Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I got HyperCam!

I got a new thingy for filming Wizard101! :D

:D This is with my friend Mary RavenGem! She had some kinda... Wizards and Witches thingy. Um, I just joined it, lol. Ooh, and this is the first video I made with it, lol:

Enjoy it! :D

(I really, REALLY wish I could make it look natural! But for some reason, it is so slow.)


  1. Hey there, you haven't met me before. Destiny Seagem, Level 20 Necromancer, calling in. I have read the Tale of Sierra Winterbreeze, and I LOVE IT! I've been trying to get ahold of you for WEEKS! I'd really like to meet you, I'd be honored to meet a seeker in person!:) I have submitted a story to the forums recently and now I am waiting for it to show up.
    You a double-timer too? Wizard101 AND Zelda? I don't have a blog revolting around either, but I am a HUGE fan of both. Right now I'm saving up for Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks, the new Zelda game coming in December. I also right now have Super Smash Bros. Brawl where you can play as Link and even more importantly, ZELDA! It's called Legend of Zelda, make her the main charecter already! She's got fighting skill! Oh yeah, not to mention I have A Link to the Past and have even read Zelda MANGA!
    So, anyway, I think we have a lot in common, to shorten it. Do you think we can meet up? There's so much I'd like to know. (Hopefully my lower level won't dissappoint you too much.) So please, can we meet? Again, it would be an honor to meet the leader of the seekers.

  2. Are you KIDDING? A reader who likes Zelda? And has read the manga? And is saving up for Spirit Tracks? And has wrote their own story? And has Brawl? And thinks Zelda should be a bigger part of the story?


    Lol! Sure, I'd love to meet you sometime! Who cares about level? If you're a Zelda fan, you could be level one and I wouldn't care! :D Oh, do you have Text Chat? Or, even better, Open Chat? If you have Open Chat, that would be FANTASTIC! Haha, I really hope I can meet you sometimes. When would be a conveinient time for you?

  3. thissss issss oldddd i knowwwwwwww but sierra? i have hypercam too and um im trying to post it up to see if the quality is better D: but i dont know how too!!!!!!! O: help????HOW DID YA PUT URS ON! o. o????? sorry if i sound so desperate :P