Monday, November 30, 2009

When am I going to be GRANDMASTER?!?!?!

I am SO annoyed. Some people by this time probably could have twenty accounts full of Grandmasters from every school. Me? I have ONE level 49 Ice wizard that REFUSES to level into a Grand! Oh, and a Death wizard level 13 and a Myth level 6 and a Storm level 1... but that's not the point...

Come on Sierra, don't fail me! We've been working together for over a year - since October 16th, I believe. Gosh, I still remember Halloween from last year. The towers (such as the Master tower that I totally FAILED as a level 6 with no IDEA what these monsters were or the spells that Master guy was using and only Menu Chat)... the items (I wish I'd bought Crowns, but I thought that subscribing might be enough for the moment. So I only got the Pumpkin Hat, which is worth NOTHING now. Did you know that just a few weeks before Halloween, the hat was autionable? Lol, I almost sold it!)... the new friends (Ugh, Liam... And that other creepy guy who was the first person I talked to when I got Text Chat. He kept calling me Paris Hilton... he was scary...)... and so much of the other stuff (like the amazing dorm rooms before they added housing? Sigh... they were so pretty... XD)!

So, um, yeah. I want to be Grandmaster! Then I can start working on Laura DarkGlen, my Necromancer that's somewhere in Krok right now. And then Sabrina RainbowDreamer! And then Lenora StormBreeze. And then I'll probably make a Balance, because I think Balance has some really awesome spells...

I get off-topic WAY too easily, don't I...

Soooo.... playing for over a year and no Grand? Kinda sad...


  1. :0 First poist you sound just like my sis :0 i hate my sis :@

  2. Uh... that can't be good...

    Lol, sorry for sounding like your sister! I guess...

    Isn't it ironic that you hate your sister but love mine???

  3. :D ROWAN IS COOL :D btw any idea what time 5 moutine time is in the uk??

  4. should i stop commenting cause when read though my posts i sound kinda creppy :( hmm should i go on strike to get yu to post part 12 up yes no be then maybe you wont like me but still i might so if i dont post do be alarmed i would be on stirke so yeah maybe then part could be out cool

    P.s.s could i be you story i'm jessica dreamwave level 37 maybe ugh i meet rowan whereevre the scaly thing took her o nvm

  5. October 15TH is my birthday! It WAS taking forever to get to level 33. Like I always say, THANK GOODNESS FOR SIDE QUESTS!

  6. Just do a lot of side tasks, and if you can find any go back to older worlds and check to see if you missed any. :)

  7. Lol, Alia! I know. Level 32 seems to be the longest level EVER. You can't imagine how long I was on that level! Ugh. It was mostly because Katzenstein's Lab is so hard...

    And, uh, happy super late birthday!

    Wildrose? No idea. XD And if you went on "strike" and forced me to put it up, I COULDN'T. Don't you think I would if I could? I'm not done with it yet! Don't rush perfection... XD

    But I COULD put up another preview for you!

    Heather? Thanks for the advice. That's what I've been doing. I've done lots of sidequests in MooShu lately. I finished all of them in Marleybone to level into the level I am now. Now I'm trying to defeat some Death Warriors in Ancient Burial Grounds. I'm so close..!

  8. ok... Please can i be in your story PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i'm Jessica dreamwave level 37 death wizards

  9. Geez! Why does everyone who wants to be in my story have to be DEATH!

    I'll try, WildRose... I'll see... but I can't promise anything.

  10. yays wildrose NOW You put up a picture..of ur hips? lol i started just to recognize you as "pig girl" or something and sierra did u get like a one year sub??? cuz ur playing for a realll long time (no offense..this game is so good xD) i only had one month and in three weeks i got to level 48 o.o yeah i snuck in at night to play heh heh..but then i got caught by my dad and he literally took the whole computer away ..not the screen thingy the big rectanglar thingy that lots of kids never really notice except where the on and off button is lol

    HAPPY SUPER-AWESOMELY-LATISH-BIRTHDAY-EVER ALIA!!!! geez you should have put it up earlier..maybe i can meet you all guys in game so i can give you treasure card birthday presents? (trust me..i have alot of good ones)it was so sad though that i never got to malistaire.. x sniff sniff x

    well i DID get to him by helping my buds but when we were fighting him (we were talking about chicken for some reason lol) my mom came in, got all mad, gave a long asainish lecture, while i stared at the screen going, "uh huh..yep" and she finally got all pissed off and turned it off :( ah well..hopefully i'll get one if my grades go up so i can impress my dad heh heh

    ok bored broed bored bored wait that second one was spelled wrong wasnt it? gah bored bored bored bored heh heh heh oh did i forget to mention sierra? that when i first met you in game i told my little brother (level 23 Diviner)in the bathroom while he was doing number 2 xD he got all excited and stuff but he had to continue doing his hard work at you yeah bored bored bored bored bored bored

    still bored here..i used to live in arizona too btw! random..but whatever. i lived in phoenix i think not sure and we had a big house with a swimming pool and a huge bed i slept on with my dad at that time and i fell off..i woke up with my face in the floor nearly crashing the TV milimeters away from

    ok bye! ♥ :)

  11. btw should update the seekers of light welcoming picture at the top lol..they look reallllllyy old :)

  12. Hey Sierra can I be in your story? I am balance and my name is Daniel WyrmBlood. Please can I be in it? Your story is so awesome!