Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, I guess something's wrong with my blogroll thingy...

It says Alia hasn't posted in two days, but really, she has, like, five posts! O.o Well, I guess I shouldn't listen to that thing. I should really GO to the blog's front page and read it.

Okay... also, I added a new poll! Which superpower would you like? And yes, WildRose, that is ONE superpower, not all of them known to man. xD

And... Rowan's posted two times now, so, now that there's two contributors, I changed the "posted by" thing to the top of the post so you don't get us mixed up.

Well, lucky for you guys, I'll actually have something to blog about! Today I am actually planning on going on Wizard101 (miraculously!). Even though at the moment I'm totally addicted to Majora's Mask... I just got to the most fun part EVER... But, I promised Sydney JadeHammer I'd meet her on the game on Monday, and I forgot, then promised Taryn WildHeart that I'd meet her yesterday, and I just totally decided to not do it, so... I really owe them some time, haha.

Also, what's that Grandmaster tower called..? Is that the BriskBreeze tower, or is that totally something else I'm mixing it up with? Whatever. If I can get some other Grandmaster friends, then I will so surely do it. ;) Wait, did I already say something about that..?


  1. I did pick one the one abilty to have all of them you see :)

  2. yea its call that and its very hard i havent even done it. first i try soloing it i got far but killed than i got to other grand and twice we reached last lvl and dead so yea and he uses meteors that like is like wild bolts lol because it hits everyone with one thousand damage

  3. talk to me on central your online i know it

  4. Well.. thanks for following my blog could you add mines to your blog list so visitors can see?