Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm somewhat late (by one day) but MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

And forget about the Christmas party. I'll just have to do one for my sister's birthday in March instead (shh, don't tell Rowan!).

By the way, as WildRose has already figured out, Rowan is now officially a contributor to this blog! But she never bothers coming on. I doubt you'll see a post from her anytime soon... but who knows? She may surprise me for Christmas!

Remember when I said I had no Crowns? ...Well, I was exaggerating. NOW I have no Crowns. I bought that Christmas robe and then went to fight Malistaire with Rowan and Samuel. I was so desperate to get my GM robe, I spent every last bit of my Crowns on his second chance chest. I now have 130 Crowns. Sigh... that's not going to get me a school specific house! And I didn't get my school robe, either. :(

Well, I suppose I'd better go moderate the comments on my other blog and make a new post on there! Remember... Happy Chrismahanukwanzamas! XD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Guess what!? No seriously, guess. Really. Okay, you can probably already figure it out from the last twentyzillion posts about this...


Yipee! Finally!

Here is me before a Grandmaster:

And then, the leveling moment! :D

And after:

(HUGE change, right? XD)





To celebrate, I got my new awesomeful Christmas clothes with the last of my Crowns!

And had a party with all my friends (kinda)!

Five people from my story and one fan of my story was online at the time! Taryn WildHeart (balance past Seeker), Sydney JadeHammer, Hunter ThunderShield, Rowan WillowLeaf, me, and Blaze, a.k.a. DarkWolfHunter (right? XD)! It was fantastic!

Then... I went to tour the new houses! Oh, and the weirdest thing happened. In the tours, I thought no one can teleport to you or come into the house in any way. So how come this weird Apprentice ended up in the Death school house I was touring? O. o

Lol, it was so weird.

Then I fought Malistaire and spent all my other Crowns on trying to get the Grandmaster Thaumaturge robe. I'm down to 150 Crowns and still no robe. O.o

In other news, someone put "Whatever" on every single one of my posts on the first page for some reason... but I'm so happy I don't care! XD And I got another Follower. 10 people now. Yay!

And, um, uh... nothing else...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Okay, FINE...

Right now I'm on my Wii, so don't expect any long post from me!

Well... the poll says to do DS, so I guess I'll do it... sigh...

K, going to play Majora's Mask now! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm not very happy with the internet company at the moment!

If it seems like I haven't been on as much lately, I have a good reason. For some reason, our internet, phone, AND television service, which are all provided by the same company, are having problems. Our internet and phone just stop working so suddenly, and we can't find any way to fix it. Even now I'm somewhere else. I'm not at my house at the moment, I'm on a laptop. Our TV isn't so bad - it still works, but the picture keeps messing up every once and a while. So... I haven't been able to do much except my video games.

I HAVE been writing though, and I am pleased to say that I am finished writing part 12 in my notebook! Now I just got to type it, edit it, and send it in! :D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Darn... I ran out of Crowns!

Like the title says...

Apparently (by reading Alia's blog) the stuff has gone live. And because I'm not one of the super lucky people with over 100,000 gold or however much it costs, I will probably end up having to use Crowns. And, uh... I kinda spent them all on my witch costume and mount...

Maybe I just have to save more. I keep buying new housing items at the Bazaar, lol. I still have over 20,000 gold, I believe. I should do the good quests that give you money. Not only then will I become Grandmaster, but become rich, too! :D

Btw, on my Grandmaster update, I did another quest, and I NEED LESS THAN TWO-HUNDRED EXPERIENCE! YAYAY!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Half a bar left!

Take a good look at this picture (make it bigger by clicking on it - makes it easier to read). What does it tell you?
Three things:
One - I finally decided to Dragonspyre because one of my friends said they'd help me.
Two - I got a new furniture item! Yay! XD
Sooooooooooooooo close!!! I'm going on the game NOW to level up! In fact, the game is open as I am typing this! I'm listening to DS music! XD
I'll most likely be a GM next time I post here! Well, except for the fact that I have to go to the library in fifteen minutes. Hmm... how much can I get done in fifteen minutes...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Forget Dragonspyre - let's try Grizzleheim!

I am SO not going to do Dragonspyre. Not yet. Okay, probably never. Still, it is impossible and I REALLY don't want to do it. I've mentioned how much I hate it, right? Um, yeah.

Soooo.... I was on the game today and I got this brilliant idea! Apparently Dragonspyre ISN'T the only world left for me to do!

I'm flipping through my quest log, seeing if I have any EASY quests to do (Of course, no). I groan every time I see one from Dragonspyre (which is every single one of them except for three). THEN I see one quests that stands out among the others. All it is is to talk to some guy named "Hagen ShieldBreaker." First thing I think is, "That guy on the screen doesn't really look like someone from Dragonspyre." Then I look down - and the quest is from GRIZZLEHEIM!

Oh yeah! I haven't done that world yet. Sure, it won't give me much experience, but it's better than fighting Draconians all the time! :D

I went to go talk to Mr. ShieldBreaker before I had to log off. I'm going to go on the now and complete some more quests!

But... okay, I already mentioned this... I won't get much experience. If I really want to be a Grandmaster, I should probably be doing the higher experience quests. I mean, really. The one I just did today gave me forty exp. Who cares?!? I'm never going to be a Grand if I only get 40 exp. per quest! But GH is so EASY. Ugh... HARD DECISION! (I just put up a poll, SOMEONE ANSWER IT AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO!)

Decision: I'll go on and do my GH quests. Or, if I have an avaliable friend on, I'll ask them to help me with DS. Oh... or I'll type more of my story. I really should be working on Part 12...


Finally, I figured out how to get my header beneath the picture! Now you can actually see the Seekers!

Oh, and I guess, because I now have the chance, I'm going to update that picture. I mean, the only update I HAVE is that I got Hunter's picture... but I'll still add it!

Okay, forget it. I can't figure out how I did the awesome text at the top like last time. I think I did Word Art on MS Word, but I'm too lazy to try it...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing can be hard sometimes...

Just as the title says, I'm having trouble writing currently. I know what I WANT to happen, I just can't seem to do it. I mean, Rowan and Mark are suppose to rescue Victoria and I... but I am having a problem putting it on paper for some reason. Ugh... I envy you, Alia! It seems so EASY for you to write...

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Adventures in Wizard101 Last Night!

Okay, so I didn't get my super awesome video game... I guess it's good for you though, because it gave me time to make this post!
So, first thing I did was get the quest to fight "Jikiru" from this one guy in Ancient Burial Grounds. See, here I am about to enter! :D

So I went in, and he did his little thingy that bosses tend to do that really annoys me...

Plus, his voice totally does not fit him. It sounds way too gentle.

Ah, well, doesn't matter. I defeated him anyway. I think I used a Colossus (can't really remember, lol...). Here's the hit:

Yay! Oh, and while I was battling him, I found out a new mutation - RAIN COLOSSUS! O:

Oh, also while I was fighting him, you wouldn't believe it. The oddest thing happened. So, I use my "Freeze" card on the boss, and it works - I know it didn't fizzle, and he got the stun shield and everything...

And then that same turn he uses Kraken on me!

I was SO angry! My dumb card didn't work - and yet he STILL gets the Stun Shield? What if I wanted to use Frost Giant later! Hmph...

I hurried back and completed the quest anyway, eager for my next assignment...

Sooo... after that I discovered I had no quests left... :(

Instead, I went to WC to do a little shopping! And look - I have proof! No Ice shield!
Ice banner, Ice plaque... WHO CARES! Look, you can even see that there's TWELVE of the Life shield! Dangit, Rowan's so lucky...
After that, I went back out into Olde Town. Victoria RavenSmith was on, but she wouldn't talk to me.

I saw random people going into Triton Avenue, so I thought, "Sure, why not?" I even decided I'd try to do the Kraken -
Until I realized how busy it was.

Then I got down and switched realms... even though it wasn't much better...

Still, somehow I managed to get into a duel.
Lol, yeah... it was fun... kinda...

...And on to Dragonspyre!

Great. Just great.

FYI... I really don't like Dragonspyre.

Fights there are difficult. The entire setting is so bleak and, um... red. And, being an Ice wizard, lava isn't exactly my friend...

So instead of working on my numerous DS quests, I headed off to Marleybone to level up to level 49. After that, I did MooShu so I could get to Grandmaster.

Guess what? I finished all my quests in MooShu, and I'm still not a Grandmaster.

Okay, so I haven't done the Mossback quests, but that's about it. I have no idea what area I stopped his quests on, anyway, so I can't do it without going through all the areas. Ugh... I don't want to go to Dragonspyre for quests...!

Last night I completed my final quest in Ancient Burial Grounds. I didn't realize it actually was my last MooShu quest, too. I took lots of pictures, thinking all about my blog here, but they're saved on my computer at home, so I can't post them up until then. And don't expect me to be on tonight, cuz' I'm getting my new video game today.

I don't want to go to Dragonspyre! I HATE it! Especially since a lot of the Draconians tend to be Ice. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and last night, Victoria RavenSmith, Storm Seeker, just so happened to be on... However, she wouldn't listen to me at all! When I teleported to her, she ran away from me. I'm confused... lol...

And I fought the Kracken for absolutely no reason, too. Idk... it was kinda fun... I got to show off for some level 9's so yeah...

Friday, December 4, 2009


Okay, I realized it is finally December! YAYZ! I've been waiting SO long for this month. Seriously. Read my Zelda blog (!), and you'll see that almost every post in November was about how I couldn't wait for December to come. Especially monday! Hurry up, Monday! I want Spirit Tracks!


Because it's December, and the season of giving or whatever, I'm going to post another preview!

When I get home. :P

Oh, and if anyone wants to get together or something, I'm going to throw a Christmas party! :D Well, hopefully, at least. I mean, my birthday party didn't work out too well... and Rowan and I never did get around to having the Halloween party... But we DID have a tower party once! Remember, I wrote about it in part 5 when we met Mark? Yeah, it was kind of based on a real event. Rowan made us have it in the Life Tower, and we invited Mark, and had a pet contest. Mark got in dead last, probably because of the biased opinions of the judges (Rowan and me). XD And there really was a winner named Michelle something.

Lol, okay. I really DO get off-topic easily, don't I? Anyway, look forward to a Christmas party from my sister and I, hopefully in my house! We'll probably end up meeting in some remote place first, then teleport to my house. Or to Rowan's. Or Sydney's. Yeah, Sydney would be there too. And Seth! But he doesn't have a house, lol. Oh, and Taryn. And I might get Christopher to come! And... okay... a lot of people...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ugh... Where could that poor Ice shield be???

Sigh... this is what my house looks like at the moment. Or the wall of it, at least.
Kinda of ironic, actually. I got plaques and shields from every single school... except my own: Ice.
Does the Ice shield even EXIST? Sheesh! I can't ever seem to find it at the Bazaar!