Friday, December 4, 2009


Okay, I realized it is finally December! YAYZ! I've been waiting SO long for this month. Seriously. Read my Zelda blog (!), and you'll see that almost every post in November was about how I couldn't wait for December to come. Especially monday! Hurry up, Monday! I want Spirit Tracks!


Because it's December, and the season of giving or whatever, I'm going to post another preview!

When I get home. :P

Oh, and if anyone wants to get together or something, I'm going to throw a Christmas party! :D Well, hopefully, at least. I mean, my birthday party didn't work out too well... and Rowan and I never did get around to having the Halloween party... But we DID have a tower party once! Remember, I wrote about it in part 5 when we met Mark? Yeah, it was kind of based on a real event. Rowan made us have it in the Life Tower, and we invited Mark, and had a pet contest. Mark got in dead last, probably because of the biased opinions of the judges (Rowan and me). XD And there really was a winner named Michelle something.

Lol, okay. I really DO get off-topic easily, don't I? Anyway, look forward to a Christmas party from my sister and I, hopefully in my house! We'll probably end up meeting in some remote place first, then teleport to my house. Or to Rowan's. Or Sydney's. Yeah, Sydney would be there too. And Seth! But he doesn't have a house, lol. Oh, and Taryn. And I might get Christopher to come! And... okay... a lot of people...



    Sorry, but I already am. Well, I can't see why not we can't have TWO christmas parties, as long as yours isn't on the twelfth, that's when mine is, at Colossus Bolvard, 1:00 PM. Check out the Duo of Death for info.
    Hey, maybe that's where we can meet! And please try to read my blog, it's about 3 weeks old now! And about Spirit Tracks, I'm waiting on that for Christmas because I sorta used some of that money for a subscribtion.
    But have you seen that Spirit Tracks TV commercail? I was watching Back at the Barnyard yesterday when I heard, next stop, Hyrule! And I think Zelda's spirit like, came out of her body or something like that(Ooooooh, that's why they added Spirit on there!)
    Anyways, stay tuned for that commercail and I'm really hoping you can go to the Duo of Death.
    And about the Rowan captured thing in the story...I just knew that was going to happen!

  2. About Spirit Tracks, I have seen a comercial for it, but I'm not so sure it's the T.V. comercial you saw (I don't remember any "Next stop, Hyrule!" stuff). Lol, but yeah, read my Zelda blog, PLEASE! You'll know a LOT about ST if you read it. I learned a lot, definitely.

    Like, did you know Zelda DIES? I still can't get over the shock from that... That's how you control the Phantoms! After Zelda dies, she pocesses the Phantom, I think.

  3. O: ZELDA DIED?????? x gasp x well i dunt know much lol :D but i checked out their wallpaper..their pretty good! AND A CHRISTMAS PARTY WOOT WOOT! I LOVE PARTIES!!! its so hard to find them though in towers though.. -_- um but didn't post any time or something lol..and i'll probably try to be at yours alia :) wait.. x checks alia's time and place x :( just realized my membership is gone lol..but i'll definately be at seirra's..and hopefully you too alia..and wildrose..and taryn..and mark... and all the other seekers xD dunt think liam can come though..:) then i can give some pretty late birthday girls some treasure card presents!!!!!!! xD lol..bored

    hmm did i mention i LOVE parties??? ♥