Friday, November 27, 2009

Why is saying fish? XD

I played around with the color settings on my blog, and I changed the colors, just a bit... Lol, Idk, I just felt like telling you that...

And look below this post for a super awesome preview of part 12! :D

And I don't know why I made the label of this post FISH, either, so don't ask.

Oh, wait, now I do!

XD... I love this picture... Except Taryn just HAD to leave out the word "she" in her sentence...
Lol, this happened a long time ago, but I still love it...


  1. LOL FISH?

    (.o>)< LIKE THIS???

    sorry that fish was badd heh heh xD

  2. Woah... are you, like, on right now? Second I go to Dashboard I find another comment on this blog here... XD

  3. lol yeah im on..well a bit late i must say one hour now lol..sorry i was cleaning up my rabbits poo xp grossss!!!!! well im sure you didn't want to hear that! heh heh..♥