Monday, February 1, 2010


I showed my extreme hyper side and my incredible love of Zelda games in Wizard101 the other night.

Now, I'm not TOTALLY sure if I should put this on my other blog or on here... but I decided that it was on Wizard101, so I might as well post on here.

What happened is I was playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. I'd been searching all night for this one area called the "Hidden Village". Rowan knew where it was, but she wouldn't tell me earlier when I had asked. So, in frustration, I stormed into the computer room, where I found her at the screen on Wizard101 in her house, our friends Scarlet MoonHeart and Natalie (lolz, I can't remember if she had a last name or not... o.o Guess I'm not a good friend!) and some random other boy surrounding her.

"Where's the Hidden Village?" I demanded.

"Um, sorry, busy..." she muttered. I saw her moving a jail cell around her house to try and capture the strange boy, who was running around wildly while Natalie and Scarlet watched.

"No, you're not! Where is it?!"

"Why don't you come on?" she offered.

"You know what? Fine," I grumbled, turning on the computer.

So I loaded it up, blah blah, saw my awesome Zelda desktop picture, and then finally got Wizard101 to load. Now Rowan had captured that boy in the cage, and she was by the door of her house inside, talking with Scarlet and Natalie.

Then I got an idea. "Hey, Rowan, I'm going on Laura. Don't you DARE tell them who I am!"

So I loaded up my awesome Death character, who for some reason was in Cyclops Lane. I teleported to my sister. When I found myself in her room, I yelled, in all capital letters, "WHERE IS THE HIDDEN VILLAGE?"

"Oh, hi, Laura," my sister said, going along with the plan.

"Where's the Hidden Village!" I repeated (rofl I was desperate to find it O.o).

"Um, what's a hidden village?" Scarlet asked.

"Where is it?" Natalie inquired.

"Well, it's HIDDEN," I said. "And it's on Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." Of course, Natalie was the only other one in the room who had Open Chat, so all the others heard was, "Legend of ... Princess." I turned back to Rowan. "And Rowan's the only one who knows where it is!"

"It's by bridge of Eel Din!" she declared. I deciphered it as "Bridge of Eldin".

"No it's not! I looked there!" I argued.

Then Scarlet surprised me by saying, "Lol. Hi Sierra!"

I didn't say anything for a second, and then I said, "WHAT? How did you KNOW?"

Rowan started laughing in real life, and I glared at her. "You told her, didn't you!" I made Laura look at Natalie on the screen. "Did she tell you, too?"

"Um, no. What's going on?" she asked.

Pretty much ignoring her (because I knew Rowan was text chatting her at that moment, telling her what was happening), I said to Rowan, "If you tell me where the Hidden Village is, I'll go on Sierra."

"I already told you. It's by Bridge of Eel Din."

I rushed away from the computer and back into the game room, where our Wii was located. I rushed to Bridge of Eldin, found a Golden Bug (it's a sidequest item), and then, I couldn't believe HOW I'd missed it last time - I found the entrance to the Hidden Village!

I ran back to the computer and said, "Okay... so it WAS by Bridge of Eldin. Sorry."

"GO ON SIERRA NOW!" Rowan ordered.

"Geez. Fine." I logged off Laura and on to my superly awesomeful Grandmaster, Sierra WinterBreeze.

I, uh, pretty much forgot about the Hidden Village after that. I had some fun in Rowan's house with Natalie and Scarlet (Scarlet claimed that she was related to the Jonas Brothers...). I made a LOT of jokes about not understanding Hylian, which only Rowan understood. And I mentioned the bug I found earlier, too. After that, we headed to my house, and using some glitches with the Square Metal Platforms I had, I made Rowan's "house" (it's a doghouse, actually) fly. Anyway, that was an amazing night, lol.

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