Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Late Birthday, Row Row~!

Hahaha. That squiggle next to Row Row was a typo, but then I decided I liked it. :D Squiggles are epic~!

So. On the twenty-first of March, Rowan WillowLeaf, my sister and the seemingly inactive alternate contributor to this blog, turned (insert age here) years old! Congratulations! XD

Meh. No new news. (heheh... new news...) I haven't been on W101 lately - I intend to by the end of the evening, though. I'm starting to miss it. :P

Oh, and I guess I'm going to go ahead and reveal something about my story. Well... not about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze directly. Sorry, I don't even have enough typed for a preview yet, and... I'm holding a dog in my lap right now so it's hard to type... (don't ask)

But I'm writing a series called Seeker Secrets. It started as for fun - a story in Sydney's point of view about her life before she met Sierra. And now... I decided to do one for every Seeker. I did Victoria and Mark's stories, too. I'm working on Hunter's... but his is hard 'cuz he's such a minor character...

Anyway. Does this sound interesting to you guys? Would you read it? I might post Sydney's here or on Central if people like the idea...!

So, yeah. That's all I got for now.

See ya later people! Happy Thursday! (srsly, why did I post on a Thursday? It's so random, compared to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... XD)

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  1. i like the idea of sharing there lives before they met u!and of course me will read!