Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must... hurry... to reach... deadline...!

I shouldn't be posting here, considering I promised TToSW would be finished by tomorrow. Which it's not. I finally got everything before Malistaire out of the way, but now I actually need to write the action scene, which I'm DREADING. O_o

So... I guess I'll just have to start working on that.

I don't even know why I posted here.

Um, sorry? XD


  1. Hello!love the story!when playing w101 i press prtsc and nothing happens no pic.

  2. could you check out winterfinders blog.the 1 with no pics.
    Brandon Winterfinder level 31 magus conjuer

    conjuer out!!!!(sorry alexandra)

  3. If you rush to meet the deadline, the story won't be as good. Take your time and write the story to its fullest :)

  4. Somehow, this reminds me of how I keep pestering my sister to get on with writing more of her own Wizard101 story.

    But don't worry (even though this is being posted half a month after the blog entry was created). I'm pretty sure that people would just be happy to see an update from you. :D