Friday, February 19, 2010

My first image on Photoshop!

Guess what? I finally got to download Photoshop on the computer I use, just like my sister has on her computer! I've seen her do it enough times that I knew the basics, so I tried to make a header for my other blog! I, um, did TERRIBLY though. So, Rowan kicked in and decided to help me! Look at the amazing header we made together!

Is it good, great, or awesome? ...Or bad. I hope it's not bad!

I'm sorry. I'm sure none of you have any idea who the people in the picture are. That's because they're from my favorite video game series (Legend of Zelda - I've mentioned that, haven't I? xD). The girl that's enlarged on the right is there because she's who the blog is named after - Medli. Yes, she DOES have a beak. You're not imagining it. She's a bird person (long story).

So... yeah! I just spent a good hour browsing through renders on Planet I had LOTS of fun picking out pictures to put on there. So if it looks crowded... it's because I put on every single picture I spotted, and didn't even get on all the ones I wanted.

For those of you who are curious to see how this looks on a blog (or who just want to do me a really, really nice favor by commenting on one of my posts), please visit my other blog, Medli's Messages, at!


  1. Hey, know in your blog title, that green robe with the stuff on the sleeves? Do you know what robe that is, or where I could get it? I want that robe! If you know, could you comment back on my blog,

  2. yoo..hey who reacted as WHATEVER! O:

    nice header btw lol