Monday, July 11, 2011


No more Wizard101 for a whole month. Like the previous two years I've been on this blog, I'll be away from home for July. I'll be in Canada, visiting my relatives. We have internet connection there, but we're usually pretty busy, so I don't know how active I'll be.

For my W101 fanfiction, this might actually be good news. Leaving home for a while will get me away from those HORRIBLE distractions (*cough* Wii * cough*). If I recall correctly, I did a lot of writing up there last year. However, this time I have my wonderful 3DS, and Ocarina of Time on it... so who knows...?

On the other hand, I'm now writing another fanfic. You can find it on It's called Shards of Time, by me, TwilightWakerofTime. If anyone likes Legend of Zelda, please go and read it. Yes, it's random. It was supposed to be funny, but... heh heh... I kind of got a little... out of control with Zelda's personality. Anyway, the link is here. At least, according to my e-mail. I can't check... long story if you haven't heard it already. Also, there's one other story I posted yesterday (also Zelda related, but this time Wind Waker) that was also on my blog Medli's Messages. It's a romance called Duty before Love between Link and Medli, if you know who they are. There's two verison, since it was intended for a project called Across the Fandom. The versions are EXACTLY the same except one is on my profile, the other is on someone else's. I'd prefer you read the Across the Fandom one here, but if you want to review or something, read it on my profile here.

Now... I think that's all I wanted to say. No Wizard101, but possibly blogging. New fanfictions. Anything else...?

Nope, that's all. Thanks for reading, guys! See you August 3rd (if I can't get on the computer before returning home)!

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