Saturday, December 12, 2009


Finally, I figured out how to get my header beneath the picture! Now you can actually see the Seekers!

Oh, and I guess, because I now have the chance, I'm going to update that picture. I mean, the only update I HAVE is that I got Hunter's picture... but I'll still add it!

Okay, forget it. I can't figure out how I did the awesome text at the top like last time. I think I did Word Art on MS Word, but I'm too lazy to try it...


  1. LOL! i never really recognized that.. :)
    he he he he he he..bored bored hmmm
    did u realize right after thanksgiving break, we have three weeks of school..then Winter Break! WOOT! xD

  2. Yay! You're the first one to answer my poll! Wait... you're on at the same time as me again! Woah!