Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wizard101 Meets Super Smash Brothers Brawl! ...Kind of.

I know, I know... it's unbelievable, but I ACTUALLY decided to go on Wizard101 this weekend!

It was mostly for Part 13 - remember, I said that it was located in the Tree of Life? I re-did the instance to try and refresh my memory on what happens. I did it all through the Death Oni, and then got angry because my friend Hunter FireBringer couldn't come, lolz. So we started it over. O.o We did it again, but, just as we started fighting Death Oni (again), Rowan and I got into a fight. It was something really stupid. Oh, right. I think Hunter said he liked her more or something. xD He said that her story was better than mine, and OF COURSE I couldn't let that slide.

Our argument went like this:

"Let's settle this in the dueling arena!" I declared.

"I'll back up Rowan," Hunter said.

I had no one but low-levels on my list. That wouldn't work out very well.

"Then I'll fight you on... on Legend of Zelda!"

"How do you do that?" Rowan asked. "It's a one-player game."

Then I was struck by inspiration. "THEN ON BRAWL! I'll own you as Pikachu!"

"Yeah, right."

"I'll help her, then," Hunter said. "I have Wi-Fi, too."

We sorted out all the Friend Codes and stuff, and finally, we brawled.

Um... I'll edit this later... I gtg REALLY badly...

EDIT: Back!

So, where was I..?


For those of you who don't know what "Brawl" is, allow me to explain. Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a fighting game released for the Wii where a bunch of characters from different games come together. Guess what? I LOVE it, and it's not Zelda! You KNOW it must be good, then! And it doesn't count that Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf are in it. O.o

We started the first round, agreeing that it woukd be a practice. Why? Because I wanted to play as Link from Twilight Princess, but I stink as him. xD Secondly, I wanted to see how good Hunter was.

So I was Link, Rowan was... oh, no, I can't remember! ...Kirby, maybe? Anyway, Hunter was Meta Knight.

Edit... tommorrow!

EDIT (#2): Sorry I had to stop so suddenly! My annoying DSi was being annoying, and it wouldn't let me type anymore. Probably out of memory.


Thus began the worst Wi-Fi match in the history of matches.

I REALLY did NOT like it! It had the WORST CONNECTION EVER! We couldn't move out characters at all! In fact, we never finished the match because we lost connection entirely halfway through! (I was winning though :P)

We agreed to try and do another match later, but we never did. Maybe some other time. I'll get my revenge on Rowan, soon enough! FACE THE WRATH OF THE HERO OF TIME, ROWAN! Or of Pikachu. Or Hero of the Winds. Whatever I feel like doing. ;)


  1. ROFLMAO! i love brawl soo much! i have the Wii too..but its only one controller and its sports (UGH -_-) but dont worry we're getting more controllers soon and gonna buy brawl MUAHAHA I RULEZ AT BOWSER CUZ HE GETS ALL BIG AND MEAN WHEN HE EATS THE BIG SPARKLY POWER-UP THINGY MA BOB AND AND...you get the point xD

    and like shadowstalker, did you guys play again yet? who won? I MUST KNOW OF SIERRA WON OR ROWAN O.o