Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where did everybody go?

No one is commenting anymore except for WildRose! Did I scare everyone away with my pictures? WHAT HAPPENED! :(

Okay, so that I can hopefully get more fans... I'll post a preview of part 12 for everyone if three different people comment on this post!


  1. Okay, I commented. But I need to ask, how do you put the Hypercam videos on your blog? I just recorded a tour of my house, and I don't know how to get it on there.

  2. o o o post more comments i wanna see it does it count if i comment 3 time suppose it dont people come back wanna see it i like commenting it fun yay yay yay
    p.s.sorry i being hyper i just drank 4 bottle of lemoada and had load of sweet at my frineds house :)

  3. yay i got metioned i like getting metioned
    P.s.Still hyper

  4. scince everyone dissapered can i meet up with you on the game like couse i really wanna and maybe i could meet ROWAN to :)

  5. ahhh the fishes are gone Noooooooooo!! i liked them little guys well one mine thier gone aaahhh poor fishes they ran of hmm i think i'm gonna comment alot i'm gonna writ stuff here about a story i'm writng *takes deep breath* so i told you about the one call the mystriouse friendship between life and death OWWWW my finger get got shocked by somthing OWWWW ahhhh lots of words so can i meet up with you this comment is trying to be really big so you'll put up your hint so i'm gonna sing a bit
    Doe ray me
    Rowan willowleaf
    Sierra Winterbrezze
    Caleb Frostsong
    a heckhound
    angie uncorn sothing
    liam griffenbane
    Vannesse somth
    Seth goldenblood
    is now my second fav
    is my trid
    And of course rowan
    is the BEST

    Did you like my song???

  6. your blog will get more readers don't worry about it : ) every blog gets points of alot of comments then almost none don't worry.

  7. lol sorry i guess all of us are soo busy heh heh, lazy break xD i guess ur gettin back some users from your preview story!

  8. Woah! Four people! Yay! :D

    Okay, I'll work on the preview. Um, and WildRose... nice song. XD

    Alia, I saved the videos to my desktop first of all, then, when typing the post, click on the little button next to the picture-adding button that looks like a film reel. Then you can add pictures as long as you know where you put them. It's a lot like adding pictures, except it take FOREVER to load up.

  9. Okay, by any chance, did this take, I don't know... HOURS? Even possibly a DAY?

  10. Which? Are you talking about the preview? Hmm, well... it took about ten minutes... XD

    You know, that's because when I'm out and about to places, I ALWAYS bring my notebook with me. I write the Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze rough draft in there and then edit it as I type it when I get on the computer. So, lol, I already had the words and ideas down on paper, I just had to edit them.

    The writing? I can't remember. I think probably and thirty minutes. Idk though, I wrote that a while ago, JUST after I'd sent in part 11...

  11. You know where I've been.