Monday, May 3, 2010

This is SERIOUSLY starting to bug me.

WHERE THE HECK IS PART 12? Really! After so long, you would think they would put it up! They don't even respond to my e-mails. Geez! Ugh.


I've seen other bloggers doing, "Blogger of the Week" and stuffs like that. In that case, you guys should check out The Divination Diaries. They're written by a fellow Creative Writing author, and I'm her only follower! You guys should give her some comments. :)

So. I'm a bit confused at what to do right now. Should I start writing Part 13? I haven't yet; I've been waiting for Part 12, first. I guess I'll just get on it. Maybe if I give them enough chapters, they'll finally start putting some up. XD


  1. It's bugging me too. Did they even GET our emails?

    ~The LotusPetal

  2. Hola, Sierra! I think you should write chapter thirteen while you wait for the twelfth to come in. It's your story though, so do whatever you feel you should. Oh and by the way, I'll go check out that Divination Diaries, it sounds awesome! =)

  3. Oh and by the way I was thinking, and I thought if you put some past seekers in chapter thirteen, it would be funny if they had really various personalities, and that it would be comical to see how they'd react to one another (ex, having a sarcastic, cynical past seeker, and a cheerful, opptimistic one and have them dislike eachother) It's just a crazy idea though, and I'll like the story anyway, so yeah, don't worry about offending me. Good luck on chapter thirteen! =D

    And guess what I randomly found on wikipedia? Check out this link, I think you'll find it funny =P

  4. Sarah SpiritheartMay 8, 2010 at 5:29 PM

    Hey...they posted Part 12! FINALLY!! (And part 8 and 9 of my story too... if anyone cares about that...)
    Anyway, thanks about Alexandra! She already has 8 followers! I'm so happy for her!!!
    And remember my little surprise I planned? I finished it, and I'm not sure if it gets up or not, but just maybe...if you look in the (*ahem*) Fan Art section over the next couple of just might be there...