Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poor Vanessa...

I just checked on the results of the poll. Yayz! I won! xD Rowan's second (tied for it, actually, if "um, um" counts). Sydney, Mark, Liam, and Mister Muffin/Sir Romeo are in third. All the other Seekers got one vote, I think. Everyone... except Vanessa.

I feel bad for her! I just talked with her tonight on the phone! And I convinced her that it wasn't too bad - Victoria didn't have any votes, either. But now she does... and poor Vanessa is in last. Along with Seth, Scarlet, and Jasmine.

Annnyway... I was thinking that my next poll would be what your favorite part of TTOSW is. I'd be curious to know which part everyone likes the most. Then, after that, it will be back to totally unrelated-to-story polls! Like... favorite color? Idk...

...Btw, who did everyone vote on for the last poll? I mean... who votes for Hunter? Geez! He has, like, no parts! I don't even like him much irl! xD Jk... or am I?


  1. Can you guess who i voted for???

  2. Yep. It's pretty obvious, when you have her fan club. ;)

  3. I voted for Um, um.. whoever that is.