Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fine, you win.

Okay, I posted The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze on You convinced me. Out of the 29 people who voted on the poll, only three said that I shouldn't, and two of them didn't even bother explaining why. Also, six people said they'd read and review my story... so I'll be expecting six reviews on the first chapter! :P Seven, as a matter of fact, since I also put this profile on my account, and three people voted there said yes, one of them claiming they would read it.

You can still review even if you don't have an account, you know. Please do so...

...So CLICK HERE for the link. Yay! (And while you're there, read my Zelda story too, okay? Maybe? :P)

Part 15: Almost. Done. I swear. I wrote more on vacation (which I'm back from, by the way XD). I actually just got to the good part! I just have one somewhat random question. ...I hesitate to ask it, because... well... it COULD be a spoiler...

...Well, I'll just say it. Should someone die at the end of The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze?

...Yeah, I know. Weird question. But, seriously! Think about it! That would add the perfect amount of drama and seriousness. I've actually been planning to kill someone off the whole series . At first it was Liam, but now I think how OBVIOUS and expected that would be, so I'm not sure. Then I considered a few other characters dying... but I'm not going to tell you who - I want it to be a surprise.

Anyway, just tell me your thoughts. And yay, I'm happy to be back from Canada! :D

RANDOM: Okay, I spent the last few minutes trying to get this post to publish on the other computer. Finally giving up, I went on this one, and it published on my first try. What the heck????


  1. I think it would be interesting to have a character die. Maybe not at the very end though. I think it would be more beneficial to have a character die near the end of the story. It would give the remaining characters something more to fight more. It's your story though, I'm sure you'll figure it out. :)

  2. Yes! Okay, so for brawling I'm pretty much free any time today. There's still the time zone issue about 2:00 Eastern Time? And by the way, the game IS only a rental, but chances are we'll either be renting it again or end up buying it at some point.

    And I also wanted to ask you have Animal Crossing on your Wii too? Just out of curiosity, since we actually own it.

    And now for the big question...should someone die in TheTale of Sierra Winterbreeze? Well, I really can't say since I don't know where the plot line is headed at this point. All I can say is as long as it's not too random, like you're killing someone off just to kill someone off. (Yes, I did that in my story. So I probably shouldn't be talking.) I can't wait for the last part though!

  3. Ugh, I'm sorry but I just found out that my dad took Brawl back to the rental place. :( Maybe we can do it some other day.

  4. Huh...I thought I registered you already. Argh, I'm so bad at this. Okay, I'll try again as soon as we re-rent the game, maybe within the next week or so.

    I'm pretty sure I got your number right. Do the nicknames matter though? Or is it just what the people are known as to you?

    I'm new at this. It's confusing me very much.

    Oh, by the way something funny happened today. I was re-reading your story on the Wizard101 website today just for the heck of it, but when I got to part 3, instead of your story showing up, there was this completely random story there about some guy named Dylan (didn't really look at it much so I don't remember much else). So I went to your blog and clicked the link to Part 3. Same thing. It was sooo weird. XD Does that happen to you, or does my computer just hate me?

  5. Hmm. To kill off, or not to kill off. *thinks* Well - sorry if it sounds a bit morbid, but I think character death is always an interesting addition to the story, especially seeing other characters reacting to it.

    On the other hand, of course, like Sarah said, I wouldn't kill someone off just to for the sake of killing someone off. And I think it would have to be a meaningful death as opposed to, say, a random extra who we meet in the same part or something. But it's up to you in the end, and as the story-writer, you're best predisposed to decide the ultimate fate of your characters. (teehee, that sounded cleverer than I normally talk :S)

    Anyway, very excited for the next part! :D

  6. Hey Sierra,

    I like your stories and blog, but I think it could use a new vibrant, awesome look. I know some free templates for Blogger you might like, respond if you're interested in seeing them :D (I won't ask for anything in return, by the way).

  7. We're going to rent brawl again tonight!!! :D Assuming it's there of course, which, knowing my luck, it's probably not. I'm pretty much free any time tomorrow, so you can suggest a time if you like. From what I've gathered, I'm a few time zones ahead of you, so keep that in mind. And this is also assuming that we get the whole code thing sorted out, so I hope it works out this time!

  8. @Connor: Yeah... that's how I'd originally planned it. Of course, now I've wrote a big epic fight scene with Malistaire, and to add in someone dying might be too much... lol, well, thanks for your thoughts!

    @Alex: Haha, I know. Death is interesting. XD Thanks for your thoughts (and thank you SO much for reviewing my story :D).

    @John: Well... I've grown rather fond of my current layout, but if you really think it needs it, I suppose I'd be fine with SEEING them at least... (That was a rather random comment, lol... you're not an evil spammer are you? O: No, it's okay. Just saying. XD)

  9. :O Sierra, I am shocked! XD I can understand you may have some nostalgia regarding an old theme, an old friend. And I don't hate this theme, I just want to help you somehow, make people envy not only your creativity and writing but also your site. The site should reflect the content, right? ^_^

    (This is my real Blogger account, by the way).

  10. Okay, I'll try re-registering you now. So if it all works out, how about today at 5:00 eastern time? (I think it would be 2:00 for you.) And I think I did read the Gathering at one point...and I do remember you saying that they copied you. XD Which reminds me of another story i remember reading...the first part was almost exactly like the first part of your story only the grammar was much worse. It was pretty bad. :P

  11. By the way, it says I did register you, but it still has the nickname I gave for you. That's odd...what do you think?

  12. Okay, the 13th or 14th sounds good! (I'll be on both days...I hope.) And actually, below your name on the brawl screen it does say offline rather than awaiting registration. Alright, let's hope this works this time!

  13. Okay, I'm not sure if you'll get this in time, but I only just found out I have to babysit today at 5:00. I'm pretty sure I'm still good for tomorrow, but in case you find this earlier, I'll be on today at about 3:00 my time instead. (12:00 for you.)

  14. ARGH IM SO SORRY! We had to go to this party for our parents' friends and we stayed a lot later than I expected. I'm getting on RIGHT NOW! (Hopefully you'll see this!)

  15. By the way, my sister was playing too! :) She was Peach. And how did you speak? I was going mad trying to figure out how.