Saturday, December 12, 2009

Forget Dragonspyre - let's try Grizzleheim!

I am SO not going to do Dragonspyre. Not yet. Okay, probably never. Still, it is impossible and I REALLY don't want to do it. I've mentioned how much I hate it, right? Um, yeah.

Soooo.... I was on the game today and I got this brilliant idea! Apparently Dragonspyre ISN'T the only world left for me to do!

I'm flipping through my quest log, seeing if I have any EASY quests to do (Of course, no). I groan every time I see one from Dragonspyre (which is every single one of them except for three). THEN I see one quests that stands out among the others. All it is is to talk to some guy named "Hagen ShieldBreaker." First thing I think is, "That guy on the screen doesn't really look like someone from Dragonspyre." Then I look down - and the quest is from GRIZZLEHEIM!

Oh yeah! I haven't done that world yet. Sure, it won't give me much experience, but it's better than fighting Draconians all the time! :D

I went to go talk to Mr. ShieldBreaker before I had to log off. I'm going to go on the now and complete some more quests!

But... okay, I already mentioned this... I won't get much experience. If I really want to be a Grandmaster, I should probably be doing the higher experience quests. I mean, really. The one I just did today gave me forty exp. Who cares?!? I'm never going to be a Grand if I only get 40 exp. per quest! But GH is so EASY. Ugh... HARD DECISION! (I just put up a poll, SOMEONE ANSWER IT AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO!)

Decision: I'll go on and do my GH quests. Or, if I have an avaliable friend on, I'll ask them to help me with DS. Oh... or I'll type more of my story. I really should be working on Part 12...


  1. awww grizzleheim..after my mem was done, i thought that I could still do it (note: you can go back to grizzleheim when over level 20 said from the bear viking dude in olde town) but it was STILL MEMBER AREA! UGH!!!! i never got to beat tomugawa the evil..dang that dude is WAY TOO HARD! and dragonspyre isnt too gave me ALOT OF EXP AND GOLD! i was practically rich..until i squandred it all off on pets and what not :p x sigh x i still have to do the stuff with the obsidian chest and ride that cut wittle drake (and get my drake rider badge that i want really bad) heh never realized im so bored without the membership x sigh x well im hoping that theres a slim chance of winning possibly at this contest MMo thingy website for rewards on crowns and subscrpitions..just chance :9

  2. Lol... sorry. Um, but, you don't get Drake Rider badge for riding the dragon. I didn't, at least. You get it for completing all quests in, um... which area...? I think Drake Hatchery.

  3. Sierra,
    What do you hate so much about Dragonspyre? As long as you have the great support of friends, it's not too difficult.
    Visit my blog!
    Dustin MoonCatcher

  4. Hey Sierra, I just got an idea! Well, something that you can do. Anyways, you can make videos, right?
    To make it so you're REALLY popular, how about making like a little The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze MOVIE? I know it seems a little impossible, but if you try, you might figure out how to do it! I think it'd be worth a shot, don't you think?

  5. AW MAN! hmm i thought i finished the drake hatchery? maybe missed some side quest yeah i'll go check cross your fingers if i get a sub or crowns for the MMo contest! :D i just sent the email in yesterday with a new fire spell card "Volcano" probably lots of people gonna do that though :P check the pic at my blog