Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Guess what!? No seriously, guess. Really. Okay, you can probably already figure it out from the last twentyzillion posts about this...


Yipee! Finally!

Here is me before a Grandmaster:

And then, the leveling moment! :D

And after:

(HUGE change, right? XD)





To celebrate, I got my new awesomeful Christmas clothes with the last of my Crowns!

And had a party with all my friends (kinda)!

Five people from my story and one fan of my story was online at the time! Taryn WildHeart (balance past Seeker), Sydney JadeHammer, Hunter ThunderShield, Rowan WillowLeaf, me, and Blaze, a.k.a. DarkWolfHunter (right? XD)! It was fantastic!

Then... I went to tour the new houses! Oh, and the weirdest thing happened. In the tours, I thought no one can teleport to you or come into the house in any way. So how come this weird Apprentice ended up in the Death school house I was touring? O. o

Lol, it was so weird.

Then I fought Malistaire and spent all my other Crowns on trying to get the Grandmaster Thaumaturge robe. I'm down to 150 Crowns and still no robe. O.o

In other news, someone put "Whatever" on every single one of my posts on the first page for some reason... but I'm so happy I don't care! XD And I got another Follower. 10 people now. Yay!

And, um, uh... nothing else...


  1. Congratulations!
    There is a bad side, of course: Every now and then, the "Grand fumes" will get to you and you'll be really bored.
    Other than that, GRANDMASTERS RULE!
    (If you're farming for you GM gear, check out my blog and go to the page GrandMaster Gear. It has the locations and bosses of all the GM gear for all schools.

  2. sadly looks like you losing viwers thats ever so sad :(

  3. ROFL! the noob at the castle cracked meh up a bit :') aha, and ur hair is STILL black witchy style! o.o MERRY CHRISTMAS BTW!!!! xD


  5. Wait. I think I may know who marked your posts with WHATEVER... You can go to my blog and 2 of my posts talks about them. They said my blog and story are both horrible, and they marked every one of my posts with HORRID.

    Ever since that incident, I never allowed Anonymous comments ever again.