Thursday, February 17, 2011

This blog looks different, doesn't it? Don't worry, you're not insane. Probably.


..."Makeover!" would have been the post title if I hadn't already used it on my Zelda blog. :(

Lol, anyway... yeah! New background, new color scheme, new header - everything (mostly)! This header officially marks the third header Sierra's Story has ever had. I kept that old one for a LOOONG time. And then before that was the pictures of all the Seekers that kinda failed, since I'd made it in MS Paint...

Sooo... new poll! It's sort of a tradition for me in my blogs to put up a poll every time I change my blog around a bit. So tell me how ya like it! After that, I think I should start putting up quiz-style polls again - such as, what's the best school of magic? Who's your favorite character in The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Yep. It was always interesting to see the answers.

Ooh... btw, I'm level 55! And I got an epic staff from some random quest! It's amazingly better than that Homonculus sword I took FOREVER farming for. It's pretty sad that I've found something better. I'm going to keep it around, since it was so hard to get.

Anyway, because you all care so much (I say that a lot, don't I? Sarcasm FTW!) here's a picture of my level 55 stats.

(Hmm... I guess my Reinforced Helmet and Master's Boots of the Dryad got in the way of my gold and training points, lol.)

Theeeen... since Mary and Wolf had helped me with quests... we randomly went to this Kraken head that you can walk through. Weird. (actually, I think this was BEFORE I was level 55, but whatever.)


Oh! If anyone wants to know about The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze? Still dislike Part 15, but it's coming along slowly! Finally, I got to say the epic line I've been waiting to write since Part 11... but, ugh, now I don't know how to lead away from that point. It's not like my edited version where I can put that epic line and then leave it as a cliff-hanger - the characters have to react! Dangit! XD At least I got past epic fight scene #1. Now I just have one more to write - unfortunately, that's with Malistaire. I'm a little scared...

So... uh... yeah! That's pretty much all I have to say at the moment. I'm going on game right now. Oh, and now I have 52 followers - so again, thanks for following, people! :)

EXTREMELY RANDOM QUESTION: How do you spell make over? Is it two words, like in the previous sentence? Or does it have a dash in between in, like "make-over?" Or is it one word: "makeover?" I spelled it two different ways in this post, and I'm too lazy to look it up myself... so...


  1. OMG! O: Your blog is blue now! Ice! And there's an epicful new header! And you're wearing Santa clothes! I LOVE IT!!! :) :) :)
    (BTW I think makeover is one word. At least spell check didn't correct it, so I'm gonna take it for what it's worth.)

  2. I believe it IS, in fact, "makeover." xD That's how I've always spelled it, Idk if make-over or make over would be correct either...

    ~The LotusPetal

  3. Hey Sierra! Ok i just saw that new blog thing and it is so WICKEDAWSOME! And congrats on level 55! I have not seen you on the game in a long time, why is that?

  4. "that Homonculus sword I took FOREVER farming for." Was that the one that I got two of while I was helping you farm for it? 'Cause that was hilarious.

    Anyway, I think it's makeover.

    Also, my stats at level 49 are higher than yours at level 55. [/bragging] (The epic bundle helps a lot..)

  5. The header and layout is, indeed, as you so eloquently put it, "EPICLATASTICAL". :D Excited about the part fifteen news, especially epic fight scene #1!

  6. @Sarah: Lol, okay, thanks. And yes, blue is not only Ice school colors, but my favorite as well. :D

    @Alia: Okay. I'm going to go for one word then. Both you AND Sarah said that. xD

    @Morgan: Idk why I haven't been on game much. Actually, compared to the amount I'm USUALLY online, this is a LOT for me! ;)

    @Megawizard: ...I think it is. >.< That was pretty funny, though. And, lol, I know... my level 55 stats are NOT very good. I wish I could get the epic gift bundle!

    @Alexandra: Lolz, thanks! :)