Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News about parts 12 and 13!

Everyone should know that Part 12 is done now. I got to finish typing it, then post a preview here and on the fan club... and a lot of other stuff. So, yeah. Just wanted to say that for people who didn't know yet. ;)

The REAL news is about Part 13. I'm kind of scared to write this, because it marks the moment that the series starts declining - meaning, the story's going to stop really, really soon. Because in this part, the last Seeker is awakened. We'll have seven. We'll have to fight Malistaire.

So, in this part, you'll find out who the Life Seeker really is - Scarlet, or Rowan? I promise you, it's not both. And I'm sure most of you know who it really is... or maybe not.

Also in this one, we'll finally introduce the Past Seekers! Yay! I'm super excited, because these are my most recent friends. Problem is, I still need a Life and Storm one. Any volunteers? No, jk. Please don't volunteer. I don't want adding anyone unless I meet them in game and get a personality down.

So... that's all I can write for now! Sorry! No time left..!


  1. OoOoOoOoOohhhhhh!!!!!

    and its coming to AN END?????!!!!!! x gasp x

    o sheesh, i better catch up with them (i sort of lost track reading your parts)

    i ended mine really really short cuz i knew it sucked so i started it over in a new generation wit my newest series continuing the adventure x. x that sounded

    i'm gonna count down then hehehe









  2. Cool! Wizard 101 central won't always let me on, but I'll try to check around on the Wizard 101 site for it. Oh, and I do happen to have a storm character named Maria Stormrider! Paha, jokes =P I did meet you, but it was only for a few minutes, and I had to go constantly because of phone calls and stuff. Plus, I'd imagine that rewriting a plot to add a character in might be a bit difficult, especially if you don't know much about my storm character. Anywho, good luck! =D I love your stories, they make my life one-hundred times less boring, hehe =P

    PS: By the way, out of boredom, I made a robot that looks like Frodo. You should check it out. I'll put in the link on a new post =D