Monday, December 7, 2009

My Adventures in Wizard101 Last Night!

Okay, so I didn't get my super awesome video game... I guess it's good for you though, because it gave me time to make this post!
So, first thing I did was get the quest to fight "Jikiru" from this one guy in Ancient Burial Grounds. See, here I am about to enter! :D

So I went in, and he did his little thingy that bosses tend to do that really annoys me...

Plus, his voice totally does not fit him. It sounds way too gentle.

Ah, well, doesn't matter. I defeated him anyway. I think I used a Colossus (can't really remember, lol...). Here's the hit:

Yay! Oh, and while I was battling him, I found out a new mutation - RAIN COLOSSUS! O:

Oh, also while I was fighting him, you wouldn't believe it. The oddest thing happened. So, I use my "Freeze" card on the boss, and it works - I know it didn't fizzle, and he got the stun shield and everything...

And then that same turn he uses Kraken on me!

I was SO angry! My dumb card didn't work - and yet he STILL gets the Stun Shield? What if I wanted to use Frost Giant later! Hmph...

I hurried back and completed the quest anyway, eager for my next assignment...

Sooo... after that I discovered I had no quests left... :(

Instead, I went to WC to do a little shopping! And look - I have proof! No Ice shield!
Ice banner, Ice plaque... WHO CARES! Look, you can even see that there's TWELVE of the Life shield! Dangit, Rowan's so lucky...
After that, I went back out into Olde Town. Victoria RavenSmith was on, but she wouldn't talk to me.

I saw random people going into Triton Avenue, so I thought, "Sure, why not?" I even decided I'd try to do the Kraken -
Until I realized how busy it was.

Then I got down and switched realms... even though it wasn't much better...

Still, somehow I managed to get into a duel.
Lol, yeah... it was fun... kinda...

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  1. lol funny did i just say that o well

    p.s when is part 12 coming out?
    p.s.s idk i felt like putting that
    P.s.s.s BYEE!!