Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A few miracles, actually.


#2: Mark posted again!

#3: I logged into Wizard101 this weekend!

#4: I got my little Orio the Danger Hound! :D :D :D

#5: For once, I actually didn't get any farther in Majora's Mask even though it was a three day weekend! O:

I took lots of pictures on Wizard101, but, as always, I'm not on my home computer. If I remember (which most likely I won't O.o) I'll get on tonight and post them up here.

So... number one. I haven't been on here in forever. Sorry about that! I know I always give this excuse, but I'm busy. Okay... fine, I'll tell the truth. I'm on other websites, lol. In fact, the only reason I ever get on blogspot on THIS computer is that Wizard101 isn't downloaded on it and for some odd reason Wizard101 Central doesn't work.

Number two...? Oh, right. Mark's Grandmaster got deleted, apparently (nice job, Mark. O.o). I'm glad he wants to meet us again. Whenever you're ready, Mark, go ahead and set a time. ;) And, uh... if you ever end up reading my stories, sorry that I made you the traitor's best friend. :P Hey, at least I made you the funny one! That's good, right? Oh, and sorry if I make fun of you. It's hard not to call level twenty's noobs... xD No, jk. I don't like that saying much anyway (I wouldn't want anyone saying it to me!).

Number three... self explanatory, pretty much. I logged into Wizard101. I worked on Laura DarkGlen for a while, but when I went on Sierra to give Laura my mount (I hate walking, lol) I discovered that Victoria FireFinder (one of two past ice Seekers) was online! But when I asked if I could port, she said there was a vampire fight going on. O.o And then I think I turned into a vampire, or something. I mean, that happened once before, anyway, when I was with Scarlet. Even though I don't understand the whole "vampire" thing, and I don't like Twilight much (it's just okay... not superly amazing as everyone makes it out to be), I had fun with my old friends and even some new.

Number four! I finally got the whole Danger Hound dilemma sorted out! When I logged in, I first logged into Sierra, who I gave the cute little Danger Hound. He had a different name, unfortuantely. What was it? King Rufus, or something? Whatever. I hurried to the WC Dye Shop and changed his name to Orio. Now he's soooooooo adorable! :D Also, with the gold, I gave that to Laura because I knew I'd be wanting a house soon, when I turned Journeyman. Now I'm somewhat regretting that, because I've just resolved that on Sierra I would save up to buy the Ice School house. Or the Storm... sigh, the storm was so beautiful, with the ocean and everything... and it is underwater... honestly, that sounds like a better house for me than a frozen paradise. Ooh! Maybe I'll save it up on Sierra, then I'll give it to Lenora! She's my Storm char, and after I complete Laura and Sabrina, I'll go on her next. It would be nice to have a house.

Finally, number five! Not that anyone cares. All I did this weekend on MM was the sidequests, not the real game... because I was on Wizard101 for once! It's a miracle that I lived through a weekend without completing Stone Tower.

Well, that's all! I still need to get home and post up some pictures to go with it! Until then, enjoy this post!

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  1. megawizard (I'm back!)February 20, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    This is from 2010, so I'm not counting it as old. That's why I'm posting here.