Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I did last night before - wait for it - CELESTIA CAME OUT! :D

Note to self: Don't try and level up your Death character ten minutes before the biggest update since Grizzleheim (possibly even Dragonspyre) is about to come out.

...But I gotta admit, it was pretty fun... XD

Well, it happened last night when I was finishing up my homework (really late, I know), and then Rowan, who happened to be sitting nearby on the OTHER computer, said, "Oh, hey, Wizard101 is closing for maintenance in 15 minutes."

I had promised her help in the Labyrinth (WORST INSTANCE OF DRAGONSPYRE), so I had to get on quick if I wanted to help her...

But pretty much my whole idea of helping went out the window once I saw the front page. All I saw was "CELESTIA IS COMING OUT AFTER MAINTENANCE TONIGHT" and that's when I pretty much realized that...

...I still hadn't done the Selena Gomez quest. O_o

Okay, well, I DID, but that was on my GRAND. My Death Journeyman... actually NEEDS experience. Can actually GET experience.

...So we tried to do it in the ten minutes we had left! :D My sis is so awesome, helping me like she did.

We were HURRYING. I think I've NEVER gone through a quest that fast... even though in the end we didn't finish it. *sob* Every minute, we'd get another message. Here's the two-minute warning while my sister was attacking a Rotting Fodder! XD

Lol. Anyway, then I was JUST going back to the Storm teacher... JUST about to get to go to the underwater place thing (Crab Alley?)... AND THEN THE EVIL MAINTENANCE CAME. LITERALLY as I was walking out the door.

...Although it wasn't ENTIRELY evil, right? IT BROUGHT CELESTIA!

Okay, I got to stop writing this - I WANT TO GET ON WIZARD101. :D


  1. You don't have to post this, but...


    And tell Rowan it was nice meeting her this afternoon! ;)

  2. Ohhh man I sooo wanna go to Celestia!!! Why do I have to be a measley level eleven?!?!?!
    BTW Nice story ;)