Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Invisible Ninjas!


New Skyward Sword trailer!

...Yeah, not what you were probably hoping for... but whatever... I just CAN'T wait for the next Zelda game... :P

Anyway. I don't really have time to write a full post - mostly since I have homework, lolz, and haven't been on Wizard101 lately anyway - but I'll give you a YouTube video! XD

I'm in it! If you don't feel like watching the rest of it, skip to around 4:05. Rowan comes in there. Rowan has more parts than me so far, lolz. My only line is "AH!" xD And I said it late, anyway.

Oh... yeah. So Avalanche on Central approached me and asked if I wanted to be in this, and I said yes. :D

You know, that's part 3... you might want to watch the other two parts before that... O_o

Part 1

Part 2

Yeah. :D

But I'm not in those ones, lol. Still. Give him some views, why don't you? ;)

Anyway... Part 15... ugh... SO HARD...

And trust me - I'm reminded every day now. Hunter ThunderShield finally read my story (in fact, he did a book report on it - I felt so honored! :D) and now he bugs me EVERY day for a new chapter! Well, whatever... I write, like, two paragraphs a day... slowly but surely, it's coming along!

Now, for that homework. 'Night, wizards!


  1. hunter thundershield has the same last name as my fire legendary jason thundershield.

  2. Ya when i saw that on Central i was like "WHAT THE! THAT IS SOOO CREATIVE!" so then i posted "can i be in it? i will level and make my text chat character presentable". but no response!