Monday, January 4, 2010

"Not a member"?

I went on Central and sent Jester a message with the Contact Us button all about my missing Danger Hound. However... he said, "You are not a member. Please register first." What the heck does that mean? Not a member of WHAT?! I'm a member of Central... of Wizard101... heck, I'm SUBSCRIBED to Wizard101, for over a YEAR! What does he want me to be a member of?

Oh no... did he mean Facebook? Aww... they said all members of Wizard101Central! That's not fair!

EDIT: Oh shoot...

He sent an e-mail back that said, "I do not have this email as a member, sorry." Ugh, I made the dumbest decision ever! I changed my e-mail the day I asked where my Danger Hound was. Oops...

EDIT... AGAIN!: Yay yay yay yay yay!

I DO get my Orio!

I sent them an e-mail from my current e-mail, not the old e-mail, and then I got my Danger Hound code in an e-mail! And gosh, it said 5000 gold too... geez!

I'm going on game to get my Orio... after one more post.

Oh, and Rowan should post soon. She started making one, but then she had to go, um... do something important irl.

O.o The post was called "PUDDING"...