Friday, January 22, 2010

The Tale of a Pyromancer

Everyone should know my friend Sydney by now. Even if you don't read my stories, I write about her in blog posts all the time. She's a Pyromancer, Fire school, trained second in Death. She's working on Marleybone, and, if I remember correctly, she's level 33, just learned Phoenix.

Anyway, she's a huge fan of my stories, and my best friend in game and in real life. Although she apparently never reads real stories for pleasure (I find that really odd... but she claims she has too many book reports, and not enough time to read for herself) she reads mine everytime there's a new chapter. Plus, she's helped my numerous times get out of the many tough spots I run into in my story. In fact, I have said this many times before, but she was actually the one to create the name "Seekers of Light". Otherwise, I was just going to call them chosen ones... not very creative... (in fact, you can find a mistake in part 2 where I said "chosen one" instead of Seekers! I forgot to delete it, lol.)

Now Sydney's gotten a sudden burst of inspiration, and she's decided to write her own story! (lol WildRose, this is what I was talking about when I said I should ask Sydney first.) She's titling it, "The Tale of a Pyromancer". Honestly, it's incredibly well-written and has a fantastic storyline. I feel so helpful to finally be giving her the ideas, not the other way around.

Her story is somewhat like mine, but different in its own special way. The story begins when Sydney JadeHammer, a Magus wizard in Marleybone, decides to go back and fight the Kracken with her friend Taryn WildHeart (she's another buddy of mine irl). However, something goes terribly wrong and she finds herself and Taryn inside Malistaire's lair. Although she doesn't know it yet, she is about to set off on an amazing adventure in which she'll have to find one person from each school so that they can fight Malistaire. Each of them has letters from their teacher... I think. We were discussing that part, and never really resolved anything. Haha, that entire summary was made by me, though, from what she's read to me and told me so far.

Anyway... I'm the Ice one (woot! Grandmaster in the story! :D), Rowan's Life one, Taryn's Balance one, Sydney's Fire (obviously), and... I guess I shouldn't tell you the others, because, especially one of them, is going to be a HUGE surprise! Oh, but remember my Necromancer, Laura? She'll be in it, too. She'll be working with Malistaire, lol...

As soon as Sydney finishes the first chapter and gets it up on the website, I'll notify you guys. Please read it when it does come out! Trust me, you'll love it. I know I did. ;)


  1. Hey Hey! =D I sent some messages, but I don't know if they were sent or not. So it was your character's birthday? That's great, happy B'Day! I think that's where my lost messages went to. Anywho, I don't think my other messages got through, but they were about how you kind of inspired me to write, and that I'm starting a new story that's pretty much the first serious series I've attempted, and that I saw the messages you sent and stuff on my blog and felt bad about not coming on earlier =( I've been extremely busy, what with all of my homework piling up, but I decided I'll try to come on every Saturday the best I can. Ooh, and I'm planning some little, short birthday party on Wizard 101 that you can come to! It's on Tuesday =) Snickertoodles, and good luck on everything, including the Sierra series! I'm so glad I chanced upon this blog, even though it was so long ago! =)

  2. Ooh and tell Sydney congrats! That's awesome! =) I'll definently be reading it when it comes out! =D

  3. Samantha Drake-RoseHeartFebruary 4, 2010 at 7:04 PM

    Are you gonna post it on your blog? I wanna read it but can't get to Central.