Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sigh... I've got nothing to talk about...

Um... must I really repeat the title?

I haven't been on Wizard101 lately... my story's been on pause, because I am suppose to type part 12 now, and I haven't yet started part 13 (which, btw, is the part where the last Seeker is awakened, AND Past Seekers come in!)... plus, I had SO much homework yesterday, I did NOTHING except do homework (and draw something on Flipbook Hatena - but that's not the point!)... I just received two REALLY good books, and there's about three series that I am waiting for books to come in that I requested from the library, and I'd really like to read them more than play computer, which ruins your brain or something... and I, um, kind of picked up another story to write irl, so, uh, Sierra WinterBreeze isn't my only project anymore... erm, I'm feeling lazy lately, lol... Zelda games are awesome, even though reading is better... I recently discovered that I'm REALLY good at drawing Princess Zelda on my DSi, lol, so I'm trying to animate her and stuffs...

Let's see. What else?

Point is, I have WAY too much stuff to do. And yet nothing to talk about.

Everything is too boring to write a post about! Except for some stuff, but most is for my other blog, and, besides, who really wants to hear about amazing books I'm reading? Well, I guess I can post about it. But if I am going to say anything about that, I'll post it tommorrow. This is my post for today, and I don't want to write too many in one day, just because I know I'll be wondering what to write tomorrow, and if I make up something today, it'll be easy, so... I'm rambling. Never mind!

Now, bring on the "Whatever's" for this post. Everything boring like this seems to get that... and besides, it's not like you're going to say "Awesomeful!"


  1. Hey... I wanna hear about the books! I iz complete bookworm! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  2. I want to hear about any book I haven´t read! I only have five books left to read!(out of about 500)

  3. Hey i like reading your storys. They got my attention and following your blog so can you return the favor i think you or your sister wil find it intresting.

  4. About no one labeling it under "Awesomeful", heh.. I just did! =P Meh, I can't think of anything exciting to write about either. I looked up your youtube thing, but I couldn't find the video thing of that one flying glitch. Anyways, I agree with Alyssa! =P I want to learn more about these books!

    Hmm.. yeah, I had my birthday celebration yesterday. I guess that's moderately exciting =P Ever since I invited the whole school to my house in grade three, I've only been allowed to watch a movie at a theatre xD So that's what we did. The funny thing is, all of the movies we wanted to see at this one theatre were sold out, so we went to another one and watched "Princess and the Frog". I didn't think I would like it, and I was forced by my friend to see it, but I ended up enjoying it! =D We also did alot of chasing eachother. My friend is really violent sometimes, haha xP We also went to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream pizza! I haven't been there for years, so it was kinda cool (especially the ice cream =P). By the way, that other time I went to your marleybone house was fun! =D We should do something like that again sometime! Around Easter I might become a member, and then if we do, there'll be more stuff we can do =D Anyways, my dad is expecting me to help him with a game once this patch is done, so cya! =D

  5. I counted my books and I have 487.

  6. yo who keeps on reacting as WHATEVER! o.o

  7. Noah DragoncasterMarch 11, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    I know Rowan willowleaf in wizard 101