Saturday, April 2, 2011


Isn't that really all I need to say? ;)

To make things clear: I'M NOT QUITTING!

Honestly, it was a bad joke, my fail attempt at my first ever April Fool. Lol, I actually stole the idea from someone on fan XD You can give allll credit to "Author of Doom: Rin" in their story "Legend of Zelda: Child of the Sun". Which, btw, was updated yesterday with an awesome new chapter (Farore got so pwned, I was lol'ing). His April Fool's joke was funnier, though... because he wrote a "summary" of what he supposedly had planned for the rest of the story. The story didn't turn out ANYTHING like the summary... but it was funny...

I DID consider writing a joke fic about Sierra, but... I'm just not very creative. XD

Anyway. I'm going to try and get a preview of Part 15 ASAP to apologize for my epic fail. XD Hope you had a good holiday and enjoy your weekend. :)


  1. You made it kind of obvious that you weren't serious, was that on purpose? Either way it was hilarious reading it XD

    -Amber Stormsong, maybe future fanfiction writer (havent decided to post it yet)

    Ps. AHHHHHHH first post by me, dont have any profiles i can use to post though... Oh well!

  2. Thank youuuuuu that it was only a joke! Glad to see you're not quitting. :)

  3. yeah... i knew you weren't gonna quit, you worked to hard on it. check out my story here,