Monday, February 1, 2010

I know you're going to love this... PART TWELVE IS DONE! O:


I finished it. Finally. Finally. Finally!

I am ecstatic to present you with part twelve of the Sierra WinterBreeze series!

...Or I WOULD be, if I had finished typing it.

See, how this works is I first write it irl in my notebook, usually during my freetime. I'm kinda a loner, without that many friends, so I have LOTS of time to write.

This part is SUPER long! I'm sorry, it's hard to stop writing, trust me. I filled up two notebooks with it. Of course, one notebook already had some of part 10 and all of Part 11 in it, so... it makes sense that there would be two notebooks...

Also, the ending will seem a bit rushed because, honestly, it is. I was going to make up some awesome, big long ending with Mark running into the Helephant Rowan made (you'll get it once you read it, lol) but then I scratched it, deciding that my part is long enough. I might post it up here later on after the real part is finished, just so you guys can see the alternate (and longer!) ending.

Anyway, as soon as I finish my homework (which I was supposed to be doing for the last hour or so) I will type up Part 12 and send it in! Oh, and of course I'll post it here. Can't forget about you guys! :D


  1. COOL! Oh, And the Necromancer's Part 1 is up, November stories, in case you haven't heard!