. Finally giving up, I went on this one, and it published on my first try. What the heck????

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have time!

So far, I've had LOTS of time to get on the computer. I don't know how long this will last, but I figured I'd take advantage of it while I could.

...Oh, wait. I have nothing to update. No Wizard101, remember?


Um, well... I added a poll. I want to know if you guys think I should put The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on My friend Wolf DeathBringer (he has an account: Ghost-Cow-Goes-Moo) was the first to suggest it, but I just brushed it off at first - at that time, I was still new to the website, and I thought that I had it already on both and Wizard101 Central, so that should be enough. THEN Destiny SeaGem on the Duo of Death and Wizards United (I don't know which one she posts on more often... I only knew she had Duo of Death) told me to do it, too, since she has a account (WritingBookworm). She has her wonderful fanfiction The Necromancer's Matter; I still need to finish reading it, but I know I really enjoyed what I did get to. Anyway... yeah. So now I'm considering it. What do you think?

Monday, July 11, 2011


No more Wizard101 for a whole month. Like the previous two years I've been on this blog, I'll be away from home for July. I'll be in Canada, visiting my relatives. We have internet connection there, but we're usually pretty busy, so I don't know how active I'll be.

For my W101 fanfiction, this might actually be good news. Leaving home for a while will get me away from those HORRIBLE distractions (*cough* Wii * cough*). If I recall correctly, I did a lot of writing up there last year. However, this time I have my wonderful 3DS, and Ocarina of Time on it... so who knows...?

On the other hand, I'm now writing another fanfic. You can find it on It's called Shards of Time, by me, TwilightWakerofTime. If anyone likes Legend of Zelda, please go and read it. Yes, it's random. It was supposed to be funny, but... heh heh... I kind of got a little... out of control with Zelda's personality. Anyway, the link is here. At least, according to my e-mail. I can't check... long story if you haven't heard it already. Also, there's one other story I posted yesterday (also Zelda related, but this time Wind Waker) that was also on my blog Medli's Messages. It's a romance called Duty before Love between Link and Medli, if you know who they are. There's two verison, since it was intended for a project called Across the Fandom. The versions are EXACTLY the same except one is on my profile, the other is on someone else's. I'd prefer you read the Across the Fandom one here, but if you want to review or something, read it on my profile here.

Now... I think that's all I wanted to say. No Wizard101, but possibly blogging. New fanfictions. Anything else...?

Nope, that's all. Thanks for reading, guys! See you August 3rd (if I can't get on the computer before returning home)!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wizard101 Creative Writing Section Returns!

Thanks to one of my readers, Sarah DaisyGarden, I've just been informed that the Fan Fiction section on has just returned. Find it here!

At long last, Part 13 of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze is uploaded. I don't know what they did to it, since there's a few odd things that were changed. It's nothing major, and I don't really care - they probably just look like simple typos or something. But they still exist...

For example:

But now, thanks to a ton of side-quests, I was finally ahead of Rowan, my level
39 sister!“YES!”

...That "yes" didn't used to be there. XD

And there's one more part where a paragraph was placed that didn't used to be there, and the period removed from the end of the sentence. But... whatever. Doesn't matter. I don't care. ;) I'm just so happy it's finally up!

You can find Part 13 here. I'll try to send in Part 14 sometime within a week, perhaps even later today.

Also, thanks for all your comments on the below preview. If you haven't responded yet, you can still do so. I'm still a bit undecided on what I'm going to do with that. It's gotten positive reviews so far... but we'll see...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Preview of Part 15

Just like the title says. This one contains even bigger spoilers than the last one. ...Okay, maybe not exactly spoilers, but hey... it's Sierra and Malistaire's big confrontation before their battle of epic proportions (which I have no idea how I'll write)!

However, unlike the last preview, this may not actually be in the final copy of Part 15! That's why it's here - I need your opinion, dear readers. Please tell me if you like where I'm going with this, or if it's awkward. It's setting up things for the sequel if I ever write one. If people don't like it or just don't care... I don't think I'll do it. It seems a bit odd to me... I'm not sure this fits with my current style of writing.

It's the darkfics, I swear. They're affecting me in different ways, even in my Wizard101 fanfiction.

Ooh! One last thing! While looking for errors (as I hope you do when you read this) please tell me if my references to the Wizard101 plot are correct. I didn't go into detail with the assurance that I'd probably mess it up entirely somehow with my limited memory of the game, but I did mention a few things. If someone wants to explain Malistaire's motives in a comment, I'd be very grateful.

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze - Part 15 Preview #2

One hallway later, and we entered a room even larger than the last. It was vaguely circular in shape, and the back of the room had no wall, allowing us to see out into the dark, clouded sky of Dragonspyre. Most of us froze in shock when we realized that part of that sky wasn’t actually sky – it was part of a massive dragon, whose single, closed eye that showed was bigger than the two of the largest Shadow Beasts I’d ever seen in my short encounters with them combined. And trust me; Shadow Beasts could be pretty big, at least equal to five times my own height. This dragon was just… incomprehensibly immense.

Our fear wasn’t helped by the fact that in the center of the room stood the very image that haunted every single one of our nightmares since learning of our destinies as Seekers of Light.

Malistaire, with eight ghostly Soul Servants, stared right at us. Mary and Liam also watched from besides their master.

All seven of us – me, Rowan, Sydney, Victoria, Mark, Hunter, and Vanessa – approached as slowly as possible. While our enemies looked confident and smug, we appeared apprehensive and, to be honest, rather pathetic. We were only a group of wizards-in-training, not even Grandmasters, let alone the Legendaries that should be fighting this fiend…

“We meet again, Seekers,” Malistaire boomed, his voice echoing across the great room. I thought I saw the sleeping dragon’s eye twitch. “So glad you could make it.”

I should have made one of my infamous sarcastic remarks, if only to encourage my friends. But my throat felt dry, and I could only croak, “Um, hello.”

He smirked. “All right. Where should I begin? Which one of you should I kill first?”

I swallowed. “Okay, uh… Malistaire… why don’t we just, like, you know… skip the fighting and do this peacefully? Like, just stop all this Krokonomicon and Dragon Titan craziness?”

Can’t blame me for trying.

His expression turned menacing – as though it wasn’t before. “Are you suggesting I surrender?”

“No! …Uh, actually, yeah. Pretty much. I would put it in those terms exactly, but…”

“You fools!” Everyone – including the Soul Servants – winced at Malistaire’s roar. “I am more powerful than you can imagine! Why give up now? After I bring Sylvia back, it will be easy to take over all the worlds in the Spiral. And the only thing in my way, the only thing fate could bother sending to stop me?” He looked at us and laughed. “Seven measly student wizards. How pathetic. The Spiral Guardians clearly underestimate me; they cannot comprehend how strong I have become.”

“In case you don’t remember,” I spoke up against all my better judgment, “we busted into your lair and broke out again. Twice. Well, the first time, we were kind of captured, but we escaped anyway. If you couldn’t kill us then, what makes you think you can do it now?”

His icy eyes locked on mine. I involuntarily shuddered and hoped no one noticed. “I have learned from my mistakes. You are Sierra WinterBreeze, correct?”

I didn’t reply out of fear my voice would shake.

Malistaire didn’t seem to need an answer. “Yes, I remember you. Very defiant, aren’t you? You have no respect for your betters.” He seemed thoughtful. “Though you’re rather resourceful too, if what you did to my Skeletal Pirate guard was any indication.”

Oh. Right. That time when I was trapped in that room and I used Death magic on the pirate…

“And don’t think I do not know about the spell you used.” I tensed. Oh, my gosh, he knew! He knew about the black lightning! How? I hadn’t told anyone about that. No one. Not even the Seekers. My friends gave me confused looks, but I provided no explanation. Malistaire smiled maliciously, knowing my shock.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I stammered. “That has nothing to do with any of this.”

“What a lie that is,” Malistaire chuckled. “Though everyone else in this room may be oblivious, you and I know the truth. You’re no stranger to dark magic.”

My heart was beginning to pound even harder than before. Surely Malistaire could hear it even from across the room. Everyone in the area was staring at me now. I didn’t know what else to do, so I laughed nervously. “Well, duh. I mean… you guys keep attacking us and everything, so I recognize the kind of magic you use by now.”

He gazed at me unblinkingly, studying my face. “Just keep telling yourself that, Sierra WinterBreeze. But know that even if you defeat me, there’s no escaping it.”

“Do I even want to know exactly what it is that I can’t escape?” I mumbled weakly.

He betrayed no emotion. “I don’t know. Do you?”

I hesitated for a moment, before finally saying, “Um, no.” I inhaled deeply, trying to calm myself. Finally, my new leader-skills kicked in. “You know what? I’ll probably ‘escape’ whatever it is anyway. Because… I’m a Seeker.” I grinned. “Seekers don’t give up.” I raised Megan’s wand. “Enough talking. Let’s do this.”


I'm very inconsistent when it comes to spelling Megan. Is it Meagan, or Megan? Someone want to tell me which way it is in the game? XD Perhaps even Megan/Meagan herself, if she's still on this blog. I think she corrected me in Part 13, but I don't know if I ever changed it to the right way of spelling.

Anyway, as you can see, I was thinking about Part 9 and the terrible mistake I made there, adding in that stupid black lightning for no apparent reason. I have a few ideas of where I can go with this in the sequel... but you need to tell me what you think first! At this point I'm half and half - I'd go either way, leaving it in or taking it out. I might leave it there out of laziness, or I might take it out because I'm concerned it's so stupid I'll regret writing it later. You tell me if you want it one way or the other.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Seekers (and some random guy) take on Malistaire!


Exciting, huh?

...Sorry for again crushing any hopes of Part 15 being out right away. STILL working on it. I'll try to finish some more tonight after writing this post - especially since later this week, my 3DS is coming and I'll probably be playing Ocarina of Time 3D non-stop (nonstop... is it one word, or does it have the dash? Ugh, spelling is so frustrating!).

But here's a nice long post for those of you who don't care about my fanfiction one bit and are just here for the epic Wizard101-ness (if there's any of you?). I have LOTS of pictures, so this should be satisfying.

First off, my traditional one-sentence topic starter:

Sydney JadeHammer, Hunter ThunderShield, Austin something-or-other, and I fought Malistaire today! :D

Of course, we had lots of randomness before it. I mean, this one aggravating bug happened to me where I couldn't move... and I ended up stuck NEXT TO MALISTAIRE. Seriously. Thanks a lot, Sydney. I'm blaming her entirely. At the same time, I leveled up! So did Sydney... and these other two guys...

SO! Pictures.

I got on Wizard101 at Sydney's prompting. She kept texting me irl, interrupting my peaceful Zelda fanfiction reading with an annoying vibration in my pocket every 5 seconds (exaggeration). And yes, Sydney knows my phone number. Considering she lives down the street from me, she has every right to. So I can't tell you freaky stalker readers my number. Or address. Or age. Or real name. Or... whatever other scary piece of information that has to do with real life too much. 'Kay?


So apparently, she wanted me to get on to fight Malistaire with her. Congrats to her, btw - she's level 51! And Hunter's level 50! Good for them. :) So she had the Malistaire quest now, and wanted help. However... we had to wait for Hunter. Sooooo... we went to her house first. With this other random dude named Jacob.

And something weird happened. We stood on this giant dirt pile, and I jumped just as Sydney picked it up. And........


Sadly, the moment I took another step forward, the glitch broke, and I was grounded yet again. D:

And then... well... I found another word that apparently doesn't work with Open Chat, but works just fine in Text. O_o Don't you remember? ...Circumstances and Document? Those two words, when I tried them last, did not work in Open Chat! All we'd see is "..." but the Text Chatters could read it fine. VERY STRANGE!

And now "trapped" doesn't work, either.

So I was trying to say, "No! Trapped again!" or whatever. But I still couldn't see the word.

We were trapped by candles, in case you can't see. This is Sydney's Massive Fantasy Palace (which I don't even remember her getting!) and there's a secret room in that wall there. We came through it, and then she blocked us out. XD

So then we went to Celestia to do some quests! ...Some of my quests, of course. Sydney wasn't there yet - she still had to beat Malistaire, remember? We needed to get into the Lunarium. So we fought a BUNCH of bosses... with these two other random guys that were apparently Sydney's friends. Idk.

But one of the funniest things happened! After beating all those bosses, we completed the quest... and ALL leveled up! Every one of us!

Unless I leveled from the last battle, which seems unlikely. But it's either that, or I leveled up before I got my experience. Weird...

No one else seemed to think it was that funny. :(

So then, when we FINALLY made it into the Lunarium, we had to battle yet ANOTHER boss.

Yeah, it was fun. (YAY, SARCASM!)

Then Hunter got on.


So, we went through the whole dungeon and everything. I wish Rowan could have been there (to make it fully Seekers), but no. Our other computer is kind of being stupid right now - and by stupid, I mean so frustratingly slow you nearly die from boredom waiting for it to load. We've ordered a new computer, but it's still on its way here. Until then... we really only have one computer for Wizard101. The other is just UNBAREABLE.

So instead of my sister, we got the help of "Austin JadePyre."

I guess I really shouldn't call him a stranger... technically, I know him in real life. Or I've MET him. He's Hunter's friend. I... don't really... know him well, though.... I didn't even know he played Wizard101. O_o

Anyway. We got to that one part of the dungeon with those two groups of Draconians that you have to defeat to proceed through the closed door, right? RIGHT before Malistaire's room? I went afk during that battle - mostly to check my e-mail - and... when I got back the battle was over, and my friends had ditched me.

That wasn't the problem - I wouldn't have expected them to wait for a person that's not there. The problem was that... I couldn't move. O_o

I teleported to them just as they were finishing up the battle directly before Malistaire, with those Soul Servants or whatever.

And I still couldn't move after.

So Sydney walked over to see the cutscene, and I teleported to her...

...ending up stuck next to Malistaire. Yay.

That made it quite difficult to enjoy the cutscene. O_o

And of course, I was one of the first to be pulled into the battle that started immediately after they finished talking! How unfair!

...okay, I ended up second... but still...

I know this is VERY disappointing to you all (sarcasm really is wonderful) but I have no pictures of the actual fight. Just the final blow (which I happily delivered... why the heck is it that every time I fight Malistaire, I'm always the one to finish him off?).

Yeah huh. So that's all I've got.

Yay for long post that has nothing to do with fanfiction! ...Unless you count the Seeker part of it, but I needed a captivating title.

Lastly: I'M LEVEL 56 NOW! WOOT!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No, this isn't Part 15.

Sorry! I really wish it was... but it's not. -.-

I have an extremely random idea for a fan fiction that I wanted to share. Don't ask me how I thought of it, because I honestly have NO clue... we were walking through Wal-Mart, and thinking about TToSW... I mentioned something about how orphanages needed some kind of entertainment in them to my sister, and joked about it being a game system of some kind. And... yeah. XD

So I suddenly thought... I should write a crossover!

In other words, I should write a story that contains characters from two different fandoms. In this case, it would be Wizard101 and Super Smash Bros. At first I thought Legend of Zelda, because I know WAY more about it, but then my sister came up with this hilarious joke about Pikachu being a Storm wizard, and that spurred tons of new ideas for an SSB/W101 fic.

My question to you is... have you ever played Super Smash Bros.? Or, if not, at least most of the Nintendo games that the characters in it come from? Ultimately, of course, this all leads up to the question...

Would you read a crossover fanfic of Super Smash Bros. and Wizard101?

I'd probably post it on, and maybe here, too. I just know I'd have SO much fun writing it - even if you say you won't read it, I might write it anyway for my own enjoyment.

Plus, one more question about this. Should I use characters from The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze, or brand new wizards? My sister really wants me to use Sierra WinterBreeze characters... but then it would get confusing, considering NONE of this will actually happen in The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze series. XD I'd rather make new ones, but it's also kind of nice to have characters that already possess a well-developed background, with personalities and everything.

Basically, the very, very, VERY rough outline for the plot is that the bad guys of Super Smash Bros. (Ganondorf, Bowser, and, um... maybe King Dedede or Wario or something...) team up with Malistaire, so the heroes of SSB have to team up with wizards to defeat them. Sound good?

...Okay, this is becoming a long post. Just post your answers to my questions in comments. This is kind of an odd idea, I know, so I don't know if this will actually happen. I just want to see your reaction to it. :)

And don't worry! This won't take away from The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze. In fact, Part 15 is ALMOST done! ...I know I've said that before, but I MEAN it this time!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Posting just to post.

Because I'm bored.

Because I feel bad about abandoning this blog for so long.

Because I don't think my blog is being fair to the people following it.

Because I wonder if people actually care about what I'm writing.

So! ...Uh... I don't know what to post. I really don't. So... how are you, reader? Are you doing all right?

What's that? You came to this blog to hear about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Oh, you wanted to hear about Wizard101? Well, I'm sorry. But I haven't been writing Wizard101 fan fiction, nor have I played the game recently. I've been on Central PLENTY of times... does that count?

Oh my gods I'm so bored and anxious to hear E3 news...


You know what? I'm going back to writing TToSW. XD

You are free to label this post as "whatever" because that's definitely what I think of it...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Part 15 Preview


Heh heh... yeah... hi...

...I know. Obviously, I broke a lot of promises.

But I have a preview!!! That's good, right?

Sorry, no Wizard101 updates... only been on once, and that was to admire my friend's new Sultan Palace thingy. I hate that place and love it at the same time. I love it because... it's amazing. I hate it because I know I'll never get it. :P

Btw, 61 Followers is AMAZING. :D

Here's the preview! I had to kind of take a few parts out, of course, to prevent spoilers. I decided on showing this one because... it's my first epic fight scene. Please tell me how I did, and what I need to work on - more detail, less detail... um... less fail... Idk...

This is the battle between Gurtok FireBender - that boss in the Great Spyre before Malistaire - and Sierra and Hunter. It's, um, not exactly that much of a fight to the death battle. Gurtok FireBender and Sierra are on somewhat friendly-ish terms. Hard to explain without giving you spoilers. ...You know, I might have already revealed it here somewhere, though, I don't know. Whatever. XD Feel free to guess on why their relationship might be a little nicer than most wizard-to-monster ones.

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze - Part 15 Preview

With a flash, Gurtok FireBender summoned a Sun Bird. I was so surprised, I didn’t even have time to move. The fiery, winged beast swooped at me, its beak and flaming feathers brushing my robes and blinding me. I shrieked, ducking out of the way, carefully creating a bit of ice to quench the fires burning through my robe. Groaning a bit, I fumbled with the cards of my deck, dropping a few when I tried to obtain a useable spell. That Sun Bird’s blow had a hurt a lot more than it usually did, when the battle was contained in a dueling circle. And my clothes had never caught on fire before. Nor did the pain last any longer than a few seconds, leaving me to feel only tired afterward.

“Sierra?” I turned to Hunter, who was looking at my pleadingly. “Can I summon my minion? Sydney never lets me.”

“Yes!” I said through gritted teeth. “We need all the help we can get.”

“Yay!” Instantly a Cyclops Watcher appeared, using the two pips Hunter had saved up. The first thing it did was cast a MythBlade – on me.

It took all my willpower to prevent myself from directing my next spell at it and screaming, “I. Don’t. Know. Any. Myth spells!”

I powered myself up with an IceBlade, again wishing that I’d already learned Colossus. Since I was still waiting for pips, I added an Ice Trap to the mix as well.

And of course, he just had to put up an Ice Shield.

I closed my eyes. This frustration was becoming too much. Opening them again, I used a Feint I knew from my Death spells. It would have to work until I could find a Steal Ward, which could take that Snow Shield away from Gurtok FireBender.

Then Hunter, standing next to me, said, “Um, Sierra?”

“Yes?” I snapped, looking at him. I was stunned to see the Cyclops next to him running toward Bender, club raised as he drew the triangular Myth symbol. “Wait!” I shouted. I could only watch as the Feint disappeared to power up the Cyclops’ most useless spell – Blood Bat.

I spun around, facing Hunter again, this time absolutely furious. “HUNTER!” I yelled. “You wasted my Feint on a Blood Bat? On a level ONE spell?”

“I-I’m sorry,” he stammered. “You cast it just as my Cyclops was attacking, and–”

“I cannot believe this!” I fumed. Okay, it was all my pent up frustration that I was venting out on poor Hunter. The Feint wasn’t a big deal – there was still another one in my deck somewhere and I didn’t really need it if I got Steal Ward – but I couldn’t stand it any longer. I continued screaming, until I heard a small chuckle.

I directed my glare at Gurtok FireBender. “What?”

“I find your arguing amusing. You’re supposed to be partners, teammates – but you aren’t getting anything done. Besides the Blood Bat, you haven’t damaged me at all.”

“Well, if he stopped getting in the way–”

Bender sighed. “Fine. Don’t listen to me. Won’t be my problem in the Malistaire battle, if you even make it that far.” He pointed above his head. “Fortunately, while you were bickering, it gave me time to cast this FireBlade.”

With that statement, the battle continued, with Hunter’s minion casting a Ghoul to do a small amount of damage. I was still angry, but trying to cool down.

There! I triumphantly snatched up my Steal Ward, raising it above my head. I used it, praying it wouldn’t fizzle. Fortunately, it didn’t.

The Snow Shield dissipated in front of Gurtok FireBender, floating over to protect me instead. He frowned slightly, so I smirked, quickly casting Ice Wyvern. Just as I did so, he summoned a Firezilla.

The two creatures glared at one another, neither wanting to move and leave their master at the mercy of their opponent. Finally, the Firezilla roared and lunged at my Wyvern.

The blow to it felt like a blow to me. I felt the wind knocked out of my lungs as I staggered backwards, staring at the Gurtok in surprise. He smirked, raising his sword again.

The Firezilla attacked my Wyvern again, but this time I was ready. Using all the willpower I possessed, I mentally told my Wyvern to dodge. Amazingly, it worked.

From then on, it was a strange, deadly dance between the Ice Wyvern and the Firezilla. Being opposite schools, the battle was fierce; being both for four pips, they were more or less equally matched. This battle was taxing – not only was I harmed by attacks aimed at my Wyvern, but my mana reserves were beginning to dwindle. My energy was quickly draining, and a glance at Gurtok FireBender told me it was the same for him. One of us was going to tire soon, and for some reason, I had a feeling it would be me. I was level 40, and he was… what… Rank 9? He was meant to combat Grandmasters, or at least wizards who, oh, I don’t know… knew Colossus?

Fortunately, we’d both forgotten about one other participant in our battle.

The ground began to shake. At first, neither of us noticed, as occupied as we were with our battle. But when I took a step forward and tripped over a small fissure that opened in the ground, falling painfully onto my knees, it was hard to ignore. Bender stumbled a little too. We exchanged a brief look of confusion with one another before turning to the side to see Hunter proudly standing with a Treasure Card held out.

The cracked ground rumbled again, and then a particularly large crack shot across the ground near Hunter, heading toward Gurtok FireBender like a flash of lightning. With a jolt of horror, I realized this could be his end. I looked at his expression, and it stunned me to find him looking calm and serene.

Then the ground opened beneath him, and he dropped into darkness.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must... hurry... to reach... deadline...!

I shouldn't be posting here, considering I promised TToSW would be finished by tomorrow. Which it's not. I finally got everything before Malistaire out of the way, but now I actually need to write the action scene, which I'm DREADING. O_o

So... I guess I'll just have to start working on that.

I don't even know why I posted here.

Um, sorry? XD

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick Part 15 update

Ah! I have to do this QUICK! My computer is deciding to "automatically update" in less than six minutes! Okay, okay, so... I have good news for the people who read my fan fiction. I'm not quitting, first of all, if you didn't get that yet. XD But besides that... I'm almost done with my most recent chapter! And Part 15 is the LAST part in The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze! Isn't this EXCITING? Plus, I also have a sequel already planned out. It's a little vague right now, but that's just the way I like it. Mary RavenGem and Wolf DeathBringer helped me write this. They had some AMAZING ideas. Therefore, I PROMISE that by the end of this week, I'll have Part 15 completely written up in my notebook. And by May, I'll have it posted online, or at least a preview of it. Good? :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Isn't that really all I need to say? ;)

To make things clear: I'M NOT QUITTING!

Honestly, it was a bad joke, my fail attempt at my first ever April Fool. Lol, I actually stole the idea from someone on fan XD You can give allll credit to "Author of Doom: Rin" in their story "Legend of Zelda: Child of the Sun". Which, btw, was updated yesterday with an awesome new chapter (Farore got so pwned, I was lol'ing). His April Fool's joke was funnier, though... because he wrote a "summary" of what he supposedly had planned for the rest of the story. The story didn't turn out ANYTHING like the summary... but it was funny...

I DID consider writing a joke fic about Sierra, but... I'm just not very creative. XD

Anyway. I'm going to try and get a preview of Part 15 ASAP to apologize for my epic fail. XD Hope you had a good holiday and enjoy your weekend. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Important Announcement on APRIL FIRST... *April Fools' Day Joke*

I'm sorry, everyone... I know this post will be very disappointing for many of you, but...

I just can't do it anymore.

I have too many other things to be working on - I'm failing some of my classes in real life, and at the same time, trying to write a story that I want to get published. I don't have time for the computer anymore. So let me make this clear, that today, April 1st, 2011:

I'm giving up.

No more The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze or blogging.

Again, I apologize. But on THIS day, APRIL FIRST, 2011... I am quitting. Remember: APRIL. FIRST. In some places, it's also known as April Fool's Day...

...Of course, that wouldn't be important, would it?

So. No more writing. I know I've come so far, but I just can't do it anymore. Who knows? Maybe sometime in the future I'll come back to this.

I can't say if I'll go on Wizard101 anymore. I just know that I won't be writing anymore. And I can't bare to look at this blog... it will bring up too many sorrowful memories...


Oh, and I DID mention it's April Fool's Day, right? Good.

Remember, check back tomorrow for an important post - most likely my last one.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

OOOH! Creative Writing Section update!!!!

...I really don't usually make two posts a day, but I had to. HAD. TO. Because this was too exciting to add to another post.

Wow. I get easily excited, don't I?

Anyway, the Creative Writing section... is alive! ...No, they haven't posted new stories. No, they haven't really changed anything... except now they have a message for us! (Find it here)

"We are working on a whole new way to display our very popular Fan Fiction,
however until we make the transition, our Fan Fiction section only serves as an

YAY! At least they've finally changed something!

However... this now sounds eerily similar to the LAST time they decided the give the Creative Writing section a "new look". They added that submission form thing - the one that Part 11 was too large for, and that Part 12 would probably have to be split into fifths for. XD Well, we'll just have to wait and see what they do with it. I just hope Parts 13 and 14 can finally be added!

Remember to read the post beneath this too! :)

Happy Late Birthday, Row Row~!

Hahaha. That squiggle next to Row Row was a typo, but then I decided I liked it. :D Squiggles are epic~!

So. On the twenty-first of March, Rowan WillowLeaf, my sister and the seemingly inactive alternate contributor to this blog, turned (insert age here) years old! Congratulations! XD

Meh. No new news. (heheh... new news...) I haven't been on W101 lately - I intend to by the end of the evening, though. I'm starting to miss it. :P

Oh, and I guess I'm going to go ahead and reveal something about my story. Well... not about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze directly. Sorry, I don't even have enough typed for a preview yet, and... I'm holding a dog in my lap right now so it's hard to type... (don't ask)

But I'm writing a series called Seeker Secrets. It started as for fun - a story in Sydney's point of view about her life before she met Sierra. And now... I decided to do one for every Seeker. I did Victoria and Mark's stories, too. I'm working on Hunter's... but his is hard 'cuz he's such a minor character...

Anyway. Does this sound interesting to you guys? Would you read it? I might post Sydney's here or on Central if people like the idea...!

So, yeah. That's all I got for now.

See ya later people! Happy Thursday! (srsly, why did I post on a Thursday? It's so random, compared to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... XD)

Friday, March 18, 2011


That sniff means two things.

One, I'm sick. O_o REALLY sick. Ugh. In fact, I'm all lonely right now at home trying to complete some homework while my sister is at Sydney's house playing video games! Dang it! That homework is another reason to be sad - I have a D in language arts. LANGUAGE. ARTS! As in... ENGLISH! I've wrote a 250 page story! Why do I always do so poorly in my language arts classes? XD The first B I ever got was also in a reading class... sixth grade, I remember that...

Two, I FEEL SO UNLOVED! No one is commenting! -.- I guess it's PARTIALLY my fault, considering I haven't posted often, but still. That just means it gave you more time, more of a chance to comment on the last post. But I got only ONE response.

Well, whatever. Um... I gtg back to my homework. We're supposed to write these journal things; they will ultimately form an autobiography. But I haven't been keeping track of them. Now I have about thirty of them to write, and the WHOLE autobiography is due Monday. The one I'm stuck on now is about learning a new skill. You're supposed to describe, um... learning a new skill. XD The examples were riding a bike, skateboarding, skiing, etc. The problem is that I learned all those things FOREVER ago (except skiing - I've never skied. I've ice skated, I've slid down a snowy hill on a board, but never skied. Weird, huh?) and don't remember them.

Oooh... I'm so stressed...

No time for writing fan fiction. Sorry. :(

Trust me, I'd rather be writing fiction instead of this stupid stuff about ourselves. I won't CARE in the future what kinds of music I liked or my amazing accomplishments. O_o I mean... if it really mattered to you, wouldn't you REMEMBER that stuff?

Just saying!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Invisible Ninjas!


New Skyward Sword trailer!

...Yeah, not what you were probably hoping for... but whatever... I just CAN'T wait for the next Zelda game... :P

Anyway. I don't really have time to write a full post - mostly since I have homework, lolz, and haven't been on Wizard101 lately anyway - but I'll give you a YouTube video! XD

I'm in it! If you don't feel like watching the rest of it, skip to around 4:05. Rowan comes in there. Rowan has more parts than me so far, lolz. My only line is "AH!" xD And I said it late, anyway.

Oh... yeah. So Avalanche on Central approached me and asked if I wanted to be in this, and I said yes. :D

You know, that's part 3... you might want to watch the other two parts before that... O_o

Part 1

Part 2

Yeah. :D

But I'm not in those ones, lol. Still. Give him some views, why don't you? ;)

Anyway... Part 15... ugh... SO HARD...

And trust me - I'm reminded every day now. Hunter ThunderShield finally read my story (in fact, he did a book report on it - I felt so honored! :D) and now he bugs me EVERY day for a new chapter! Well, whatever... I write, like, two paragraphs a day... slowly but surely, it's coming along!

Now, for that homework. 'Night, wizards!

Monday, February 21, 2011



Go on Wizard101 right now, then, type in %?%, exactly like that, with no spaces or other words after it. And see what happens. XD

I just found that out about ten minutes ago. We were in my house... Destiny SeaGem (Duo of Death and writingnecromancer on Central), Sierra ThunderShade (123DivineDiviner456 on Central), Victoria MythCaller (...she has a Central account, but Idk what it is), and Taryn WildHeart (Balance past Seeker :D). Yep. Victoria taught it to us. :D

Also, you can say squijax through the filter. Anyone know what that means?

But... yeah. I fully intended to do quests tonight, but I never did. :( I'm pretty close to level 56, too! Besides... Wolf lied to me. He teleported to me randomly and demanded I duel him, because apparently I said when he was a lower level that I'd duel him once he got to Grandmaster. Now he's Legendary.

Just for the record, I don't recall this conversation. The way I remember it... HE refused to duel until he was Grandmaster, not me.

Anyway, he said I promised. Of course, he's Legendary, with Skeletal Dragon and everything, and I'm on level 55 in the weakest school. He's got full crafted clothing on, too! And block chances and critcals and boosts in his school... and so on. And NOW he wants to duel me, because he wouldn't when he was lower leveled...

Doesn't that sound like he's taking advantage of me?

Well, whatever. He promised that he'd help me with quests as soon as we were done with our duel. So I accepted. He pwned me, as we expected, and later claimed that I "fail" more than him. And then he started showing off to everyone that ported to him his amazing items and Massive Fantasy Palace and wouldn't help me with quests.

Gosh. WHY do I remain friends with him? This isn't the ONLY time he's done stuff like this... he lied to me about that SSB fan fiction too...


After that, Matthew WinterBreeze (yes his last name is the same as mine) said that we could start filming! Yep! He made videos on YouTube about ninjas on Wizard101. :D I'm going to be in it now as his sister (since we have the same last name) and Rowan was too. Therefore, I had to get an epic ninja costume!

Whenever the video gets on YouTube, I'll DEFINITELY show it to you guys. It should be awesome, considering how many times we had to redo it. You can blame Rowan. Matthew was supposed to teleport to her after she said "Help! My friend is in trouble!" (the friend being me about to be pushed off a cliff by the villain, Victoria) but... first Rowan had ports off, then HE had house ports off, then Rowan said in the middle of his filming "You made Sierra die!" XD We were joking about how since he didn't come, I got pushed off the cliff and died. :P

Then, later, we teleported to my epiclatastical Ice house where we found out the %?% thing! ...Btw, if you can't actually go on Wizard101 to do that, it shows up as "Help", lolz. It's REALLY weird - you have to try it if you can.

Then something REALLY weird happened to Taryn...

...Idk. But she was frozen like that, even walking around like it. XD

Okay... the reason I got off was... well, originally, my computer freaked out when I tried to run Central and Wizard101 at the same time and got all weird, forcing me to exit out of W101 without logging off... (I wonder how that will affect things?) But now I have a science lab conclusion thingy I gotta write. Technically I had some language arts stuff too... but... whatever. XD

So goodnight! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This blog looks different, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're not insane. Probably.


..."Makeover!" would have been the post title if I hadn't already used it on my Zelda blog. :(

Lol, anyway... yeah! New background, new color scheme, new header - everything (mostly)! This header officially marks the third header Sierra's Story has ever had. I kept that old one for a LOOONG time. And then before that was the pictures of all the Seekers that kinda failed, since I'd made it in MS Paint...

Sooo... new poll! It's sort of a tradition for me in my blogs to put up a poll every time I change my blog around a bit. So tell me how ya like it! After that, I think I should start putting up quiz-style polls again - such as, what's the best school of magic? Who's your favorite character in The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Yep. It was always interesting to see the answers.

Ooh... btw, I'm level 55! And I got an epic staff from some random quest! It's amazingly better than that Homonculus sword I took FOREVER farming for. It's pretty sad that I've found something better. I'm going to keep it around, since it was so hard to get.

Anyway, because you all care so much (I say that a lot, don't I? Sarcasm FTW!) here's a picture of my level 55 stats.

(Hmm... I guess my Reinforced Helmet and Master's Boots of the Dryad got in the way of my gold and training points, lol.)

Theeeen... since Mary and Wolf had helped me with quests... we randomly went to this Kraken head that you can walk through. Weird. (actually, I think this was BEFORE I was level 55, but whatever.)


Oh! If anyone wants to know about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Still dislike Part 15, but it's coming along slowly! Finally, I got to say the epic line I've been waiting to write since Part 11... but, ugh, now I don't know how to lead away from that point. It's not like my edited version where I can put that epic line and then leave it as a cliff-hanger - the characters have to react! Dangit! XD At least I got past epic fight scene #1. Now I just have one more to write - unfortunately, that's with Malistaire. I'm a little scared...

So... uh... yeah! That's pretty much all I have to say at the moment. I'm going on game right now. Oh, and now I have 52 followers - so again, thanks for following, people! :)

EXTREMELY RANDOM QUESTION: How do you spell make over? Is it two words, like in the previous sentence? Or does it have a dash in between in, like "make-over?" Or is it one word: "makeover?" I spelled it two different ways in this post, and I'm too lazy to look it up myself... so...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Over 50 followers! Yayes!

I have 51 followers! Thank you, people. This is awesome. I'm glad you find me somewhat entertaining, even if I don't post often. :)

...Yeah. That's pretty much all I have to say. I'm tired, so... I'm going to just leave this post at that. Sorry. I know that after almost a month with no word from me, you'd expect at least a LITTLE more than this, right? But it's all I've got!

Goodnight. Hope you had a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FIRST post of 2011.

I had a LAST post of 2010, so now let's go for a FIRST post of 2011! :D This one... I'll just post a bunch of screenshots. Some are REALLY old. Others are REALLY new! Just on the 13th I took a ton. So, let's see what randomness I can dig up here.

FYI: I've been working on this post for, what... Um, it has been over a week, that's all I know. So please enjoy it. :)

Also, you'll have to click on the pictures to view them clearly. I know, it's annoying. Idk why they're so small to begin with.

Let's start with a strange conversation I've had. I edited it on MS paint, because I took two screenshots of it. So that's why it's a little... odd-looking. :P You might have to click on it to enlarge it.

Allow me to explain:

I have Open Chat, right? I was at my friend's Massive Fantasy Palace (which I REALLY wish I had) and we were going to duel, so I needed a partner. I invited Rowan, and she said she'd come... until I told her Wolf DeathBringer was our opponent. She really hates him. I won't say why... it's a long story. Anyway, so I was trying to tell them, "I told Rowan the circumstances of the duel and she won't come anymore." However... circumstances, although it shows up as white, somehow ended up as "...". And it also does it to "document," as Alia LotusPetal and I discovered a while ago. However... if you have TEXT chat and type these words... they actually show up! Wolf demonstrates this, as you can see. How weird is that?

And this conversation was pretty funny, considering how I made myself sound like an idiot...

And now, possibly the bestest and most HILARIOUS picture EVER:

Taken by my epic sister, Rowan WillowLeaf. She was helping Sydney JadeHammer and Hunter ThunderShield in Marleybone a little bit... and she caught this at JUST the right time. Sydney's saying "No," just as the Cyclops looks about to chop the Dryad in half! XD I just love it...

Dryad just seems to do that. It stays up after you cast it. When Hunter's Cyclops minion went in for an attack... yeah... :P


17,000 with Colossus. That's pretty epic. For me. ;)


Haha... oh, right. My computer's REALLY slow. So the characters took forever to load in the Selena Gomez quest while it was out. This was the result - the golems marrying ghost Selena! :P

These two pictures were actually JUST a few days ago! :D We had a "Krok raid." And when I say we're "in a rock" it's because we fell down this place in Stormriven in Celestia and ended up inside of a rock. So yeah. :P

Lol, this was interesting. My friend Wolf made a new character and ALSO named it Wolf. And then his friend AUSTIN did the same thing. When TWO Wolf DeathBringer's showed up in front of me, but neither was my friend in-game, it REALLY confused me. I couldn't figure out who was who. :P So... yep. That's that.

INVISIBILITY! YAAAAY! :D This is my friend Mary RavenGem and me in my - oh, yes - NEW ICE SCHOOL HOUSE!!! O: Yep. I guess I forgot to mention that, lol. I got enough gold to buy it (nope, still no Crowns) so I did. I was REALLY torn between Ice and Storm houses... I just LOVE the Storm one... but I figured I should be loyal to my school. ;) So Wolf and Mary came over to celebrate the new purchase, and we went invisible by standing in a pile of jellybeans and teleporting to each other! ...Yes. I'm aware of how weird that sounds.

OOH! This has to do with The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze! Wolf and Mary came up with amazing ideas for a sequel and wanted to tell me them in their secret library. XD And then Rowan came, and half the time, we weren't talking about the story - we were just going crazy with randomness. It was a very fun night, though. :) And I'm SERIOUSLY considering their ideas...

...This was a day of epic randomness and hyperness. From me. Surprisingly, not Rowan... me. I was crazy. O_o

It all started when she turned into a Treant... and Rowan became named "Cocoa!" I started screaming, "COCOA! I LOVE YOU, COCOA! YOU'RE SO AWESOME! HERE! I'll GIVE YOU TRAPS AND BLADES! I WILL PWN THE BOSS FOR YOU, COCOA!"

I have SO many screenshots... so I remember well... but I decided you really wouldn't care for me to put them all up. :P So I just selected one.

This was a while ago. Me with Sarah SpiritHeart! :D She's that super epic author at this blog. Maybe you could check it out? :P Anyway, she didn't have text chat then, but we were dancing in my house surrounded by my pets, lol. She has text chat NOW, fortunately. ;)

Oh, this was something odd I found at the top of Big Ben tower. There's this random little invisible platform raised above the rest of the room that you can walk on - or let your pets walk on.

This was when I helped Wolf with Big Ben. Like he said, we broke it. XD The guy was defeated, but there was still an extra turn! Then my Colossus attacked nothing but air, and suddenly the battle was over. :P

...Idk what this is. My computer was taking forever to load, as usual... and this showed up in the middle of Wizard City.

Looks like someone used a tape measure to find the height to the sky. XD

...Idk HOW this happened. Destiny SeaGem (Duo of Death) just told me to port... so I did. Later, a TON of people started showing up because my friend invited them when I invited him. XD I have a video of it somewhere... but I don't feel like waiting for the upload...

THIS was fun. :P People shouldn't trust me when I offer to go "flying" in my house. See, I used that little platform glitch thingy to get people out of there, then ported to Donna (or something - can't quite remember) and took the platform away! So they were all stuck in the air. I'm so mean. ;)

AHA! The final pictures! This was an AWESOME day. :) Destiny SeaGem and Alia LotusPetal (Wizard101 Addict) were both there, along with others, lol. Idk THEIR blogs, though, if they have them (I think they do). It's a glitch - drag Wizard101 around the screen while walking forward and to other people, it will look like you're flying. It's hard to explain.

I made a video of this day, too, but I'm working on editing it. Maybe sometime I'll finally post it up.

...So that's the end of it.

I've been working on this post for over a WEEK, you know. >.< Oh, well, it was fun to type up! And it holds good memories for me, personally, even if you guys don't really care. ...That sounded mean. I mean, I CARE about you people - the readers - but, uh... ya know... XD

I'm going to try and give this blog a makeover soon. I've decided that I LOVE my new Medli's Messages layout (my other blog, in case you didn't know) so I'm going to try it on here. But I refuse to change the layout until I have a new header prepared. I haven't changed this header in a while - I'm excited to see what I can come up with this time! I doubt I'll upload a custom background like my other blog, since it was SUCH a pain - I had to do MATH on my WEEKEND to make it fit! So, yeah. But I will eventually use the new designer thingy. It increases the space that you have to write stuff on. That's why I like it, most of all. So, don't come to this blog and suddenly start screaming "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?" and close out or something if it looks COMPLETELY remodeled. ;)

Part 15? I'm TOTALLY stuck. I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. Grrrrr! I wish I had someone irl to read this TERRIBLE nonsense I'm writing out. I'm just trying to get past what I feel is necessary before the Malistaire battle. And then... the Malistaire battle itself I am dreading. Ugh. Epic fight scenes are not my forte. I was reeeeallly tempted to write "Insert Epic Fight Scene Here" at some points. But I can't. This IS the last part, after all. It has to be AMAZING.

And... I think that's it! Thanks for reading, oh-so-wonderful Followers (and non-Followers: it would be great if you could get an account or, if you have one, click that niiiiiice little "follow" button up there in the corner. That would be awesome).

Good night!

~Sierra WinterBreeze, level 54 Thaumaturge (yay! 54!)