Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The down-side of blogging.

When you have nothing to say... what do you blog about? I've been visiting this blog a lot, but I don't have any ideas for posts. I really don't play Wizard101 anymore - but there's NO way I'm saying I'm quitting, because I'm not. And I'm not QUITTING blogging, either. Just taking a break. I hope that's okay.

As soon as I start playing Wizard101 more often (which probably won't happen until I complete all Zelda games or finally get bored of them xD), I'll make another post. And then hopefully I can make this blog active again.

Part 12 STILL isn't up, and it's been six weeks. I just sent them ANOTHER e-mail reminding them to put it up. And I have writer's block on part 14, and part 13 turned out to be terrible, so I'll need to rewrite it.

My other blog is still VERY active... and if you like video games at all, or hearing crazy stories that I write about, please look at it. I try to make the posts as sensible as possible to non-Zelda fans, and I'd REALLY appreciate it if I got some comments.

Thank you for understanding, guys. And thanks for following/commenting, too! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Tale of a Pyromancer AWESOMENESS!!!

First of all: why don't I post often? Because I have NOTHING to talk about! Part 12 STILL isn't up (is it?) and I don't play W101 all the time anymore.

Now that that's out of the way...

I have something amazing to share with you! Actually, a better word is "hilarious". I have a super-exclusive part of my best friend's story (A.K.A. The Tale of a Pyromancer by Sydney JadeHammer)! I posted about it a while back. Anyway, I just LOVE this part. This is all her writing - I'm just typing it. ;)

Right now Sydney and her friend Taryn WildHeart are captured in Malistaire's lair with Sierra WinterBreeze (yours truly) and Rowan WillowLeaf. And NO ONE offends Rowan while Sierra's around. :P

"I'm Sydney JadeHammer," I said.

"And I'm Sierra WinterBreeze," said the older girl.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" screamed the younger girl who was jumping up and down. "I'm Rowan WillowLeaf! Hi! Hi! H-"

She didn't get to finish.

"SILENCE!" shouted Malistaire in his deep, threatening voice. "You're giving me a headache."

"I'M giving YOU a headache?" Rowan said. "YOU'RE the one TALKING LOUD!"

"Oh, shut up," said Malistaire.

Rowan started to cry, and Sierra tried to comfort her. Then she gave Malistaire a look that said, "You are going to die."

"Don't you DARE talk to my sister that way!" screamed Sierra. "How would you like me to talk to you like that, Malistaire Male Duck? Yeah, that's right! I know the definition of Drake!"



I LOVE the ending. "Malistaire Male Duck" is kind of an inside joke with us. It was when I was typing TTOSW one day and I was bored, then realized that "drake" was actually in the computer's dictionary. So I look it up... and it's a male duck, rofl!

I just thought that's hilarious, and I wanted to share it. If you liked it, I might be able to post her prologue or first chapter!

...Wow. I can't believe I just wrote all that on a DSi...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Wishlist!

Okay, I know I haven't posted in a while... the good news is that while I was gone, I wasn't playing Zelda games (okay, maybe a LITTLE)! I was on Wizard101 (most of the time)! Annd... there are a few things I REALLY want right now.

First off, I want THAT ICE SHIELD. I posted something about it earlier, right? In fact, here's the picture. (Click on it)

It's the housing item one (I've had the spell since level 10, lolz). I have shields AND plaques from EVERY school but my own! Has ANYONE ever seen an Ice shield in the Bazaar... or know where else I can get one? Ugh!

Secondly, well... this isn't an ITEM, but I'd really like Laura to get to Marleybone. I don't know why, but lately I've been having lots of fun fighting previous bosses there. I'd love to have some quests in that area again... and besides, I kind of want to be Adept. I'm still Initiate... I'm level 14. I should play on her more. But Laura's name isn't famous like "Sierra WinterBreeze", rofl. And I don't have very many friends on Laura. :(

Third? Um... Idk. There's not really anything else I need. But I REALLY want that Ice shield, lol. It's driving me CRAZY that I can't find it!