Monday, August 29, 2011


I finally did the very thing I'd promised ever since January 2009 - ever since I began writing The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze...


I wrote "The End" in my notebook!

Part 15 is DONE!!!!

The only problem is now I have to type it... and then edit it... and that might take awhile, since the only time I have is weekends now for computer. (Except today... today's an exception. I finished it, and I was SO excited, I just HAD to let you know...)

Now... I have to go do homework. Sorry. BUT ISN'T THIS EPIC?!? (And hey, I also found out the Skyward Sword box art today, and even discovered I'm going to be paying 20 more bucks than I thought for the game! Yay!)



    Can't wait to see the end result! :)

  2. Whoever put just "okay" on the reaction thing should be ashamed of themselves. OMIGOSH you completed the story! That is so amazing!! Even though I don't want to rush you or anything, I can't wait to see it!! Seriously, though, don't rush. An edited story is a good story! A theory I should really put into practice!

    Again, I can't wait! Congrats! ;)

  3. Contrats Sierra. Edit it,type and post it the second you get the chance. Again, congratulations for finishing your story. Maybe you could read mine. Send me a comment in if you want to.

    W.V.S, Level 60 Necromancer