Friday, March 18, 2011


That sniff means two things.

One, I'm sick. O_o REALLY sick. Ugh. In fact, I'm all lonely right now at home trying to complete some homework while my sister is at Sydney's house playing video games! Dang it! That homework is another reason to be sad - I have a D in language arts. LANGUAGE. ARTS! As in... ENGLISH! I've wrote a 250 page story! Why do I always do so poorly in my language arts classes? XD The first B I ever got was also in a reading class... sixth grade, I remember that...

Two, I FEEL SO UNLOVED! No one is commenting! -.- I guess it's PARTIALLY my fault, considering I haven't posted often, but still. That just means it gave you more time, more of a chance to comment on the last post. But I got only ONE response.

Well, whatever. Um... I gtg back to my homework. We're supposed to write these journal things; they will ultimately form an autobiography. But I haven't been keeping track of them. Now I have about thirty of them to write, and the WHOLE autobiography is due Monday. The one I'm stuck on now is about learning a new skill. You're supposed to describe, um... learning a new skill. XD The examples were riding a bike, skateboarding, skiing, etc. The problem is that I learned all those things FOREVER ago (except skiing - I've never skied. I've ice skated, I've slid down a snowy hill on a board, but never skied. Weird, huh?) and don't remember them.

Oooh... I'm so stressed...

No time for writing fan fiction. Sorry. :(

Trust me, I'd rather be writing fiction instead of this stupid stuff about ourselves. I won't CARE in the future what kinds of music I liked or my amazing accomplishments. O_o I mean... if it really mattered to you, wouldn't you REMEMBER that stuff?

Just saying!


  1. Aww...I'm so sorry you're sick. But what's weird is that I think I've got a bit of a cold too!'s pretty bad...(probably minor compared to yours though)

    And I totally understand about the school thing. We're actually supposed to be writing a short story in english now that's really interfering with my fanfiction. Still it IS one of the only assignments in English this year that I'm actually enjoying, so...yeah...I feel guilty now.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sickness, but it will pass, and you will be stronger for it. Never rely on the comments of others to fuel your creative drive. Have faith in yourself.

    Be well.

  3. People not commenting doesn't mean people don't read! I have a blog w/50 followers, and I'm lucky to get a comment xD. But yeah, don't worry about that, the big reason people blog is to have fun :)

  4. Try writing an iSearch. I think my teacher hates me.