Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A post for readers:

Apparently everyone really liked it when I mentioned "books!" That post got the most "awesomeful's" AND comments in a long time! So, for all you readers out there, I decided I'd mention some really great series that I've been reading lately.

Okay, now, the first one is, like, my favorite series EVER now. I honestly have never read a series of books this quickly before. I can finish one of them in less than a day, and each of them are at least over two hundred pages! It's a series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and, like I said, it's AWESOME. I'm sure some of you read it, I think. Sydney is actually the one who recommended this series to me, and, fortunately, she has almost all the books, so as soon as she's done with them, I can borrow them! The thing is, it's perfect for me. It's my favorite genre, besides fantasy. I guess it would be called "mythological fiction"..? Anyway, I always have loved books that are based on mythology, particularly GREEK mythology. Like this other book, Dusssie. Or Radiant Darkness was good. Or, um, there was that one other one I read a long time ago, but I can't remember it... it had something to do with Pandora. So, um, if you like mythology, then seriously, read this. It's amazing.

Oh, and another great book series! It's called Pendragon. Vanessa told me about this one a LONG time ago. I mean, as in when there were still books coming out. I was with her, waiting FOREVER for books nine and ten to come out in this series! And now I'm sad that they are out, because that means no more books! But they're really funny. I'd say it's a, um, fantasy/science fiction. It has time traveling and dimension traveling and stuff. And, trust me, if you read it, you'll see that A LOT of it is kind of what my story is based off of. ESPECIALLY Liam. He's almost EXACTLY like Nevva Winter! Which I probably shouldn't be telling you, if you want to read the series... but Vanessa revealed that to me before I read the book, so it wasn't even surprising for me. :( Oh well. I still enjoyed it! Reading it is always better than someone telling you about it!

And there's the other series called Maximum Ride. It's definitely a science fiction, but there's the fantasy part mixed into it with the fact that the main characters have wings. Just my kind of book. ;) It can get violent at some parts, though. I am not a fan for violence and stuff, but sometimes it just adds to the excitement.

Um, I don't have any more time right now. I have other books, as in, individual books (and other series, now that I think of it) but I have no time. Thank you for reading!


  1. I love the Percy Jackson series (I read them ages ago and still love them!!!) and I have read two pendragon books (my "summer books")and I think I took a pandora book out of the library (Pandora gets jealous?)I can´t wait to get new books(I have so many that new books
    don´t come often) I wish there were more books in the Percy Jackson series.

  2. Ooh, you're reading the Percy Jackson series? I want to read that so badly! It's always out when I try to check it in the library though =P I've heard alot of great reviews of it from my friend, especially on how funny it is and it's humour =D I'm sure they have it at chapters though, and next time I go there I'm so going to buy it! =)And the Pendragon series.. hmm, sounds really familiar. I'll go look it up.

  3. I finished the series of percy jackson and the olympians over the winter break! they're making a movie and it's coming out this friday! you should try to see it. i've seen the previews of the movie and so far, it's mostly like the book!

  4. Hmm. Well, it's good to know that other people read that series! :D Um, yeah, I know about the movie. I want to see it SO bad.

    And, by the way, Pandora Get Jealous IS that other book series! Yay! Thank you for reminding me! Except I think the first one was Pandora Gets Lazy... maybe.

  5. ****!!!! (srry bout the cussing lol)

    i LOVE the percy jackson series! i finished the series one day after the last book came out hehe..the guys in my class were fighting over it x. x

    im gonna watch the movie coming out THIS FRIDAY! O.O!!!!! never expected grover to be black..rofl (im not racist!)

    and sierra, if you love mytholoigal stories so much (i like them..well mostly dragons hehe) i would reccomend you trying out The Fire Within Series! (not sure you read them yet?) its bout dragons mostly but they have other myths inside too! I'm about to read darkfire (the fifth book) while my little bro is still reading IceFire (second) soo yep :]

    oh yeah, the author of percy jackson is making NEW SERIES!!!! :DDDDD with different characters though i heard :((((((((

    o well lol gtk that you love percy jackson too! i mean pendragon is good too but..i can't find the book after Quillian soooo -_-

    lol :P