Monday, December 7, 2009

...And on to Dragonspyre!

Great. Just great.

FYI... I really don't like Dragonspyre.

Fights there are difficult. The entire setting is so bleak and, um... red. And, being an Ice wizard, lava isn't exactly my friend...

So instead of working on my numerous DS quests, I headed off to Marleybone to level up to level 49. After that, I did MooShu so I could get to Grandmaster.

Guess what? I finished all my quests in MooShu, and I'm still not a Grandmaster.

Okay, so I haven't done the Mossback quests, but that's about it. I have no idea what area I stopped his quests on, anyway, so I can't do it without going through all the areas. Ugh... I don't want to go to Dragonspyre for quests...!

Last night I completed my final quest in Ancient Burial Grounds. I didn't realize it actually was my last MooShu quest, too. I took lots of pictures, thinking all about my blog here, but they're saved on my computer at home, so I can't post them up until then. And don't expect me to be on tonight, cuz' I'm getting my new video game today.

I don't want to go to Dragonspyre! I HATE it! Especially since a lot of the Draconians tend to be Ice. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and last night, Victoria RavenSmith, Storm Seeker, just so happened to be on... However, she wouldn't listen to me at all! When I teleported to her, she ran away from me. I'm confused... lol...

And I fought the Kracken for absolutely no reason, too. Idk... it was kinda fun... I got to show off for some level 9's so yeah...


  1. meh battles arn't too hard in dragonspyre I've been dualing there since level 38 (no triton) but then agean I'm a storm wizard with crown gear so dunno. I'll agree with you on one thing it's setting is very boring.


    well i hate it too he he..but i managed to do the labyrinth (DANG THAT WAS CRAZY!) before i lost my mem..sigh

    hope i can go be a grandmaster someday soon..someday..if i get my membership back and settle with malistaire! MUAHAHAHA! >:)

    sigh..its really boring these days..OH WELL!