Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey... a miracle DID happen!

Remember how I said I wouldn't be on for Valentine's Day?


Happy V-Day from Sierra, Rowan, and the Seekers!

You know what would have been the perfect present? Part 12. O.o

Now, it's 11:47 PM here. I'm super tired. Instead of writing stuff on my DSi, I should probably get some sleep. Then again, when was the last time I actually did something I SHOULD do? xD

No, jk. Seriously, I'm sleepy. Goodnight!


  1. Um, I have a nice guide on my page if you have ANY ideas for smileys post it here:

    Thanks highly appreciated...

  2. Thanks for getting back to me! I had had no IDEA that you'd find my message so quickly!
    So I followed your instructions (I think..?) and is this where I post now? Sorry for any inconvinience.
    Unfortunately, I think I've said it all in my last message (Thank you, check; you're amazing, check.). But once I get started on a conversation (or a blog comment) I just keep going and going and if you have any questions or conversation-starters, PLEASE ask!
    BTW, is part 12 coming out soon?
    THANK YOU!!!:D
    Sarah Spiritheart

  3. Gosh, EVERYONE asks about Part 12. No, "Hey, Sierra, how are you doing?" Just, "When's Part 12 coming out?"

    xD No, I'm just joking. I don't mind you asking me. I promised everyone Part 12 would be out by the end of February. Oh, man, I'm SERIOUSLY regretting that decision. You see, as I said in a previous post (I think it was this one:, I first write my stories in my notebook in real life, then I transfer them to the computer later, just so that I know it's well-edited. Unfortunately, I never have time to type it. I'm not at my home computer very often, and it's the only place my Word document is.

    Also, yeah, this is the right place to check. I was kind of thinking, after posting that, that I probably should have told you that you can go to the front of the blog in the same way to view ALL posts by clicking at the picture at the top. O.o Yeah, try that next time. Just comment on the most recent post, unless your comment is actually ABOUT an older post. Yeah... if that made any sense, haha.

    And, um, conversation starter... uh, do you like, um, Legend of Zelda? Or video games in general? Heh, besides reading/writing, that's all I do. Just read my other blog. You'll see how crazy I am on there.

  4. So, now that you mention it...Hey, Sierra, how are you doing?
    I'm working on my story at the moment, and I'm up to part 10! (But unfortunately that's the last one besides the epilogue.) It's the big battle scene...but I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. They didn't even post 7 yet. I like videogames? Well, we recently acquired a Wii, and the four of us are on it...uh...just about all the time! Ask Samuel; he's obsessed! LOL!
    In fact, I've been so bust with my story and Wii (Yes, you CAN be busy playing Wii.) and homework that I haven't even had time to go on W101 recently. Which is why I'm still a lowly level 27. Well, that, and the fact that we're not actually "subscribed"...heh...
    Thanks for posting that other preview! I LOVED it, especially how you're doing it in Rowan's point of view.
    Yeah, I know I'm practically writing a novel here. And most of your commenters probably don't put a lot of stuff on their life story, etc... but it's fun talking, um, writing to you. It's kind of like writing to a celebrity AND a friend a the same time. (Even though I've only known you for about three messages.)
    Say hi to Rowan for me! Oh...and Savannah says hi too. And now that I've got the whole sibling thing out of the way, I've got to get back to typing. I'm almost to PAGE 104!
    I know what you're thinking: I have little or no social life. And that's probably true.;D
    *Sarah S.*

  5. Wow... okay, I'm starting to feel the same way. Like, well... you remind me of Alyssa FrostRiver, lolz. You should read some of our conversations... So, like you said, most commenters don't tell me their life story... but Alyssa did. Hah, sorry if you're reading this, Alyssa!

    Don't worry about the level/lack-of-social-life thing. Same here. I was lucky enough to not start my story until level 32. But as soon as I did, it took all my attenion and I didn't play the game as much. Perfect example: guess how long I've been playing? Since October 2008. Guess how long I've been Grandmaster? About two months.

    Yes! Now... onto video games! My favorite topic.

    What do you play on your Wii? Just the sports stuff, or other things, too? I'm TOTALLY into Legend of Zelda. It's great for readers and video gamers, especially if you like good old-fashioned fantasy stories with knights and princesses. Most are about a boy named Link who has to save Princess Zelda, who (usually) has been kidnapped by the evil Gannondorf. So you play as Link, and there are lots of fun puzzles and stuff. The only one for Wii, though, so far (there's another coming - long story), is Twilight Princess, and I think it's a bit more darker, scarier, and somewhat violenter (is that a word?). With your younger siblings, I don't think it's the best choice (even though it's not as bad as SOME games). But Wind Waker is good! It's my personal favorite, and the first one I got. Its mood is a lot more light, and Link is younger. That one is for GameCube, but you can play GameCube games on the Wii if you- ...Okay, I'd better stop myself before I bore you to death. Sorry!

    By the way, speaking of you siblings... do you really have three? And you're the oldest, right? Um... at least I think so. I have to admit that I have not read your story in a while. I can't even remember what part I'm on. Don't worry, though. I haven't read ANY of my favorite stories in a long while. You're right. Wii CAN keep you busy. ;)

  6. Yeah, I really have three siblings. And I'm the oldest at. AND all of us have a name beginning with "S." It's especially funny when I tell people our names and they go, "Oh, all your names start with S's! That's really cute!" or something along those lines. They make life chaos for me. Well...sometimes. But you should hear the fights we get into sometimes, particularily if it's between me and Savannah. Actually, I'm glad you didn't get to hear any of them
    because 1.They're, like, really bad and 2. they're normally for something pointless like time spent on the Wii and stuff like that.
    Since we just got the Wii, we don't have that many games. Of course, we have the Mii channel, and we've already made us, our friends, Harry Potter characters, and the American Idol judges. We have a bunch of Mario stuff and a Disney game. And Samuel's personal favorite is Lego Star Wars. He's on it 24/7.
    Yeah, with yonger siblings, I'm somewhat "limited" in game choice.
    So I've been reading some of your older entries, and Maximum Ride is one of my favorite series too!!(In addition to Harry Potter, Inkheart, and Eragon.)
    I mean...whoa...when you think about it, it's kinda scary that we have this much in common... *.*

  7. Haha. Yeah, no kidding. I've read Harry Potter and Inkheart, too. I LOVE Inkheart, and I own all of the Harry Potter series except the last one - and trust me, I don't buy books unless they're REALLY good. Never read Eragon, though.

    And, um, about the fighting thing..? Yeah, sounds a TON like Rowan and I. Especially about the Wii thing. You cannot IMAGINE how much time that thing takes up out of our lives, and how much controversy it brews between the two of us.

    We have way too many Miis. I don't even remember what we have. A few Zelda characters, probably me, some random guys we just made for fun, some upside-down people, and things for contests on the Check Mii Out Channel. Do you have Wi-Fi in your house? If you do, you can connect your Wii to it, and buy the Check Mii out Channel (it's still called "buying" even though it's free) on the Wii Shop Channel and then participate in contests for making Miis and stuff. Lot's of fun, but we've never won.

    So, wait - are you saying that those are your real names? You know... just a tip, but don't advertise that too much. Really. There are people on the internet that can really hurt you with personal information. So... is Sierra my real name? Is Rowan my sister's name? Maybe, maybe not. I'm not telling. :P

    Now... I guess I had better get to work on Part 12! Thankfully, I'm almost done.

  8. Sorry it's been so long.'s been, what, two days, and already I'm saying it's been a long time! I am getting way too into this!
    Thanks for the advice! No, I'm not saying those are our real names at all. But all of our names actually do start with the same letter in real life. And when I wrote the Sarah Spiritheart stories I decided to keep that because it was cute and everyone seemed to like it!
    Um...okay, my mind's kind of blank right now, so I'll just go out and ask a totally random question just to keep conversation rolling. Do you like any type of music at all? I know it might be kind low on your list of priorities (like WAY under videogames and such) but I'm curious about that kind of stuff. __
    | |
    * *
    Oh yeah, that's a pretty badly typed music note. I'm trying to master the prestigious art form of "text art," but I'm not really good. I can do a few pictures though. For example...
    '' ...yeah, that's SUPPOSED to be a penguin...

  9. AWW! The penguin's SO cute! Even Rowan thinks so!

    Actually, the fact that you mention music is kind of funny, actually. Our family is TOTALLY into music. It's a huge part of our lives. I play piano. Most tell me I'm really good for my age, so I keep playing. I used to not like it much, because I never got to choose my songs. But then as I got farther into it, I was allowed to decide which songs I want to learn. Now I can play multiple songs from all my favorite video games (okay, ONLY Legend of Zelda, haha)! I used to play violin, but there's no where I can take lessons anymore. As for listening to music... I can't say I have a favorite song or artist or anything, although I do listen to music a lot.

    I've always been interested in that text art stuff, but I have never been able to do any of it. So... good luck! If you learn anything good, be sure to tell me! ;)

  10. Seriously? That's really cool, because we LOVE music around here. Actually, I'm the only one who actually plays an instrument, but still it's pretty big around here. I used to play the piano too, and I had an AWESOME teacher, but then we moved and I gave up trying to find one as good as him. Anyway, I bet I still COULD play if I wanted, but I'm a little out of practice now.
    I take guitar now, and it's really fun except that my fingers are really sore after every lesson!
    And when I listen to music, I have to say that Carrie Underwood is my absolute FAVORITE singer! :D:D:D:D:D:D
    Also, I love singing, and so does Savannah. I've been told by many that I have a really good voice...and, okay, I guess Savannah does too. The reason I don't want to mention it is that there's this kind of "rivalry" between me and her on singing, meaning that she insults me every time she hears me sing.
    (I think she may be a little jealous!:P )
    Wow...4 paragraphs already, and just on music. I hope I'm not boring you or anything.
    By the way, this is for Rowan.

    () (.)(.) ()
    \ ( . ) /
    ' ' ' ' ' '

    It's a crab, and I hope it comes out the way I typed it!

  11. Haha, Rowan REALLY liked the crab...

    And no, the music thing isn't boring me. And, actually, I forgot to mention that I'm in a chorus, too. I really don't think I'm a good singer, though, even though my friends tell me otherwise. O.o I just like to sing, though, even if I'm not very good at it. I DID get a duet with another boy, though, so maybe I'm good... maybe...

    At every concert we go to, I always play a piano piece. My chorus director really seems to like my piano playing, but for some reason, every in the chorus hates me for it. Maybe they're jealous or something, I don't know. But most kids yell at me when I try to play before we begin practice, and force me to get off, sometimes literally pulling my fingers off the keyboard. But they allow other kids to do random nonsense on the piano, playing very off-pitch chords that in no way sound like music.

    Yeah, I think they're probably jealous...

    Sorry! I hope that wasn't something that you think really weird or anything...

  12. Oh my too are like like chataholics! XD

    yo sierra, havent been much on lately hehe and btw i skipped down all the comments..i wuz readin your second reply to sarah and i wuz like: Hmmm..uh...oohh...boring..x scroll down scroll down eyeing the never ending words x lol

    and someone put a WHATEVVER ON THE REACTION THINGY AGAIN! it sort of pisses meh off x. x HI! and um..BYE!


  13. Hey, sorry I took so long. I’ve got bad news. :(
    You know how I said that my parents were strict about internet stuff? Well, my mom is going to install this parental control thing on the computer. And unfortunately, it includes BLOGS!! :((I’m sure her installing it has nothing to do with me commenting on your blog. But it is REALLY bad timing.)
    So I’m really sorry and everything, but I won’t be able to comment on your blog as long as I’m using this computer (which is really the only computer available to me). But for some reason, I can still look at the entries, so I’ll be able to keep up with it.
    UGH!! I am SO MAD!!
    How about this though? I know you don’t get on much, and you’ve probably gotten requests like this by the millions. But why don’t we meet up on W101?
    If yes, next Saturday okay? (March 6th) At noon Pacific time? It’s really the only time next week that I’m available. Oh yeah, and how about Vampire district in the Krokotopian Spiral Chamber?
    If it’s an inconvenient time for you, let me know, and try to come up with another time. I can’t do another comment after this, because of the parental control (:(), so just assume I’ll be there, but try to go for the Saturday because I think it’s really the best time.
    If, for some reason, we happen to miss each other, we can try the next week, same time and place. We’re bound to come across each other some time!
    If you can’t be there or just don’t want to, let me know. I can read it, but I can’t answer because of the you-know-what. (G-R-R-R!)
    Your depressed friend,
    Sarah Spiritheart
    Oh yeah, I’m working on something for Fan Art too. It probably won’t come out for the next month or so, but keep checking!
    ( )o
    (Hey, and Dark Wolfhunter, I saw that. LUV your stories! I’m really bummed out I won’t be able to chat any more.)

  14. Aww....

    Hey, why don't you sign up for Wizard101 Central at You can find me on there as Windlilly! Then we can communicate through there.

    I'll try to be there. I still have to try and find out what the differences between time zones are. I'll try...

    Aww, I'll miss talking to you... :(

    Ooh. Look at my other blog ( to see this awesome text art thingy I did! I'm so proud of myself. :D