Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Seekers (and some random guy) take on Malistaire!


Exciting, huh?

...Sorry for again crushing any hopes of Part 15 being out right away. STILL working on it. I'll try to finish some more tonight after writing this post - especially since later this week, my 3DS is coming and I'll probably be playing Ocarina of Time 3D non-stop (nonstop... is it one word, or does it have the dash? Ugh, spelling is so frustrating!).

But here's a nice long post for those of you who don't care about my fanfiction one bit and are just here for the epic Wizard101-ness (if there's any of you?). I have LOTS of pictures, so this should be satisfying.

First off, my traditional one-sentence topic starter:

Sydney JadeHammer, Hunter ThunderShield, Austin something-or-other, and I fought Malistaire today! :D

Of course, we had lots of randomness before it. I mean, this one aggravating bug happened to me where I couldn't move... and I ended up stuck NEXT TO MALISTAIRE. Seriously. Thanks a lot, Sydney. I'm blaming her entirely. At the same time, I leveled up! So did Sydney... and these other two guys...

SO! Pictures.

I got on Wizard101 at Sydney's prompting. She kept texting me irl, interrupting my peaceful Zelda fanfiction reading with an annoying vibration in my pocket every 5 seconds (exaggeration). And yes, Sydney knows my phone number. Considering she lives down the street from me, she has every right to. So I can't tell you freaky stalker readers my number. Or address. Or age. Or real name. Or... whatever other scary piece of information that has to do with real life too much. 'Kay?


So apparently, she wanted me to get on to fight Malistaire with her. Congrats to her, btw - she's level 51! And Hunter's level 50! Good for them. :) So she had the Malistaire quest now, and wanted help. However... we had to wait for Hunter. Sooooo... we went to her house first. With this other random dude named Jacob.

And something weird happened. We stood on this giant dirt pile, and I jumped just as Sydney picked it up. And........


Sadly, the moment I took another step forward, the glitch broke, and I was grounded yet again. D:

And then... well... I found another word that apparently doesn't work with Open Chat, but works just fine in Text. O_o Don't you remember? ...Circumstances and Document? Those two words, when I tried them last, did not work in Open Chat! All we'd see is "..." but the Text Chatters could read it fine. VERY STRANGE!

And now "trapped" doesn't work, either.

So I was trying to say, "No! Trapped again!" or whatever. But I still couldn't see the word.

We were trapped by candles, in case you can't see. This is Sydney's Massive Fantasy Palace (which I don't even remember her getting!) and there's a secret room in that wall there. We came through it, and then she blocked us out. XD

So then we went to Celestia to do some quests! ...Some of my quests, of course. Sydney wasn't there yet - she still had to beat Malistaire, remember? We needed to get into the Lunarium. So we fought a BUNCH of bosses... with these two other random guys that were apparently Sydney's friends. Idk.

But one of the funniest things happened! After beating all those bosses, we completed the quest... and ALL leveled up! Every one of us!

Unless I leveled from the last battle, which seems unlikely. But it's either that, or I leveled up before I got my experience. Weird...

No one else seemed to think it was that funny. :(

So then, when we FINALLY made it into the Lunarium, we had to battle yet ANOTHER boss.

Yeah, it was fun. (YAY, SARCASM!)

Then Hunter got on.


So, we went through the whole dungeon and everything. I wish Rowan could have been there (to make it fully Seekers), but no. Our other computer is kind of being stupid right now - and by stupid, I mean so frustratingly slow you nearly die from boredom waiting for it to load. We've ordered a new computer, but it's still on its way here. Until then... we really only have one computer for Wizard101. The other is just UNBAREABLE.

So instead of my sister, we got the help of "Austin JadePyre."

I guess I really shouldn't call him a stranger... technically, I know him in real life. Or I've MET him. He's Hunter's friend. I... don't really... know him well, though.... I didn't even know he played Wizard101. O_o

Anyway. We got to that one part of the dungeon with those two groups of Draconians that you have to defeat to proceed through the closed door, right? RIGHT before Malistaire's room? I went afk during that battle - mostly to check my e-mail - and... when I got back the battle was over, and my friends had ditched me.

That wasn't the problem - I wouldn't have expected them to wait for a person that's not there. The problem was that... I couldn't move. O_o

I teleported to them just as they were finishing up the battle directly before Malistaire, with those Soul Servants or whatever.

And I still couldn't move after.

So Sydney walked over to see the cutscene, and I teleported to her...

...ending up stuck next to Malistaire. Yay.

That made it quite difficult to enjoy the cutscene. O_o

And of course, I was one of the first to be pulled into the battle that started immediately after they finished talking! How unfair!

...okay, I ended up second... but still...

I know this is VERY disappointing to you all (sarcasm really is wonderful) but I have no pictures of the actual fight. Just the final blow (which I happily delivered... why the heck is it that every time I fight Malistaire, I'm always the one to finish him off?).

Yeah huh. So that's all I've got.

Yay for long post that has nothing to do with fanfiction! ...Unless you count the Seeker part of it, but I needed a captivating title.

Lastly: I'M LEVEL 56 NOW! WOOT!


  1. I thought you would be 60. Oh well. Strangely enough, I had to help someone battle Malastaire. It took many Skeletals and Fire Dragons to finish him off and we had to constantly leave for mana and health. It was hard.

  2. Its really nice for storm because when I did it with a friend we didn't fight any storm minions but a lot of ice. I think Malistaire hates my guts too because he killed me twice xD.
    But good for Sydney anyway!!