Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh... It's The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's birthday! :D

Guess what? I just now remembered that I sent in my story on December 31st! And it was first put up on January 1st! So... THE TALE OF SIERRA WINTERBREEZE IS NOW ONE YEAR OLD! Wow... I've been writing for an entire year and I'm still not done. I really gotta hurry up, I suppose.

Speaking of hurrying, I just promised WildRose and an anonymous commenter that I would have part 12 done by the end of February! Actually, at the rate I'm going now, it'll probably be done by the end of January, too! But just in case I run into some trouble, I'm saying February. :P

Hmm... if it is the Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze's birthday, and I just got to Grandmaster less than a month ago... then that means that... Wow! I was level 32 when I sent in my story for the first time. Geez, I guess I AM slow at leveling up. Or at least as soon as I hit Master level I was. Dangit.

Okay! My NEW New Year's Resolution (my old one was to write more xD)! I will make Laura Darkglen a Grandmaster by the end of the school year! Meaning by the end of... May! Right? Ugh, I can't remember when school ends, lol. Whatever. Soon I will have a Grandmaster of Death, I'm sure of it! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! Oh, and I just wanted to see thanks for everything. You see, before I chanced upon this blog, I had little interest in writing myself. I was good at it, but did not come to enjoy it until you inspired me to try writing. It started with 'The Tale of Two Rivers', and that is where I discovered I loved to write. I'm trying to write a book now, and it's about five dying crystals that are involved with the fate of the world, and a dangerous journey across the earth to find them. By the way, if your wanting to publish some of your stories, I say go for it! (Hopefully my crazy fan-mode is turned off while I say this =P) Afterall, your incredibly talented for one thing, and if they're good stories/series that you like, might as well (if you want to of course, I mean I shouldn't force you to do anything ya don't want to do =p) Perhaps I may even be able to publish one of my own. Let's make it a deal =P I'm afraid I won't be able to come on for a while, as my constant homework has been piling up and taking all of my time, as well as my story will take alot of work and dedication. Good luck to all of your stories, both current and future, and I hope you have a very fun birthday! =) PS: I've heard you play Maplestory?.. So do I! =D If you're interested, I go on Broa and have a level 30-something Aran, whom is named Raeflow. Maybe we could get togethor on there and do something? That'd be really fun =) Happy Birthday!! XD