Monday, February 15, 2010

ANOTHER Part 12 Preview!

Since it has been a while since my last preview (here), I think that I'm going to be super nice and give you another one.

Now, for those of you who HAVEN'T been following my blog and/or my millions of hints, I'll tell you this again. Part 12 will be special, because half of it is in my point of view, as always, but the other half is in Rowan, my sister's, point of view. I already gave you one for Sierra, so I've decided I'll give you one for Rowan now!

Here you go!

The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze (Part 12) - Preview #2


Inside the room it was pitch black. Dark as night. Utterly terrifying.

Well, except for the light that flooded through the door Mister Muffin and I had come through. That certainly helped. It was also enough that, as my eyes began to adjust, I could see enough of the room to maneuver around in it.

Or so I thought. I stumbled into something cold and metal that I hadn’t seen, which tumbled over with a loud clank. I heard the familiar cry of a dragon. “I’m okay, Muffy! You can stop yelping like that.”

The noise didn’t cease. “Come on, Mister Muffin. It’s not a big–” I turned to glare at my pet, and he was still floating there with a pleased expression on his face. His mouth wasn’t moving.

At that same moment, there was movement at my feet. I shrieked and backed away.

The flurry of movement and rustling continued in front of me. Mister Muffin, to my surprise, rushed over to the spot where I had just been.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at him. But my dragon seemed not to be listening.

I examined the movement more closely. It was coming from the metal thing I had knocked over. I couldn’t be sure in the darkness, but it looked like it could be a –

With a flash, there was light in the room. Mister Muffin was breathing fire again, and all was revealed.

The metal thing was a cage. Concealed inside of it was a trembling yellow-and-white female dragon.

“Oh, Muffy!” I whispered, coming up next to him and kneeling in front of the cage. “The poor thing!”

By the light of Mister Muffin’s dimming fire, I could also see that there was another cage on the other side of the room, with a pile of charred Skeletal Pirate bones in front of it.

“I see!” I exclaimed. “Muffy, you freed yourself and burned the guard, but you couldn’t save your girlfriend, could you? So you came to find me.” I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. The thought of my dear little Muffy in love with a beautiful girl dragon amused me. But then my dragon gave me a dirty look, and I stopped.

“Hmm… how did you get out of your cage, Muffy?” I looked at the sturdy lock keeping the dragon inside.

Mister Muffin’s fire went out. He then flew over to the Skeletal Pirate’s remains. Lying on the floor next to them was a key. I imagined that the Skeletal Pirate had been attempting to unlock Mister Muffin’s cage, but Muffy burned him before he could take him to… wherever he had been going.

Carefully, I removed a couple of the bones (ick!) and under them I discovered another key. I turned around and inserted it in the lock, but it didn’t fit. “What are we going to do?” I whined. “There’s no way to save the dragon.”

I peered into the cage to examine the dragon again. She looked mortally terrified, huddling in the corner of the cage that was as far from me as possible. “It’s okay,” I soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’ll help you.” I cautiously reached my hand through the bars, thinking I could stroke her back. Instead, she snapped at me, and I drew my hand back. “Hmph. Not very nice, are you?”

Mister Muffin whined behind me and flew over to my side. He looked at me with mournful eyes. “Don’t worry. I’ll help your girlfriend! Um, well, I would, if I knew how to.”

The dragon in the cage whimpered again, and it reminded me so much of Mister Muffin. “So what’s your name, sweetie?” I crooned.

She just looked at me with those same sad eyes.

“Maybe I should give you a name! Let’s see… what would fit you? Princess something, perhaps? Princess Chelsea? That’s cute. Do you like it?”

She continued staring. I glanced at my own dragon and was struck by inspiration. “Miss Muffin!” I shouted. Mister Muffin flitted around me with excitement. I could tell he liked the name, too.

“Okay, then, Miss Muffin!” I paused. “You know, I think you need a nickname, too. Muffy is already taken by Mister Muffin, so…” I snapped my fingers. “Got it! How about Missy?”

For some reason, I had the feeling Miss Muffin wasn’t listening, no matter how much she stared at me with her innocent, curious eyes.

“Now I suppose I’d better go back to trying to help you now that you have a name, right?” I sighed. “Let’s see here, then. How can I help...?”


So, is it awesome, or awesome? No, don't even bother telling me. I already know it's awesome. :D

Hope you liked it! I'll hurry up with the rest of Part 12 as soon as I can.


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