Thursday, December 29, 2011

Contest Extension

Okay, so, due to a lack of entries and the fact that it WAS a pretty short period of time... The deadline for the contest will now be extended to February 1st. ;) I hope that helps out some of you a bit. ...Wow! I actually wrote a short post for once! :D


  1. Aww...but I already had my entry and everything... :3

    Oh well. Guess I'm gonna have to wait a bit longer. Good luck! :D

  2. Agreeing with Sarah. Maybe I'll have time to improve though I just spent the last hour working on a story-title-design (slightly better at word art than picture art).
    Oh well. I'll post it on my blog, but if I come up with something else (that's better) I'll let you know.

    Sarah's are great though!

  3. I made a post.
    So just letting you know.

  4. I'm glad you moved the date back, because I just realized you update your fanfic about 10 minutes ago, and then I saw that message at the bottom and I was like "Oh! Ill enter!" So now I'm gonna try to figure how to work this site on a cell phone so I can create some artwork

  5. I just now remembered the contest and I rushed over to see if you did the extension. THANK GOD YOU DID.