Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The down-side of blogging.

When you have nothing to say... what do you blog about? I've been visiting this blog a lot, but I don't have any ideas for posts. I really don't play Wizard101 anymore - but there's NO way I'm saying I'm quitting, because I'm not. And I'm not QUITTING blogging, either. Just taking a break. I hope that's okay.

As soon as I start playing Wizard101 more often (which probably won't happen until I complete all Zelda games or finally get bored of them xD), I'll make another post. And then hopefully I can make this blog active again.

Part 12 STILL isn't up, and it's been six weeks. I just sent them ANOTHER e-mail reminding them to put it up. And I have writer's block on part 14, and part 13 turned out to be terrible, so I'll need to rewrite it.

My other blog is still VERY active... and if you like video games at all, or hearing crazy stories that I write about, please look at it. I try to make the posts as sensible as possible to non-Zelda fans, and I'd REALLY appreciate it if I got some comments.

Thank you for understanding, guys. And thanks for following/commenting, too! :)


  1. Sierra,
    This is Natalie Moonblade, I'm just here to tell you I have a new blog called "The Gamer Girl's blog"
    I would appreciate if you follow & add my new blog to your blog list, as I have done for yours.
    -Natalie Moonblade

  2. AH, yes, "content creation", is truly the hardest thing to maintain, when authoring a blog. There are only finite things that can be said, but it your individual way of expressing it that separates you from the pack.


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